House Committee to Vote on Military Amnesty TOMORROW?

Wednesday morning, the House Armed Services Committee is holding a hearing to consider amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Though not on the Committee, pro-amnesty Republican Jeff Denham (CA) has been furiously lobbying Committee Members to adopt his military amnesty bill, called the “ENLIST Act” (H.R. 2377), as an amendment. Fueling his effort, Rep. Denham has received support from high-ranking Republicans, such as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA).

If attached, the ENLIST Act would require the Department of Homeland Security to give certain illegal aliens a green card upon enlisting in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, at which point they would be immediately eligible to apply for citizenship pursuant to current law. Such a measure would jeopardize national security, as well as place additional burdens on our military, which is already being drastically reduced.

FAIR is urging all of our members, activists, and supporters to call their Representatives TODAY and urge them to oppose the ENLIST Act! Even if your members tell you they do not sit on the Armed Services Committee, their opposition to the ENLIST Act is important as it could surface as an amendment (or even a stand-alone bill) on the House floor.  To help guide you in your conversation, here is FAIR’s Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the ENLIST Act. For more details on why the ENLIST Act is bad public policy, please read FAIR’s policy statement.

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    Our Defense Budget Has Gone Global, BUt the Bill Hits Legal Americans

    We used to employ legal Americans making aluminum parts fpr aerospace products, not anymore… our hard earned American tax dollars puts i.e., Japanese to work instead. We may sell some the defense systems to foreigners, but we did that before, when Americans made the metal parts.

    Perhaps its time to rethink our DOD budget and just pay legal American taxes to be the final product assembler and engineering think tank. Let the foreigners pay for the parts and jobs it produces for them.

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      what is your point?……So now the illegals are to blame?…you make no sense……..really….it all point to the gov and corporations deciding to outsource the work……………..SO basically the illegals are the little people that are being abused and living in the shadows…………..make up your mind.

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    I am an ARMY wife. Please vote against this monstrosity! You never know if a terrorist will try to do this. What if a terrorist joined our military??? They would have inside scoop on everything!!! We can kiss America good bye if this happens. Would you be happy with yourself if your family were killed by a terrorist that was allowed into the military because of this new amendment? You never know who is a terrorist and now you’re making it easier to infiltrate by allowing illegal foriegners enlist in our Armed forces…

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      JaLaena….you make me laugh……really look at the latest incidents……even though anything is possible…it appears you spend a lot of time watching TV and sci-fi movies…..

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    The question has to be what about if they don’t make it in the service. Do they still get a green card and citizenship? Another slippery slope we are starting down.

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      Not really………….if discharge dishonorably……….then basically they failed to joint the military…………..