What True Immigration Reform Looks Like: Support the American Worker

Support the American Worker:

American workers are the best and most productive in the world. They are eager to work. What they need is the opportunity to compete for jobs at fair wages, not unfair competition created by massive guestworker programs. In addition, just because we could benefit from some skilled immigration doesn’t mean we should rubber stamp visas for every applicant with certain skills. We should develop and encourage our own STEM professionals, not discourage them by flooding the labor market.

The U.S. middle class is no longer the richest in the world. High wage jobs lost during the recession are being replaced – but with low wage jobs. Recent college graduates are facing dismal job prospects, moving back in with parents, and settling for minimum wage jobs. Yet, the moneyed supporters of amnesty and more immigration advocate for policies that will only further exacerbate the plight of U.S. workers during this anemic economic recovery.

Instead of addressing the needs of struggling Americans by curbing immigration, Senate and House immigration proposals include amnesty AND increases in legal immigration and guestworker programs. This is not true immigration reform. True reform means enforcing current laws against illegal immigration and creating a system that serves Americans, not immigrants.

True Immigration Reform: Support the American Worker

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    Will the day ever come when pro-illegal alien cheerleaders can make an intelligent and reasonable argument based on facts? So far that has not happened.

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      Peter Clawson on

      Perhaps the day you might become intelligent you might make sens of what is happening….

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    A Good Example of the Best Engineers on Earth

    Who designed space vehicles and automotive/aerospace innovations are America Engineers.

    With cars they invent NASCAR engines Toyota has to buy from them. They come up with safe 4000+ lb cars that will do 39 mpg on the freeway with 300+ hp without excessive engine wear from using turbo-charging [ask Car and Driver]. They price them inexpensive too.

    With jets they develop new systems and run the world’s show.

    With rocket science, they also run the show.

    The worse thing you can say about American engineered manufacturing is CEOs and MBAs trying to cheapen the domestic automobiles with planned obsolesence and lying about safety recalls…..like Toyota. Certainly not the American engineers’ fault.

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      Correction had it not been for the Germans we would have never gotten to the moon literally…professional immigrants and he son of immigrants that work ther that are Americans………….and everything else that stems from it…..such as silicon…..chips etc etc if you are really an engineer you should know that…..you might lie your way through here, BUT you cannot lie to another engineer:ME.

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    Peter Clawson on

    Kristen interestingly enough Microsoft is moving business to Vancouver due to the Immigration Reform failed policy in Washington………………………..


    another example the ILLEGALS have hardly but mostly helped the economy…again the good ones……………..one of the major issues is that our children no longer want tech jobs and the universities r lacking of most aamericans pursuing science careers…..

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      Peter Clawson on

      In addition, we have the overstays from all over the World either in business or visitor, pending green card, denied cases….etc, etc……so a complex matter BUT:

      If Congress takes a peak at our population and correlates the working force accordingly to the next 100 years or so and regulates Immigration……..then we would have a winner:The US.

      Many bloggers here go crazy about population but it appears they never left their homes……as per the current population…there is no over overpopulation in the US as land is concerned………..etc etc…..

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        As if land were the sole factor. Half the country has very little water. We cannot deal with the droughts we are having now.

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          Very little water so how so we manage to survive with that very little water?

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      Where’s Your Facts?

      Mother Goose?

      MSFT used NW community college techs in the 90s…..you know, before they hired all the cheap foreign replacements and weekly Operating System patches [recalls]. Before we needed virus S/W too for the O/Ss.

      Americans would love those MSFT job opportunities in the NW and you know it too. They can do it right too.

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        I disagree with you…………most of them are paid properly if not the few eventually get their green car/citizenship and the ground is leveled………..community college tech remained as techs…..with the few with engineering business titles only but knowledge for research…………..

        Those “so cheap foreign replacements” were as competent or more competent that the actual Engineers here and you do know that………….that is how we became the leader in Electronics Worldwide………

        Go to the universities and see how many professors are not US born citizens……that is where you find the hottest research and development nowadays………of course you find hot American professors as well but what drives the Academics are those overseas professors that blend their knowledge to beat other countries………

        For instance, between us and the EU we do have better labs…but depending where they studied their engineers students are as good or better than ours…………….it is about the technology and the opportunity that is the same for the illegals or anybody legal that comes here to make it………..interesting isn’ t it?……………….

        So in a way our system is set up to make us succeed unlike other countries, and if you have children, since THE BEST come here and your children beat them in the University you do really have World Class Professionals…………………….get it?…….

        Now I do not know where you work and if you have this opportunity………..I have seen the SW Russian engineers here and they are one of the best………..for instance.

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          Another post by John Perot that is full of false information and gibberish. You cannot make competent arguments when you don’t put in the time to research the issue. Just a quick scan instantly reveals your lack of knowledge on the subject.

          Go back to the drawing board and do your homework until you understand the issue thoroughly. Your false claims have no credibility.

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            bjacmac it is obvious and a fact that you are delusional and have no degree in science…and the least you ever went to a University to study a science degree or work in such environment..in addition that you have no patents in your life experience so far…that is my quick scan of you….and know the least about Immigration at all. My quick scan also tells me you are around your 50s or older and are out of touch about our country……………..as simple as that.

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            John Clarson on

            bjacmac it is actually you. it is obvious and a fact that you are delusional and have no degree in science…and the least you ever went to a University to study a science degree or work in such environment..in addition that you have no patents in your life experience so far…that is my quick scan of you….and know the least about Immigration at all. My quick scan also tells me you are around your 50s or older and are out of touch about our country……………..as simple as that.

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    Peter clawson on

    Further Kristen use some simple math………………….3% the illegal population of the US total’s………..immigration has nothing to do with this……………………it is the companies outsourcing the jobs and manufacturing overseas mainly……….so an illegal will not be working on the jobs that were outsourced..American will not do the job that the illegals do…anyway….it is impressive how much more information you need to research and learn……

    SO your support of the American Worker is not quite accurate and the least precise. Unless you approach the issue thoroughly and with at least a very well defined top level understanding of the different sources of the issue at hand

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      Check again. The main point of this was guest worker programs. Do YOU think we need the massive numbers of guest workers allowed under the Senate “reform” bill? And I guess you never knew any construction workers. I’ve known plenty and illegals have taken a lot of their jobs because they work for nothing or under the table.

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      Peter clawson your post is difficult to understand because you don’t use complete sentences and your information is wrong.

      I assume the 3% is the percentage of illegal aliens compared to the general population, which is wrong because no one knows how many illegal aliens reside in the U.S.

      The percentage of illegal aliens in the U.S. has nothing to do with immigration! How did you come to that nonsensical conclusion? It has everything to do with immigration no matter what the percentage is.

      Outsourcing jobs and manufacturing overseas is mainly what? How is anyone supposed to know what you are talking about?

      Americans do all the jobs that illegal aliens do and always have. You are just repeating a liberal no-think line that is completely false.

      I would not be claiming a top level understanding of the issue if I were you, considering you have not done your homework and instead rely on false liberal talking points. If you want to make intelligent arguments then you must put in the time to research the subject, which you obviously have not done.

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        Peter Clawson on

        byacmac you are right you should b=never ever claim any top level understanding of the issue because this is a well known issue in the engineering community and the science community where nowadays are bringing indians to take the jobs Americans here………..ask Software engineer………………

        It is obvious you have no mathematical skills and the least any critical thinking or intellect to understand what I wrote…..did you ever finished high school at least?…………you are the very example our country moves backwards sometimes………..no common sense at a minimum AT LEAST!!

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    Recent story in the Sun Sentinel, a FLA paper owned by Tribune Publishing, concerning home sales.

    In Broward County, cash sales accounted for 68% of sales in the first quarter, up from 47% a year earlier, RealtyTrac said.”

    “Cash buyers are coming from Europe, Brazil, and Russia, [investor Lex Levinrad] said.”

    And the problem with this is that citizens often cannot buy because sellers do not want to wait for financing to be approved. So they take the sure cash. Of course, in most countries foreigners are limited on what they can buy, but the good old American government lets anyone pull the rug out from under you.

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      Japan Did the Same Thing During the Savings and LoanReal Esate Bust in the Early 90s

      And lost their shirts buying overpriced real estate in America.

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        Peter Clawson on

        Interestingly enough Japan has been in recession no too long ago the Japanese gov release a stimulus……the same as in here…..