The (Il)logic of Open-Border Libertarians

libertarianchartAs more and more Americans, especially younger Americans, reject the politics of the two dominant parties, libertarianism is attracting more adherents. Concurrently, there is a movement by D.C. special interest groups to co-opt libertarianism to advance their narrow political agenda. This is amply demonstrated by the false claim by self-proclaimed libertarians that support for open borders is an essential part of the movement. That is simply untrue.

A new essay by FAIR debunks these claims, exposes the fallacious reasoning in support of open borders, and examines in detail why the arguments of open-border libertarians fail to comport with reality.

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    Erik Kengaard on

    “At one time or another, acceleration of population growth . . . has been sought by militarists in need of cannon fodder, by rulers in search of hegemonic expansion, by industrialists in want of cheap and docile labor, by ecclesiastical spokesmen in search of souls, and by land and other speculators hungering for unearned increment.” Joseph J Spengler

    ” . . . the greatest destroyers of man’s options are the growth and excessive concentration of population.” Joseph J Spengler

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      When all of the other’s come to America, where will the students of this article find a job. I used to know a man who had a doctorate in oceanography worked at Scripts in San Diego, but now sells cars at Wolf Motors there.

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    Daryl Johnson on

    The government is not looking after “we the people.” It’s time we take matters into our own hands. The Bundy Ranch stand off was just the tip of the iceberg. We patriots must band together and engage on many fronts. By organizing and showing up at representatives offices, school boards, city council meetings, to voice our demands and hold elected officials accountable for upholding the constitution and bill of rights. Already the protections under these documents have been undermined. Our national security and personal liberties have been weakened. This issue goes beyond any political party affiliations. This is an attack on Americans. Those in power have awakened a sleeping giant.

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      this was the tea party movement’s point but they got lost in the powerful two party swamp that is Washington, DC. the swamp that Nancy Pelosi promised to drain. the power two parties who feel threatened by fiscal and personal responsibility.

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    I’m a Libertarian and don’t know a single other Libertarian that advocates open borders. I consider this a complete SLANDER. and have had enough of this B.S. RIGHT AFTER THIS i’LL BE UNSUBSCRIBE FROM ALL THIS NON-SENSE.

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      Unfortunately the Cato Institute, which is the largest libertarian think tank in the country, is very pro-amnesty and anti-borders. Take your frustrations out on them and demand they support sovereignty. Don’t blame FAIR for calling them out.

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      Erik Kengaard on

      There are a number of “libertarians” at the Cato Institute who advocate open borders, in the sense that they support massive immigration. Alex Nowrasteh seems to have taken over the open borders position previously held by Dan Griswold.

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    as an independent who supports libertarian principles, i completely disagree with the open border policy. if they would drop open borders they would easily wipe out both the democrat and republican parties. what happened to the common sense libertarians?

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    The Globalists need to have these “open borders” in order to control the masses. Removing nationalism and state sovereignty are the primary steps but even before that, they need to confiscate all guns. Americans will never relinquish their 2nd amendment, thus setting the stage for a major confrontation. Martial law followed by civil war loom on the horizon. Americans need to decide which side of the issue they are on. The federal jackboots or the Constitutional Patriots.

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    The Sierra Club Falls for this Overpopulation is Good Lie too

    This minority of open border pundits is like a bull in a china shop…..destroying all the American hope with its “two horned” devilish bull head.

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    Open borders would mean billions of people here. You really think that the hundreds of millions in India living in cardboard shacks with no potable water would not come here? Or those starving in Africa? What would they have to lose? Does anyone really think WE would be better off? The unfortunate truth is that we cannot be the world’s safety net.

    “The arguments of open border libertarians fail to comport with reality.” True that. It’s more like a cult than anything else. Simple minded slogans that everything will be coming up roses with ever more people. Of course, none of these geniuses can explain why such huge populations do not work for the average person in India or China or Africa. India is always praised for their growing total GDP, but it’s because their population is rapidly growing. The more important measure, GDP per capita, that is per person, is dismal, near the bottom of the world’s couple hundred countries.

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      China and India are definitely not models for what we want our country to be like in the future. The Jeb Bushes of the world ought to take a close look at especially China, which is experiencing horrific water shortages as it industrializes from a combination of increased demand and pollution. Their totalitarian government is only able to hold their overpopulated society together with a massive, brutal police state that receives more funding than their traditional military. Of course here in California we are currently experiencing a drought, the negative effects of which have been exasperated by the huge increase in the population of the state in recent years. But this is nothing compared to living in the overpopulated hell of China or India.