Speaker Boehner’s “Problem”

Speaker BoehnerAt his weekly press conference, House Speaker John Boehner told reporters “There’s nobody more interested in fixing this problem than I am.”

What problem might that be you ask? Why the problem of how the GOP establishment and special interests are going to force an amnesty on the American people of course.

Boehner’s comment came in response to a question by reporter Jorge Ramos asking him why he is “blocking immigration reform” in the House of Representatives. But instead of arguing against amnesty because it is bad public policy and bad for Americans, Boehner once again reiterated his support for amnesty and blamed his inability to “fix the problem” (i.e. not passing it) on President Obama.

But why is refusing to put the needs of illegal aliens and special interests above those of the American people a problem that Boehner is looking for a solution to in the first place? Rather than worrying about the “problem” of how he can deliver mass amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens and hand tens of thousands more guest workers to Big Business, Speaker Boehner should be worried about the problem of unemployed Americans. Like the 20 million un-or-underemployed Americans, or the 1-in-2 recent college grads who cannot find a job.

Now there’s a problem worth fixing. If only there was someone up to the job…

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    I now see what the GOP is all really about………a bunch or brainless APES………….I see they will disappear soon…….their own voters criticize even Boehner whom has stopped the Bill so far in the House BUT YET you guys still unhappy with him………………………………….. you are a mess and because of that you guys and the GOP are going down…….just like the song by the Allman Brothers……………..

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      Boehner is the main reason the Immigration reform bill is stuck in the house but yet you guys are against him…like nobody knows who works for…….doesn’t it sound familiar?….no unity in the Republican party…..Cuban Senators….Hispanic Senators left to represent the GOP that hates minorities ending up being minorities and fighting among each other = FAILURE

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    Great article. Boehner has been bribed by special interests. Immigration is the kiss of death of the Republican party. Time to call his office and start a recall campaign.

    For eg., the reason our politicians continue to import aliens despite the harm to society and the public opposition (80-90% against) and despite the fact that the USA is already the 3rd most populous nation on earth (after China and India, both of which have net zero immigration but actually about 1 Million people per year E-migration, i.e. export), is because there are no national referenda in the United States. Many other countries, including 3rd world countries (e.g. Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, South Africa and the Philippines), have a system for national direct democracy, but not the US! That is why American pseudodemocracy is a joke. Our criminal govt. must be ashamed going around the world preaching democracy but denying it to its own people!

    The Constitution gave all the power to the 3 branches of govt. and assumed they will keep an eye on each other (“checks and balances”). The big money special interests have corrupted all 3 branches and all three branches figured out that it is better to destroy the nation and totally ignore the owners, the US Citizens.

    To keep ultimate power in the hands of the people, the founding fathers put in the second amendment. The second amendment, which assumed that millions of armed citizens can easily ouster an illegal and anarchist govt. with equally armed thousands of soldiers, is effete because modern armies have weapons that can kill thousands at a time, so the people will be crushed in any violent uprising against a criminal government. So they keep passing evil laws the against our country, the public and against our will.

    But there is a solution to this govt’s war on the nation. It is a constitutional amendment to allow national referenda, so US citizens (showing ID and with paper ballots) can pass good laws in the national interest themselves. These referenda will supersede laws passed by Congress and cannot be overturned except on constitutional grounds by a supermajority of both houses AND a unanimous vote of the Supreme Court. The people can then still override it with a 66% vote.

    Some believe that this right to amend the constitution is inherently vested in the American public. Others suggest an actual amendment as specified in the Constitution. A survey showed that 76% of the public approved the idea. We can pass national referenda regarding taxes, foreign aid, immigration, bailouts, and debt ceilings, etc. The people will be the fourth (or rather the 1st) branch of govt. and thus improve the checks and balances. We will solve 90% of our problems this way.

    For eg., see: http://ncid.us/index.htm (National Citizen’s Initiative For Democracy).

    We Americans need to visit these websites, join these groups, contribute and call radio talk shows, etc. and promote this idea and get the process started soon, before it is too late.

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    There is noting to fix except maybe the fence to close our border. Just ENFORCE THE LAW. That is the part that needs fixed the most. That and quit aiding and abetting illegal immigrants by not giving them State and Federal programs that WE the Taxpayers are EXPECTED TO PAY. Then change the 14th amendment so that they have to be a US Citizen before their babies can be born a US Citizen. Easy fix but these RINO Politicians want to give them everything to get their votes………..including OUR JOBS. NO AMNESTY or REFORM. These people are already committing a felony every day they use their fake or stolen ID. They do not deserve to be a US Citizen.

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    Reading the Two Similar Blogs Below

    I’d sum it up: there’s practically no difference, RE: the two parties’ indifference to fix the economy for legal Americans. In their duel minds, serving out cheap labor to their campaign contributers trumps American citizens’ wishes and yes, simultaneously destroys the economy.

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    It is no secret there is a deep longtime disenchantment and unhappiness with John Boehner as Speaker within the GOP House caucus, due to his inept, weak, and bumbling leadership. What makes Boehner much more vulnerable than before to being ousted is his dumb ***, divisive, and destructive campaign to grant amnesty, legal status, and U.S. citizenship to millions of unauthorized aliens. Motivated by mountains of campaign cash from the cheap labor lobby, a corrupt Boehner has openly mocked principled Republicans who want no part of the Speaker’s commitment to President Obama to pass an immigration bill or series of immigration bills before the end of 2014. The truth is Boehner has crossed a BIG RED LINE by embracing Obama’s scheme to fundamentally transform America. Yes, another list is being circulated behind the scenes in GOP circles in D.C. just as there was after the 2012 election… of fed up Republicans in the House caucus who wanted someone else besides Boehner as Speaker in 2013. But, the BIG DIFFERENCE now is that those opposed to Boehner are incensed by his pro-amnesty scheme for unauthorized aliens. More members each day are openly vowing to reject him even if he were to somehow win a majority vote (increasingly unlikely) in the caucus. If the number reaches the critical mass of say forty members who will not vote for Boehner for Speaker no matter what, his goose is cooked and someone else will be wielding the Speaker’s gavel in 2017.

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    The Republicans would be foolish to pass an amnesty program. Latinos are never going to vote Republican. The 1986 amnesty got Bush senior, then VP to Reagan, about 30% of the Hispanic vote in 1988. That’s in spite of the fact Bush was long identified with Hispanic outreach programs [and has a Mexican daughter in law]. Go down the list of every government social spending program, and they are all heavily supported by Latinos. Amnesty will guarantee the end of the GOP as a conservative leaning party.

    It’s quite likely this president is going to declare a unilateral amnesty. He said he can’t, but then he said that about the Dream Act, and he said you can keep your doctor, when numerous people pointed out when the ACA was passed in 2009 that language in the law would let people be forced to other doctors. Amnesty may be popular with Latinos but it’s not with a lot of the American public, including many Democrats and independents. So why take the heat off this president for doing it.

    It’s just going to show that he is truly believes there should be no penalty for coming here without permission. When the Senate gang of 8 bill was passed last year there were all these claims that it would be tough on enforcement. It wasn’t, because amnesty happens right away and e-verify was just some goal to be reached five years down the road, if that. We all know how firm those employer deadlines were on Obamacare. In other words, they weren’t.

    Would you trust Nancy Pelosi to enforce the law? She’s already said that being here without documents is “not reason for deportation”. How blind do you have to be to trust a person who has already spelled out that she thinks all you have to do is make it across the border, whether it takes one time or three, or you just overstay a visa, and you get to stay. Or trust Chuck Schumer who promised we would never do another amnesty after 1986? Who promised we would have workplace enforcement. No thanks, you know the old saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.