There are No Amnesty Supporters in Republican Primaries

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is facing a primary opponent, David Brat, who is challenging him on immigration. Cantor is fighting back by portraying himself as an anti-amnesty champion, like Renee Ellmers successfully did before him. Cantor, along with others in the GOP House leadership, began the year by endorsing amnesty for the bulk of the nation’s illegal aliens with the House’s “Standards for Immigration Reform.”


That was January; this is May. Cantor’s campaign has now dropped a campaign flyer into GOP voter’s boxes spouting a very different message. This flyer is as anti-amnesty as it gets. It says: “Conservative Republican Eric Cantor is stopping the Obama-Reid Plan to give illegal aliens amnesty.” The flyer also brings attention to a headline which proclaims that “[Cantor]Torches Immigration Reform after Call with Obama,” a call that the White House described as “pleasant.”

Yet, only last month, Majority Leader Cantor pledged support for Jeff Denham’s military amnesty, the ENLIST Act, and reiterated this support last week. Cantor has also been working on his own version of the DREAM Act, which he has styled the “Kids Act,” since last year.

Interestingly, Majority Leader Cantor is also getting support from pro amnesty groups and pro amnesty lawmakers across the aisle in his contention that he has been a major obstacle for passing amnesty. Frank Sharry, director of the amnesty lobbying group America’s Voice, said last week: “Eric Cantor is the No. 1 guy standing between the American people and immigration reform.”

cantor_rallyOn Sunday, the pro-amnesty group Casa di Virginia sent protestors to storm Rep. Cantor’s Arlington Virginia condo, again calling him “the one man blocking immigration reform.” Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), who last year went on a tour with Rep. Cantor in New York City in support of passing bipartisan immigration legislation, sent out a press release through Casa di Virginia stating that he would hold a rally on May 28 in Virginia’s capitol to call attention to the “particularly important role” of Rep. Cantor in immigration.

But is it Eric Cantor standing in the way of amnesty, or Eric Cantor’s primary? We’ll know on June 10th.

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    NO to immigration amnesty. Can I make it any clearer than that…..We have laws governing immigration which have worked for many years. USE them and enforce them.

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    Anyone ever heard of the existing immigration laws that have been on the books for decades says nothing about amnesty. I do not support any candidate that refuses to fully enforce existing laws. GOP us sadly mistaken that pushing for amnesty will help the party. Those who are present in the US unlawfully are unlikely ever to vote other test D since they want to get on the dole like the majority of low information voters. No amnesty ever-no way Jose’!

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    i am a person who believes in common sense and that tells me that anyone who is not here legaly and has children here while they are illegaly here are also illegal as how could they being illegal have legal children when deporting the parents the children should go with them. this would solve a lot of problems.

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    Any and all candidates that change their positions to suit the election cycle, need to be jailed as defrauding their employers. We The People.

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    Flip Flop Candidates and/or Ambiguous Candidates Like Cantor

    Speak from both sides of their mouths on amnesty issues in a very confusing way. She we trust any of them?

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      No, we shouldn’t trust them. When they flip-flop so as to get reelected, that proves their dishonesty, which makes them ineligible for true conservative votes. There are many things voters can’t discover about candidates, but when something major presents itself, like lying about intentions, that’s the time to pull the plug on them. Boehner, Cantor, and McConnell have done more harm to this country than can be calculated, not the least of which is to indoctrinate freshman Congressmen that talking about being conservative is more profitable than voting conservative. Like Jim DeMint wrote, we can’t change the Senate, so we have to change the PEOPLE in the Senate. He made a good start with the Senate Conservatives Fund, and now is doing likewise with Heritage Action.

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    Also, now the GOP 2016 Presidential candidates r really lame…..Ted Cruz, ……..Marco Rubio……….

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      When we speak of potential GOP candidates for POTUS or VP….please make certain that you do so in a way that does not promote the desires of Cruz, Rubio or Jendal….NONE OF WHICH are Article 2 eligible. If any of them had an ounce of Statesmanship in their body, they would publically disavow the rumors and come out and challenge the “usurper” in the White House by removing themselves for any consideration – admitting that they are not Article 2 qualified. To do otherwise is to perpetuate yet another political deception, the likes of which, many Americans always seem to fall for. Remember….fool me once, shame on you….fool me twice and time and time again….SAME ON ME!!

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        Why didn’t you say something about your man Obama? You must be concerned that they might run and win. That would really hurt your donkey party. They couldn’t handle a President that would actually get something done. That would throw Harry and Nancy plans off , you know of continuing to screw up this country.

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        arnlof sweigeir on

        That is the point….no GOP has any Statesmanship left to run for 2016……

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    Johne Smith on

    Live Free or DIe…………..!!!…………………..this coming November should be interesting……….!!!

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    Larry Brown on

    Those who believe it would be an improvement to replace pro-amnesty Speaker John Boehner with someone like Rep Eric Cantor are sadly mistaken. Cantor is a key loyal member of team Boehner who has been angling to win amnesty or legal status for every category of unauthorized aliens there is for years. The truth is Cantor is as bad as Boehner on immigration plus……he does’t even play golf.

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      I actually believe we should replace you with an Illegal or an immigrant since u got it so wrong about Speaker Boehner who is solely responsible for holding the Immigration Reform Bill hostage……and yet you do not get it…

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      Cantor is a big liar, he is solidly for amnesty…these big liars should be held for misleading the voters…lying is the reason Hussein is president!

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    Just like John McCain spent tons of money on his Senate primary in 2010 against a pro enforcement opponent. He ran ads saying “just finish the dang fence”. And of course, immediately after he disposed of his opponent with his dishonest campaign, he forgot all about finishing the dang fence and went right back to promoting amnesty 24/7.
    It’s what they all do. Streetwalkers have more integrity.
    As far as the Enlist Act, the military used to be an option for those Americans with just a high school diploma. Now with military cutbacks, there are far more applicants than the military will accept and many are refused, but our politicians want to tell illegals just step right up and you get in. Just another slap in the face for the citizens of this country.

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      It is a shame what has happened to our country, there is no respect, no humanity, no consciousness, I cannot imagine giving illegals weapons for amnesty…unbelievable, I guess they would also arm the middle easterners who cross that border too…just plain irresponsible, completely arrogant, selfish, crazy democrats, and this came after letting muslims wear turbans and beards…I hope the next president repeals that!

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      It’s another – get in the back of the line – promise that has been broken re illegal aliens, but kept for American citizens.

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