Cantor Theater Shows Immigration Amnesty Is Coming: WSJ

theaterEven by my standards, this article in the Wall Street Journal by Steve Goldstein is cynical:  it points out that the move by Representative Gutierrez to travel to Virginia and blast Cantor as an obstacle to amnesty is nothing more than a cynical ploy to help Cantor through a tough primary. As Goldstein points out, investors will applaud the cheap labor because the fix is in.  He reminds us how close Cantor and Gutierrez have become, and how aggressively Cantor has pushed for some movement on amnesty.  And why did Gutierrez make this appearance anyway?  I wondered that myself; the timing is too quant.  Could it really be that the political establishment has come to view voters with this degree of disdain?

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    We have to do whatever it takes to get rid of Cantor. William Gheen’s robot call-campaign is not a bad idea. I think I will go over there and donate. It takes fire to fight fire.

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    Sorry, my last post was kind of in disarray. Those poor kids and their countries do nothing.
    What can we do? Declare emergency and send massive troops to the border? Close it down! Stop NAFTA.
    Stop DACA and declare to will be following our immigration laws on the books and nothing more will be considered until those countries south of the border do all they can to stop their masses from invading this country?
    Fully enforcing E-verify would be a great start. Can we petition that we want every Immigration Law on the books enforced.?
    Use every system we have to enforce, including the entrance and exit Visas and do not allow anyone who overstays
    their Visas without reporting or reason- to automatically be sent back.
    We really should not do any Immigration Bill until we do Tax Reform and reform that will protect the citizens and
    completely eliminate identity theft. In fact, anyone who has come to the country and is found guilty of using
    false identification should be fingerprinted and deported immediately. Also those who claim credits for dependents who do not live in this country and those who live with other earners in their households with two incomes and claiming only one. The IRS has lost complete control – but can we really blame them. Congress puts new and conflicting laws on the books and usually at the last minute before tax season. 75,000+ conflicting laws each year.. Tax offices pop up on every corner in my community and I have seen IRS close
    quite a few. Most don’t last too long. Same goes with doctor offices and dentists. At one time, there were dentist offices alone in my area – Then I read where the State had billed10 x more than the other 49 states put together for orthodontics. There is one dentist now left in my immediate area. It is mind boggling what goes on in this country.
    One problem we have is States write their own laws. And many write them to benefit their politics, corporate, business or personal gains. An example, in my State, when construction picked up, an article came out telling how builders were crying because they could not find workers. This was when the unemployment rate was around 8.5%.
    Some letters to the Editor came out asking – Where are you looking? Groups came forward, promising plenty of workers (some provided background checks) and plenty of workers). (I doubt the newspaper published all the letters,) Spring forward- lots of building going on.
    We bossf Putin around and let our southern neighbors run all over us.
    How about a 35% tax on every dollar that is sent out o this country?
    Another idea, I read about. Shutting off Visas to these countries. I think I heard on C-Span we do have a law on
    the books.
    Should we just start sending thousands o letters to Congress and the White House with all our ideas?
    Believe me, we are very tame compared to some comments I have read on other websites and blogs.
    A Super Pac.
    Find a Humanitarian Group to take the children back.

    God bless FAIR, Dan Stein and each and everyone.

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    Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Luis Gutierrez and the rest of those who are determined to turn this nation into the next third world, are, in my estimation, AINO’s…Americans in name only. They don’t deserve to be in government unless it’s the government of some third world country that they are so concerned about.

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    Obama and Boehner should be forced to pay for this recent flood of illegal children arriving unaccompanied out of pocket. They as much as rolled out a red carpet for us to be overwhelmed.

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      Mary and you should pay a lot more for supporting illegal immigration by going to the restaurants where illegals do the dishes, car washes, movies, buy produce picked by them….paying them to do your grass et etc

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        And you, John, should pay a LOT more in taxes for the social safety net that illegals avail themselves to in the U.S.

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        John, we already pay lots for those illegal alien workers even when we don’t go to the businesses you mention. My tax monies go to provide healthcare and educations for them and theirs, which is hardly a good deal from my point of view. And of course, if they were ever amnestied, well, you can bet those legalized illegal aliens wouldn’t stay in those jobs but move on to depress wages in better jobs–and to use more welfare and social services than they already do.

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          Exactly and to make it worse; they aren’t speaking English at home but their own language and then they expect us to pay for the kids to learn English in the schools! while depressing the education levels of the rest of the kids in the class who already know English!

          This is just one example too. You know many of them have multiple kids too which we paid to have been born here in a lot of cases.

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        I only go to businesses that use E-verify which will weed out a lot of the illegals looking for work many times with someone else’s SSN and I cut my own grass.

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    The world is upside down. Treasonous evil people are selling out the country en masse. Except for a handful of loyal countrymen these pigs are ready to turn the US into a third world cesspool.

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      You’re totally correct. The corporations have taken control of everything. Seeing our country turned into a third world ghetto which doesn’t affect these ppl. They don’t have to see “their” world destroyed by scumbags.

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    I get physically sick with all the deceit and corruption. It doesn’t matter hat the American citizens want. We don’t count anymore. Our politicians aren’t the least concerned about us anymore. Well, I cunt and I’m MD as hell! No amnesty, no illegals in our military! Obama is building a handpicked personal military to be used against us. Stand up Americans. This will be our last chance!

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    arnlof sweigeir on

    Just like I pointed it out…..all is looking like Dan says…it It is coming!!!

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    This is a load of c**p!!! I am more than sick and tired I am fed up with this continual threat of amnesty! They better forget about amnesty and concentrate are taking care of the legal citizens of this country. Anyone who votes for or SUPPORTS this bull I will certainly help vote out of office!!

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    I swear to gawd, I keep hearing this talk about Congress going forward with so-called “comprhensive” immigration “reform” over and over and over and over. It’s like a threat; it’s like the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. WHEN is this going to go away? I’m SICK and tired of hearing this crap. KILL THE BILL or start cleaning out your desk in Washington. This goes for all of them, Democrats and Republicans. By the way, according to Ann Coulter, Congressman Trey Gowdy has stated he will vote FOR “comprehensive” immigration reform. That just blows my mind. WHY? These s.o.b.s must be getting big $$$.

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      it’s past time to get rid of every corrupt politician & to light the fire under their asses and give them their walking papers what these politicians have done to the taxpaying citizens is unconscionable and must stop this is the worst case of an invasion and will never stop unless the citizens stand up and say no no no no we must fight to fight off the greedy politicians I do believe they have paid off the mexican government and those from India and china this country is really no longer ours

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    Very Good Two Party Evaluation on Amnesty

    Why don’t the ambiguous Republicans come clean on amnesty. Saying you want enforcement of immigration laws without a word about E-verify implementation by both the Rep/Dem leadership is like stating a car can still run without gasoline.

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    The Texas border is almost out of control. The Border Patrol is only catching a portion of the thousands crossing. But that’s hardly surprising because this administration and the other supporters of amnesty are all but issuing engraved invitations to come here illegally. When you announce that either amnesty gets passed in a couple months or there will be a unilateral suspension of deportations, illegals know they win either way. Just get in the country somehow, and you are here to stay.

    Nancy Pelosi has said: “Our view of the law is that if someone is here without sufficient documentation, that is not reason for deportation.” A couple years ago this president stood at the border and mocked those who said the border had to be secure before any amnesty was discussed. He made a comment about what do they want, something like a moat filled with alligators.

    No, they want a secure border, and the Border Patrol, the people who know, has never said it’s under control or anything close to it. If it were secure, the thousands crossing every day would not still be trying it, because it would not be worth their time or effort. When the double layer fence was built during the Clinton administration along the California border, then the most frequent crossing point, attempted crossings there dropped to almost nothing. Because they knew THEY COULDN’T GET THROUGH. But I guess we should put “the border is secure” up there with you can keep your doctor.

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      The day that the president made the moat remarks was May 10, 2011 at El Paso Texas, the state now being overwhelmed with illegals from Central America. He also said this lie:

      “They wanted a fence. Well, that fence is basically complete.”

      By no common usage of the word fence do we have one that is basically complete. Or even close to it.

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        Do you think the No Amnesty websites could get a petition to the “White House” with 20,000 signatures letting them know that the taxpaying Americans are utterly disgusted with the continued events in immigration that is creating
        fiascoes and incurring tremendous costs to the country. Read Politico’s article about the 66,000 immigrant children
        and the 2.8 billion dollar cost (which more than likely a low-ball price. Do you think F.A.I.R could write the petition
        and send it to its members to forward. CC: a copy to Cantor and Boehner? Make it as ridiculous and demanding
        as the Pro Amnesty groups demands and expectations.
        Some thoughts: Discontinue the Dream Act until Mexico and the Southern Countries make an effort to stop
        the in-flow.
        Cancel all green cards immediately and replace with verifiable, seasonal work visas that give only the right to
        work with a qualified sponsor.
        Demand that e-verify be put to full use. Charge a bond, depending on the business’ size and each time a company breaks the law – they must buy another bond – 3 times – you are Out. OOB!
        I read an article that stated -the IRS lost 12 billion dollars in fraudulent Earned Income Credit Refunds – just this year. Last year, another article came out – they lost about the same – although they just used “credits” but did
        not tie it all to the EIC. That first article stated IRS stated it would have it under control by this past tax year.
        The year before that lots of refunds went to the prisoners. One guy, alone, filed 37 times and received (i forgot)
        how many refunds. It is time this program is revamped and only given to U.S. citizens, with some kind of I.D.
        to verify their status -(or a pin number.) The same thing happen with the home buyers credits of 2009-2010 and
        the education credit but not to the extent of the EIC. There is another problem with the EIC. The EIC was originally for the single parent to give them a break from paying social security taxes. So what happened, the
        credit has increased to 3,4,or 5 times they pay each year into Social Security, so many are, in essence, getting
        their Social Security through the EIC. If 50 billion dollars, or so, has been lost through fraud. that would be a nice part of a nice for the future. Now, supposedly, that trust is banked thru 2038 – it’s certificates in a vault up in the Northeast but who knows.
        Add exit visas, and we have a good start.