Homeland Security Secretary: Laws Like California’s Necessitate Amnesty, Create “Legal Ambiguity”

During a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) oversight hearing on Thursday before the House Judiciary Committee, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson admitted state laws like California’s, giving various licenses to illegal aliens, reduce the likelihood that the illegal aliens will ever choose to leave the country. “There are states now where they are permitted to have driver’s licenses. [The] California Supreme Court says than an undocumented immigrant in this country can practice law. So they’re not going away. They’re not going to self deport,” he told the Committee. Illegal aliens’ decision not to leave on their own, a decision Secretary Johnson admitted is influenced by favorable treatment, means that we have no choice but to give virtually all of them amnesty. “The likelihood is next to zero that they will all self deport,” he said. “We have to accept the fact that we have 11.5 million undocumented immigrants in this country, we have to deal with them. I don’t think we should allow them to continue to exist in a state of legal ambiguity or in a dark hole.”

Of course, there is no “legal ambiguity” regarding the status of illegal aliens, regardless of how many benefits states like California choose to give them.  Their presence in the country is unambiguously unlawful, whether or not the State of California decides they are not committing a state violation on top of whatever federal violations of immigration law they are committing when they drive, or hold themselves out as a California lawyer.  The only possible “legal ambiguity” that could exist in regard to any illegal aliens currently in this country is that deliberately caused by the administration, with unconstitutional programs like DACA  that purport to create a kind of lawful presence for certain categories of illegal aliens. The solution to any such ambiguity created by the administration implementing acts that Congress never passed into law, of course, is for the Administration to dismantle the unlawful programs, not for Congress to pass a law blessing the President’s unconstitutional behavior.

If laws like California’s did create any legal ambiguity, the Administration could solve this problem by suing California, as it sued Arizona for SB 1070. However, despite Secretary Johnson’s later laughable assurance in the hearing that he agrees that “there should be disincentives to engage in illegal migration,” this Administration will only take actions against states that discourage illegal immigration, not ones that encourage it.  After all, if the Administration weren’t ensuring that no consequences are faced by illegal aliens for breaking the nation’s immigration laws, how could it say that we need an amnesty because no significant number will ever go home on their own?

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    The passage of the California legislature to provide licenses for illegal aliens is unbelievable. California is the absolute worst state in the union on matters that are deemed important to the vast majority of the American people. It used to be that New York was the worst state,it still is extremely bad,but NY has been replaced by the absolute fools that control California. I would vote most decidledly to cut this idiotic state from the rest of the U.S. if they follow thru with their plan to separate from the Union. I’m all for that. We wouldn’t miss a thing comeing from this unbeleveable section of our country. Secede,Secede California,PLEASE.

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    Johnson says ” We have to accept the fact that we have 11.5 million illegal immigrants in the country, we have to deal with them. Yes MR Johnson we have to deal with them because you politicians have not done your job for many years and you politicians have caused this mess. The American people are sick and tired of you bozos. Of course illegal alien invaders will never leave, you politicians have done more for them then you have for the American people, the very people that put you in office. Politicians have made it easy for illegals to stay in this country, care more for illegal aliens and their political office then the the American people. We are tired of the political lies and the political correctness. Do your job or let someone else do what is best for this country. The current administration is a big joke and the American people know it.

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    For those who don’t believe in the federal government and who believe the states should be autonomous, they need to keep California and other states in mind. Do you really want California to be able to write its own immigration laws, to have its own immigration “system”, etc.?

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    Naturally, Obama is going to appoint those who approve, encourage and welcome illegal immigration. They’re all getting their wishes.

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    Guys Like Him

    Tell me the strong America I once knew is GONE. He’s got no backbone.

    He likely applauds our manufacturing disappearring and replaced with unskilled slaves. His comment about IAs practicing law is a joke too, how many IAs actually pass the law board and become attorneys? .00001% or 0%?

    The Confederates did win the Civil War after all.

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    Jim Winthrop on

    The only legal ambiguity is the irresponsible behavior of members of Congress on not resolving the issue of Immigration Reform

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    Larry Brown on

    The Obama administration’s illegal immigration ‘catch and release’ policy reminds me of its Taliban terrorist ‘catch and release’ policy.

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    “The likelihood is zero that they will self deport.” Of course it is, because Mr. Johnson just endorsed all the non enforcement measures that allow them to stay. Here’s how it works. You actually have to implement enforcement for it to succeed. Another administration flack who you can tell is lying because his lips are moving.

    The White House has announced goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. And who will point out [it won’t be our ever fawning media] that we have been growing by almost 30 million people per decade with just our present high levels of immigration. This supposed “reform” will double or triple even those high rates of immigration, wiping out any gains we might make in reducing greenhouse gases.

    And the very same people who loudly proclaim their “green” credentials will cast as bigotry any attempt to link the two issues, even though they are clearly linked to anyone able to add two and two. And naturally La Raza will point the finger and pronounce it racist to even bring it up. And how do you know it’s racist? Because they say so, which is good enough for many.