How Obama Created an Immigration & Humanitarian Crisis

Image: | June 5, 2014

Image: | June 5, 2014

The recent surge of unaccompanied illegal alien minors crossing the South Texas border has been portrayed as a humanitarian crisis by the Obama administration. While these young crossers face perilous conditions in transit and uncertain futures once they arrive, the fact is that the crisis has been the direct consequence of lax enforcement and a welcoming environment for illegal aliens manufactured by the Obama administration.

The surge is straining Border Patrol resources to the breaking point. What’s worse, the administration’s response to the crisis — transporting illegal border crossers to other locations where they are processed and then released — is exacerbating the situation.

The surge, and the collapse of immigration enforcement nationwide, has been brought about by the Obama Administration’s six-year scaling back of enforcement – changes that have incentivized millions thinking of coming to America illegally:

  • Immigration laws are now only enforced against violent criminals.
  • Administrative amnesties granting quasi-legal status and work authorization to entire classes of illegal aliens have, and continue to occur.
  • The Secretary of Homeland Security is reviewing deportation practices with an eye toward identifying additional categories of illegal aliens who will be exempted from immigration enforcement.
  • The U.S. has limited the detention and removal of illegal unaccompanied minors crossing the border and women attempting to enter with children.
  • Illegal aliens are being released on their own recognizance or minimal bond with the tacit assurance that as long as they do not commit a serious crime, no one will come looking for them.
  • Obama has issued an ultimatum to Congress that they either enact amnesty legislation by the end of the summer, or he will implement one without congressional authority.

As a consequence, illegal aliens, anxious to capitalize on the administration’s offer of a free pass into the U.S. place their lives and their children’s lives in the hands of ruthless smugglers. As we head into the summer months, more than 60,000 illegal aliens, including young children, are expected to make their way across a harsh and unforgiving desert to reach the U.S. border. Some, unfortunately, die along the way. It is not inevitable but sadly the politics of the Obama administration trump common-sense immigration enforcement that would prevent these tragedies.

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    Larry Brown on

    President Obama has introduced another dangerous and unlawful ‘catch and release’ policy, this time involving Taliban terrorist leaders held prisoners in Guantanamo, Cuba. It is currently engulfing Washington D.C. and the rest of our country in a political firestorm. I believe when this imperial President was able to get away with his earlier dangerous and unlawful ‘catch and release’ illegal immigration enforcement policy, it directly led to this outrageous release of those caught and imprisoned by our military at Guantanamo, Cuba.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    That’s exactly right. The left is causing a humanitarian crisis when illegal immigration is encouraged and enforcement is lax. Parents south of the border send their kids north through smuggling channels hoping their get a Dream Act amnesty. I don’t think our fellow citizens of the ultra-liberal persuasion give a darn, either. It’s all about them: their power, their perks, their egos. You look at these images and see what a rotten, second-tier country we’re becoming.

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    Our COUNTRY is being over runned by ILLEGALS thanks to the lack of enforcement from the GOVERNMENT and the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.Soon there will be serious problems and all you will get is the DEMOCRATS pointing fingers at anyone and everyone except themselves.It is bad that we [the tax payers]have to fund these people [we shoild be able to claim them for our tax returns]. Obama has opened a rats nest for the cartel to just walk inand do their thing.We need serious ENFORCEMENT of our borders .FIRST OFFENCE SEND THEM BACK AFTER FINGERPRINTS AND PICTURES AND GENERAL INFO GATHERED THEN SIGNED WARNING NOT TO RETURN EXCEPT THROUGH THE RIGHT WAY OR FACE 25 YRS. JAIL OR EXECUTION AS AN INVADER.

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    This is just continual rape of the American citizen. Our tax dollars are squandered on a bureaucracy of handling illegals without a beneficial result, then turning them loose on our economy when American Citizens who are struggling with unemployment and underemployment cannot find work to pay the taxes that feed welfare programs that illegals, and drug addicts, and welfare poachers with crowds of illegitimate children are capitalizing on. We are feeding the people that are exacerbating our decline in prosperity! And once the illegals are here the politicians pander to them for their votes! We’ve already been invaded and are being bled dry by greedy foreigners and stupid politicians.

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    Everything this administration does only encourages more illegal entry and more lawbreaking, including things like using someone else’s SS number, something that would get an American citizen prosecuted.

    Interesting article in the Washington Post by W. Barksdale Maynard about a researcher from the University of Arkansas named David Stahle who has been studying the tree rings of bald cypress in Virginia for many years. Bald cypress can live for a thousand years. These are some of his findings:

    “As severe as this was [a drought in the 60s], Stahle found it pales in comparison with droughts of the years 1000 to 1400, some of which lasted for 30 or even 50 years.” “The mid Atlantic region again suffered a major drought for much of the time between 1691 and 1714..”

    And yet we just rush headlong into not only keeping our present high levels of immigration, we actually want to double and triple those levels. So future droughts, [like those now occurring in the West for several years], will be made far worse because we must supply more water to more people. We’re so blinded by political correctness we can’t even admit the truth and do what’s good for the future of the country.

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    Bob you must be delusional if you think you will convince the above average American that it is all Obama’s fault regarding Immigration…..!!

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      Name anything this administration has done that hasn’t encouraged more illegal entry.

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      You mean, John, this will persuade Americans that what we need is ANOTHER amnesty? The 1986 one was bad enough, but do you really believe that Americans are dumb enough to believe that all these women and kids were able to get here because we have a “secure” border? That all this talk of amnesty, and the reality of DACA, haven’t encouraged them to come here, just as the 1986 amnesty did?

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      As the person charged with the responsibility for the enforcement of our immigration laws, what other person could approach the culpability President Obama deserves for illegal immigration? Saying that, I believe the greatest overall culpability belongs to the mainstream news media, which shares Obama’s immigration agenda and provides the need political cover he requires by keeping the voters of the country from hearing the the kind of debate that might cause those voters to deliver a political reckoning to Obama and the Democrats for what they do. Obama’s old chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, worried that immigration could backfire against the Democrats and his boss, counseling a restraint that made him hated among Democrat pro-illegal immigration activists. Mine you, Emanuel wasn’t acting out of any sense of obligation to enforce the immigration laws of the country as the duties of the President requires. It was all about avoiding political consequences of enabling the illegal immigration that has such long-term benefits for his party.

      The political leanings of the demographics arising out of illegal immigration are fairly well documented; read the Pew surveys on this. In a politically closely divided country, illegal immigration will likely deliver the margin of power to the Democrats. Nothing matters more to that party, because with that power comes the ability to do whatever else they want in other policy arenas. It would be interesting to have the country hear a debate about a party gaining power by way of changing the people in it through the encouragement of violation of our laws. The news media will never allow it.

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        arnlof sweigeir on

        I keep on repeating this to everybody…. We have a broken system… requires the above avg person to understand this

        ..GO JOHN!?? Finally somebody that understands…..!!?People like u and I build this country
        …the rest always followed!!!

    • avatar
      arnlof sweigeir on

      In English as per your feedback… Therefore too for our country
      ..but pur children….but they r only 3% of the population…should I need to ex