Crisis on the Border: Is There an End Game?

The national media have finally begun to pay attention to the latest immigration crisis on our border, but only because it has become impossible to ignore any longer. For at least two weeks, the “mainstream” media buried the story of children and their parents storming across the Texas-Mexico border, lest anything disturb the drumbeat for comprehensive amnesty in Congress.  Most coverage was confined to regional outlets and e-zines like Breitbart (Fox News being the exception).

Indeed this border crisis –the result of a feckless administration unwilling to enforce our immigration laws – has led to an inconvenient disruption in the “mainstream” media blitz to cow, intimidate and spin those in Congress trying to block the House leadership’s shadowy plans to pass some sort of bogus “immigration reform” law.

Once the President himself spoke out on the crisis – a move compelled by the virtual collapse of border security – outlets like CNN, Reuters and the Associated Press began to move national stories. Here’s the lesson: non-citizens all over the world – millions, if not billions of them – pay very close attention to U.S. immigration policies. They understand the truth about America’s border collapse – far better than the American people since they’ve been cajoled and lied to for the past several years.

We refuse to learn from past mistakes. In the late 1990s, smugglers used young children to help illegal immigrants avoid detection. The child would be returned to the smuggler for use with another group shortly thereafter.  Today we see small children arriving alone – sent by relatives in the hopes relatives already here in the U.S. will come and get them.

This process is entirely predictable: if you tell the world that only hardened felons will be deported, you are telling the world that any risk is worth the trip to get your family into the United States. The question we should all be asking this administration?  What is the end game?  Where does it end?

Below is a video of my appearance on Fox News yesterday.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    joella corder on

    Again and again as the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months and the months into years: the politicians, lobbyists and Razaunida line their pockets with silver and turn America’s cities and neighborhoods into a Third world environment as America’s politicians allow Mexico to clean house!! The Mexican government is not sending their country’s best, they are eliminating the overpopulated and overwhelmed minority members of their society.
    Their goal is to get to America where all of those babies make money for these illegal aliens, and who pays the ticket? America’s middle class. Wake up and stand up for this nation.

    I have posted these thoughts many times on this very site and every time I receive positive input, so I will do so again.
    The majority of Americans spend their days convincing themselves that all is well in this great nation. Not so!
    America is in Her death throes and the most dangerous weapon is apathy!

    Amnesty will not produce a new breed of American patriots from the illegal alien masses. These people have no desire to become citizens of our country for they are acutely aware that this process will require them and their myriad satellite families to be responsible for their own welfare. Their existence in this country will radically change from that of parasitic to one of autonomy. This method was attempted years ago and failed for these very reasons.

    The consensus of the American people is that we have tired of Razaunida and other hispanic crusaders lobbying in Congress. The proof of this statement is manifested in the increasing mantra which is pervading from state to state: Representation of Americans in Washington, not illegal aliens!
    These radical groups have but one goal and that is to incite chaos and violence within our communities. Neighbors against neighbors and friends against friends.
    Sadly, thus far they are succeeding.

    The illegal aliens brag that Americans will not work the jobs that they are willing to do. Americans will work! We, however, cannot work for the wages that the illegal aliens accept for we do not get a free ride in our own country nor do we expect it! We pay income taxes; social security; healthcare; education and provide food for our families. The illegals can work for a mere pittance for they enjoy all of our freedoms without paying a dime!

    Razaunida rants that the illegal aliens are subjected to pathetic living environments and poor wages. They neglect to state the obvious: these people are not forced to cross our borders illegally, they make this decision on their own volition with complete knowledge of the ramifications.

    As for our nation’s future: we are dependent upon a media which has been held hostage by radicals whose only goal is to create a united Mexican race. One must question: if these members are so determined to create this society, why will they not return to their country of origin and alter the path of destiny within Mexico’s borders?

    Solutions are relatively accessible:
    * America’s most sensible immigration policy is to enforce our laws and cooperate with state and local governments in that enforcement.
    * Circumvent the problems encountered with the original Bracero Program. This idea proved to be an efficient, although naturally not ideal, economic incentive for many years for both America and for Mexico.

    America continues to be the home of the brave, and we must not back down. We cannot allow Mexico to continue to control our future.
    Although my original text was written when Arizona was daring to fight for our country, the course of action for this nation remains the same:
    We must not allow Arizona’s courageous first line of defense against the illegal alien crisis to remain America’s only line of defense!

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    Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

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    Jane Manetti on

    This is another reason why we need our armed forces on our southern boarder (and allow them to use force!). Until we show force and resolve to our southern neighbors and act like sovereign nation that we are, we will never be able to keep this mass migration in check. With all the “freebies” that these “illegals” receive in the USA, why wouldn’t they come!! How are these people who are supposed to be so poverty stricken manage to put together the funds to get coyotes to take them and their children across the border? Is it the funds sent by illegals already here or is it drug money? They all know that once they cross the boarder, the chances for deportation are nil! So don’t allow them to cross the border. Enough is enough!!!
    Also, let’s stop going south for vacation. Hurt them in the pocketbook. Maybe then, they themselves “might” take action!

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      The US is too busy protecting the borders of Iraq and Afganistan to give a rip about the southern border. The current child invasion is a total scam and deliberate. The objective is to crush the border with huge numbers which are unmangeable, overwhelm enforcement, create chaois while claiming “its the children” and “racist” slogans.

      It is deliberate and well planned. Americans decided in the 1960’s to stabilize population growth by limiting families to two children each. They did not anticipate that Third World countries, who’s religious beliefs prohibit birth control and produce 5 to 7 children they could not afford to feed would push them North for others to pay.

      If you think that 60,000 unassisted children could travel 1,500 miles to arrive at the fence in clean clothes and well fed, you also probaly believe in all the rest of the AA White House spin. Illegal motto, “Trash one country and move onto the next”. If the parents of the children and their own countries don’t care about them, why should you?

      If you take the 1 million immigrates who arrive legallly per year for the past 12 years and add another 1 million immigrates who arrive illegally per year, you get 24 million immigrants. The average from founding of the US until 1990 has been about 250,000 per year. The US is being over-loaded and there is not enough resources to go around. The average US immigrant receives about $9 billion in benefits minus $3 billion in taxes leaves a deficit of $6 billion. Who pays? The local County property owners get stuck with the bill.

      “Smile in your face, while all the time want to take your place, the Back Stabbers”, Temptations (1968).

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    Barbara Griffith on

    I read somewhere last week that US Embassy staff in these South American countries were out spreading the word to come to the US and be given amnesty. It didn’t say how long the Embassies had been doing that. Remember when the USDA was telling people in Mexico how they could get foods stamps? Well it looks like it all worked. Obama needs to be impeached if there ever was a sitting president that needed that done to them this one does.

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    Any American that is in their right mind knew this was going to happen! These million of children and women are invading America because they had been told to do so, actually this is another one of illegal aliens schemes and scams of our America! They are using their children to help push Obama and congress promise amnesty!! that right they were told by word of mouth to get to America and get on the bandwagon to our American presidents promise amnesty! Illegal aliens have always use their children to get their way in America, they tend to ride on the backs of their children, this and all of what they do in America is and has been for years now ignored by our American politicians. They know that when it comes to children, our politicians tend to be strongly lenient, and have terrible strong compassion! millions of illegal alien children tend to strongly get in the way of this massive illegal immigration in America. because of millions of illegal children America no longer have laws! All of this this shows that illegal aliens and all of their advocates are actually running America for their own purpose… Americans are being terribly force to endure in all of illegal aliens wrongdoings. Just look how corrupted America is now, millions of illegal aliens are allow to have jobs in America, at the same time there are millions of jobless Americans! What is this saying about our American president and congress?????? Those million of working illegal aliens are more trustworthy to work in our American jobs in America on all of their illegal status, with no background checks at all, when at the same time Americans are required to have background checks before they are hired! Our president and congress refuse to stop birthrights to illegal alien children, regardless this is being terribly taken advantage of, this is giving their children at birth automatic citizenship, just helping them selves to over populate them selves in America, they seemed be doing a good job, this is also part of their scheme and scam of America. Lets face it, any kind of amnesty or legalization for millions of illegal aliens will only bring more illegal aliens to America, this is also because America has this big welcome mat at the borders, a big wide floodgate just left wide open, and because we have no politicians who want to say no to them, who will not force them to abide our American laws!!!!

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    Our answer has always been there and it is ignored by Congress.

    “In the first place, We should insist that if the immigrant Who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
    Words of: Theodore Roosevelt

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    Amazing how quiet the mainstream media has been on this invasion. The only site I have seen which has reported in is Drudge Report and nowhere else. Neither the government nor the media will provide any information as to how much it is costing taxpayers and who are the taxpayers who pay. The Feds only pay for food stamps, everything else is dumped onto the backs of local County property owners.

    The reason posted by the media for the invasion are drugs and gang violence. While that may be included, the main driver is over-population in countries which oppose birth control due to religious reasons who then breed like flies knowing they can’t feed them all. After they ship all these children to the United States, the same countries refuse to take them back leaving them “stateless” in holding cells at American taxpayer expense. This flood did not travel unassisted and is no accident.

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    This is Cloward-Piven, which seeks to overload the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands. Obama orchestrated this crisis by flooding our border with needy people in order to cause chaos, and economic collapse. Think about the many other impossible tasks, like Obamacare, the VA, IRS, which is taking up huge chunks of time trying to sort out. All the while filling the DOJ with like-minded people, who flout our laws. Filling courts with like-minded judges.

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    The MSM is the real culprit in all this, endlessly spinning the immigration narrative. Why? Do too few people own too much of all the media outlets, as in 99% of the media??? Or, are they beholden to their corporate sponsors that much, where their editors are pressured by, for example, Rupert Murdoch, who is a staunch IR advocate? Fox News has had very little coverage on the issue, unlike as in the past. Both influential Hannity and O’Rielly have “come around” in their words in the last 2 years on this issue. Why? CNN has just avoided the on air story all together, with the exception, a “documentary” of the plight of the poor migrant worker. Why?

    The print and online media is flat out blatant in their advocacy. Wapo, Huff Post, Politico, ABC News, CBS, NBC News, NYT, WSJ, The Hill, CNN, AP, The Republic, Slate, Reuters, etc…..all of them, with as many as 10-20 stories a day of pure spin, and pushing of their sponsored push poll results. If the media reported (and not editorialized) just the bare facts on this story, I believe the progressives on the left would NOT, could NOT be in favor of IR. They couldn’t be because it goes against their core protected issues of caring for the working labor class, protecting the environment and being against corporate interests of unlimited supply of immigrant cheap labor. Instead they accept, even promote the idea that it is somehow discriminatory to be against IR. In fact, it is racist.

    Now, the “spin” is the “humanitarian” crisis at the border, and that these poor kids need our help, rather than connecting the dots and placing the blame squarely where it belongs on this administrations immigration policies.

    Also, they are trying as hard as they can to spin the narrative of Cantor’s overwhelming defeat. Of course, it wasn’t D/T immigration, it was something else….but, Romney’s loss was due to immigration, right?

    It is exhausting fighting this issue and I put the blame squarely on the media as the number 1 reason. They are just flat out derelict. I am not a “nut-bag” Tea Partier, by the way, as they like to accuse. I used to be a life-long Democrat.

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    This idiotic Liar of the Year,Obama, has asked for about $1 1/2 BILLIONl dollars to assist these illegal aliens. He should ask for this money to send ALL these illegel aliens back to their own country but he won’t. Instead he is screwing American workers of funds that could be used to help create jobs and assist our economy. The only right these illegals have is the right to be deported and we should embrace that right immediately.

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      No more money, NOT any help to illegals, force go back, but that be will a smoke evidence for destroy all Dems.

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      Norman Dyche on

      It is so hard to understand how Central America with a 5th to 7th grade education, can outsmart our officials and country. They pour into our country like we called for them to come. no message, sent south that All will be returned. We always had pretty good immigration rules and people came from around the world. It was more balanced. Now they come in Illegally and ignore any rules. And we accept them When is a message going to go to all Latin American countries;, This will stop!!

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    Again, this is all a result of a broken “system” of MASSIVE LEGAL CHAIN MIGRATION. All this is thanks to the 1965 INA. The media, of course, has completely and utterly ignored this fact.

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      The media, from what I see, is their main source of encouragement. Every rumor, every thing that the ca benefit from, they are informed. (” Put the shucks on the AMERICANOS, they have so much, we have so leetoll.”)

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    DIana Reichardt on

    May be the citizens of this country need to start watching the borders. Obama needs to get in gear and resolve this!!! I don’t mean amnesty, I mean send these people back to Mexico. It is hard enough to get a job and because of all the unemployed, companies don’t want to pay nothing!! It is time to put an end to it.

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    This is what we are getting since Obama has made it known that he is laxing the border security so they don’t get deportted. MY GOD, when will someone stop this man. He is going to make a 3rd World Country out of America and he is trying to do it in the 2 years he has left. We can not wait for the Presidential election. We HAVE to take back control of the Senate to stop him. Harry Reid is so senile he needs to be forced to retire. ARE YOU LISTENING NEVADA. If something isn’t don SOON we are lost. These poeple need to be sent back to their parents, we CAN NOT take care of them. Our Veterans and children here need to come first…….PERIOD. This president does not care about the American people. VOTE THIS NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have got to stop him.

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    It ends when Republicans totally surrender on defending our sovereignty. Then democrats will build on what is now the new baseline.

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    Open Border MSM

    Won’t admit the following:

    1. A MASS bunch of helpless foreign minors were dumped into America so their parents can perhaps get amnesty

    2. The Mexican Drug Cartel has already infiltrated into Texas and California and other American states.

    3. The legal American college graduates generally can’t find jobs either.

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    It is plain and simple. Round up everyone here illegally, and ship them all back to where they came from. No exceptions. If you want to come here, do it legally like so many before. Until then, Stay the hell where you are. We don’t want you here. No more special treatment. No more programs to give them free education while our college students pay off tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. We should be charging these illegals triple since we charge out of state college students so much. Stop handing out freebies to them and prosecute them for trespassing and maybe they won’t like the idea of coming here so much.

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      I agree with you 100%. I have no problem with people moving here from other countries but we are on our way down already and we CANNOT TAKE CARE OF EVERYONE. I say send them all packing and I am sorry there are kids involved here. We have kids suffering in this country and it’s about time we started taking care of our own first and foremost.

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    Chuck Schumer was on Meet The Press a few months ago repeating the lie about “record” deportations when he knows it’s not true. He also said that if we didn’t trust this president on enforcement we could pass “reform” now and delay implementation until a new president takes over.

    Well, you can’t trust this administration on enforcement, not when the director of the White House Domestic Policy Council is Cecilia Munoz, a former high official at La Raza. There is no enforcement measure that La Raza has not attempted to undermine. The fox guards the hen house. One wonders also why La Raza supports more work visas. Since there is no right to come here and work, obviously they care more about those in foreign countries than American workers who have to accept lower wages when facing a wave of imported labor. Or is La Raza just doing the bidding of their numerous corporate sponsors.

    As far as Schumer, he and Harry Reid have both met with the heads of Indian IT companies and told then they will push for more visas for their workers. Hard to figure out how this would help either American workers or even American IT companies. It’s not only fair to ask why would we trust this president on enforcement, but why should we trust a con artist like Schumer, who was a leader in the House for the 1986 amnesty. How’s that enforcement promise from back then working out, Chuck?

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    PLEASE, everyone write your Congressmen and try to stop this invasion. That’s what it is—an invasion by opportunists. We need to do something about it and busing them to our cities is not the answer. They need to be sent home.

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      Jim in Virginia on

      I agree, I have been writing my congressman for months now. If this isn’t stopped now, we are finished. It is way past time for tough measures on Obama. This crisis is of his making. He has failed his oath of office to ensure all laws are faithfully executed. He has forfeited his right to finish out his term. Congress must take bold steps, if they don’t, it won’t matter anymore. I for one will never vote again. Once we have lost our country, who gives a damn who runs a third world country, like our will be!

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      This nation is being led by fools. This country needs to return to system used in the beginning. THEY COME THOUGH TREASUR SLAND, THEY MUST HAVE A SPONSER AND MUST GET A JOB RIGHT AWAY . IF NOT THEY MUST GO BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM. ALSO HERE WE SPEAK ENGLISH HERE.

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      Yes, and send a copy of it to the Obama Administration with a note letting them know they are doing a horrible job regarding – protection of the border. I’m not much for “conspiracy theories ” but from what I have picked up from various publications and some new sources – it is coming from some type of network. The President may look no further than his backdoor. An investigation? The pen is mighty than the sword!
      Congress has just approved 1.2 billion dollars to handle this crisis – cut off the money – (only an increase for Border Control.)

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        Governor Brewer had written a letter to the President telling him to stop dumping children in Arizona. Retired border patrol whistle-blowers claim they had orders directly from the White House Administration to let them enter claiming many American’s are too humane to turn against children. How did those children get here from Central and South America? We all know they certainly didn’t walk by themselves nor were most of them old enough to know any difference between the US and their home country. The retired BP agents claim they were flown to Mexican. Very plausible as this POTUS stops at nothing to get his way and push his radical agenda forward.

        Just how much more damage does this POTUS have to do before the public sees it is not Congress but the Administration. His standard response to everything is placing blame elsewhere for all his illegal activities?


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          The time for scrapping the Posse Comitatus Act is long overdue. Arm the military. Post the soldiers on the border with orders to stop the invasion
          with whatever means necessary.