Photos of Border Crisis Show How U.S. Border Patrol is Overwhelmed

Last week, published leaked photos from warehouses and processing facilities where illegal aliens are being housed during this growing crisis at the U.S. border. The photos demonstrate how U.S. Customs and Border Patrol resources and facilities are overwhelmed from the influx of illegal crossings in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Once apprehended, the illegal aliens are sent to Nogales, Arizona, for processing and medical examinations. reports that the Nogales processing facility is also overrun. Women, children and teenagers −primarily from Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvadore –are housed in chain link cells inside warehouses. Blankets are scarce, children are rotated through four showers and outside vendors have been contracted by Border Patrol to provide hot meals. Additionally, extra refrigerators and freezers, showers and portable toilets were brought in, and FEMA plans to transport leftover trailers from the 2005 Hurricane Katrina for extra shelter. The federal government is also opening a third processing facility at Fort Sill Army Post in Lawton, Oklahoma, in addition to locations in Ventura, California, and San Antonio, Texas.

In the past eight months, more than 47,000 illegal alien minors have illegally entered the U.S. Under the Obama Administration, they have steadily increased as word has spread about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and official policies to not enforce U.S. immigration laws. According to NBC News:

In previous years, 6,000 to 8,000 children a year crossed the border without an adult or guardian. But the numbers jumped in 2011 to about 13,525, then to 25,000 in 2012 and about 47,000 in 2013. This year they were expected to number 60,000 but may be as much as 90,000.

Those estimates continue to rise. A draft memo leaked from the Border Patrol projects that in 2015 as many as 142,000 unaccompanied minors could cross the border.

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    I am really sick of this administration not following and obeying our immigration laws.
    You get more of these illegal immigrants and they will be taking the jobs that should go to
    the Americans that are out of work.
    All they want these illegal immigrants for is cheap labor and to make them dumocrats so that
    the democratic party will stay in power forever.
    Do you really want the dumocrats to stay in power forever. They are not your friends. They want to control everything. They are also known as the tax and spend party.

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    Virginia Spiller on

    This issue has gone on far too long. Obama has gotten away with things that the other politicians should have taken a stand against. What is the deal? When our elected officials fail to uphold the constitution and bow down to Obama, it is time for a change, such as limited terms, without benefits. Obama should have been impeached a long time ago, but it seems none of the other politicians had “the guts” to enforce our laws. I recently visited Camp Nelson, where my husband is interned, and wondered what all the veterans would have to say, if they could speak. My feeling is it would be “Is this the country for which I gave my life?” Shame on everyone in Washington for catering to all the illegals and want to cut veteran’s benefits. If it hadn’t been for the veterans, all of you wouldn’t have the soft jobs you hold. There may not have been a Washington D.C. or a United States of America.

    It is said, the illegals will do the work which lazy whites and blacks won’t do. Try cutting their welfare benefits and they will either work or starve. The Bible states “If a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat.” Let’s get back to the teaching of the Bible, the Ten Commandments, which Obama has broken every one, and get our country back the way it once was. HOME OF THE FREE AND LAND OF THE BRAVE!

    There is always talk abut balancing the budget. Think about all the money which is spent on the unlimited services to all the illegals in this country, for which the tax payers are paying the bill. Has there ever been thought given as to how much would be saved if they were sent back to their country? The United States has always been ‘” the savior of the world.” It is time to make THE UNITED STATS OF AMERICA AND THE LEGAL RESIDENTS your first priority.

    Election day is coming up and voters will remember what you have done rather than what you have said. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

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      I like the way you think……………Prove that they are American citizens by providing a REAL birth certificate and a passport, issued by the U.S. before they are given any freebies! Ship them back to wherever they came from (by bus, if possible if not, just herd them back to the border that they crossed illegally) Even if they are almost nine months pregnant with their 8th or 9th child…Even that would be much cheaper than supporting them all of their lives I am not trying to be mean-spirited, I am only trying to be realistic. WE CAN NOT SUPPORT THE WHOLE WORLD, as many, many, people think.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    If you go to television station its located in the Rio Grande valley of TX and read through the news articles there is a lot of illegal aliens that smugglers try to get through. In one article there was a SUV that was speeding through one of the small towns and crashed into a house that was carrying 20 illegal aliens. This is what is happening along the borders of AZ,TX and New Mexico and this goes on around the clock. Some of the retired law enforcement has said that they couldn’t get any help in the 80’s when the borders were being flooded with illegals from Central America just like it is now. The US government is 100 % to blame for all of this. They hide out in DC and don’t know or care what is going on in these states. But they sure do like our tax dollars flowing in.

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    Everyone keeps speaking about ‘securing the borders’, like it’s some mantra politicos need to say after each speech. Critical to realize that more illegals are here in the US due to expired visas than crossing the border. I think the number is 65% compared to 35% on the border. Yet, we never hear about this. Why? And how is securing the borders going to solve this problem? Whatever site you go on on this issue – FAIR, NumbersUSA, etc. – they all say the same thing: the main solution is on enforcement and reduction of benefits of all types to the illegal.

    But there is only 1 proven method to solve this very serious problem: We need to impose and strictly enforce severe penalties to ANYONE who hires illegals (knowingly or not) – all businesses, including all restaurants and yes, this includes all personal households with illegal nannies, gardeners, au pairs, etc. American workers must come first.

    There is no question that we must address the fact that crops will not be picked by Americans for $10-15 per hour. Yet this is not due to laziness – the illegals who make this amount send it all home and do not spend it in the US. Therefore, they are making 20-30 times this figure – the minimum wage in Mexico is $4 – not per hour – PER DAY.

    Imagine walking past a fast food place and the Now Hiring sign says $200 dollars per hour – that is precisely the equivalent salary illegals are making from various parts of Mexico. And most other countries are even higher – like China for example where the equivalent dollar amount would be $400 per hour.

    These are accurate figures so when people tell you illegals are making 10-15 per hour it’s vital to multiply this amount by 20-40. That is the only reason why we are flooded by illegals. They don’t come here to vote. The American Dream is only about money.

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      THANK YOU!! That is the answer in a nut shell. Make the punishment for hiring illegals so severe as to stop these lawless business’s from destroying their own communities, OUR communities by breaking the law they, now, do not fear.
      Make them afraid to break the law because they sure don’t have the moral foundation or fortitude to do it otherwise.

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      First, the American Dream is dead for 90% of the U>S> citizens. So the dreamers will only be able to join the rest of us- 2nd class citizens.

      It has to cost an average of $50000-$250,000 a year to take care of each of these families -depending on how many are in the family, how many need to be educated and how much healthcare they will need.
      That does not include the cost of the crimes and the criminal system that figures in. Or the money sent back home?
      It is time for the government to stand up for the citizens and enforce the laws on the books including jail time for anyone who fails to use e-verify
      Other than the Dreamers, the U.S. should declare no others who are illegal in this country (whether it is Visa overstays or otherwise) will ever have any option other than being illegal.
      Write to your Congress person and send a copy to the White House. Let them know that turning a blind eye is not acceptable, is very unfair.
      What else can we do? Our little contributions to a political party are meaningless – but how about staying home from the polls – unless we have a candidate -who will stand up for the citzens..
      And, trash the Bush – Gang of 8 Bill. Just a simple bill that will clarify the laws on the books – and Border Patrol,and National Guard to be certain they are followed.

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    Our politicians continue to invite illegal immigrants, write Bills favoring illegal immigrants, or just look the other way, and do nothing. They let our Borders remain porous. Our Country is being bankrupted, with zero concern for another 9/11. I guess many figure that 9/11’s are the cost of doing business in America. Most of our politicians, but not all, care about one thing, and that’s cheap labor. We are rapidly being invaded, with zero protection from our Government. They have sold their Country and are giving away our American jobs. Check out NumbersUSA if you want to see where your politicians stand on Illegal Immigration. Click on “Congress”. Click on “Immigration Grade Card”, the STATE in the U.S. you are interested in checking out, and “Candidate Comparison”. Maybe you can make a difference when you vote.

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    What would Canada do if we sent all of these illegal border crossers to our northern border?

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      Not to Canada simple why, Canada have not a open border are enforce all law, but a crazy [****] doing all opposite, now are to simple force across a border back. [post edited for content]

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    We need to speak with the head, not the heart. There is absolutely nothing to deter these individuals from entering the USA and the ones who are sending them are the parents who will follow. We absolutely are on a downward spiral in this country unless we quickly seal the borders. The numbers entering the US is at an all time high, increased by a government which has no clue or could care less. The US takes in more immigrants via the legal route than any other country, and combined with the massive illegal numbers assimilating these individuals into our society is just not possible. Further approximately 99 percent of these illegals require some type of assistance, and at a time when our own people cannot find work and are in dire straits.

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    To me, an invasion means war. This has been going on for thirty years, yet this country is so busy defending the borders of foreign nations, it can’t be bothered to protect its own. We need the military on the border, which is permissible in times of war. We can also employ the National Guard and the BP, directly on the border, not ten miles back. The billion plus dollars Obama wants to make sure the “kids” are given lawyers, among other goodies, would build the kind of fence we need – double, concertina wire, and patrolled by military posted every few miles. It’s high time that we took care of our own country and let the world know they can do the same. And, yes, I would round up the millions of illegal aliens and send them home. No one has said why we can’t. Mexico and other countries are much closer than the moon and we managed that.

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    Thomas Porter on

    It’s obvious that we need to end ALL immigration to the U.S. and get rid of those rotten, scam “refugee” and “asylum” programs!
    Our immigration laws are , “The law of the land” just like “Obamacare.”

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    The influx of illegals must be stop, or soon we will not be able to control immigration at all!I might sound a little harsh, but ALL these illegal alien must be return to their countries and, I would recommend that those countries where the illegals come from be charged for the costs of processing, feeding, treating and transporting their people. Somehow, somewhere those countries involved failed to control the outflow of their citizens, hence they must pay for their failure!

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      Thomas Porter on

      If it gets that bad we’re going to have to go to guns!
      It’s like our government doesn’t exist anymore!

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    They have a major birth rate problem, as you can see in the recent photo. A President with a good sense of leadership would not involve himself in other countries problems with their people. President Obama was sworn on oath to do what for the American people? He was sworn on oath to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States to the best of his ability. But on the contrary, he is defending the Mexican and Central American Nationals’ to the most bizarre extent of his ability.

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    Mexico and South America must be starting to feel that they are losing citizens. Maybe we should move there and be illegal aliens. Do they have food, housing and schooling for illegals? Tit for tat you know. Nothing here for their discards if equality is not offered to us.

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    A lot of them are not really that young. In their home countries most would already be working full time.