America Dislikes Obama’s Handling of Illegal Immigration

Last week, CNN quietly released a poll revealing that 61% of Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of illegal immigration and only 35% approve.

Most importantly, this is the highest disapproval rating on immigration that President Obama has received in office. While Obama is issuing warnings and deadlines to Congress, fewer and fewer Americans agree with what he’s doing.

61% of Americans disapprove of Obama on illegal ImmigrationUnlike the recent push polls funded by pro-amnesty groups, this CNN/ORC International Poll asked straightforward questions on how Americans perceive President Obama’s job performance.

As noted in this week’s Legislative Update, immigration had one of the lowest approval ratings out of all the issues covered in the poll:

In this latest poll, the President’s overall approval rating was 43%, well above his 35% approval rating on illegal immigration. While he did not receive majority approval for his handling of any of the twelve particular policy areas surveyed, his handling of illegal immigration ranked almost last, with only two issues receiving lower approval ratings. Not only that, but his approval rating on the issue of illegal immigration appears to be falling: this poll showed his lowest approval rating on illegal immigration that CNN reports finding since 2009.

When the poll was broken down by demographics, the only groups approving of Obama’s immigration actions were those who identified as Democrats (60% approved) and liberals (57% approved).

Even younger Americans have negative views of President Obama on this issue.

All ages disapprove of Obama on illegal immigration

While adults in the Northwest have the highest approval rate of Obama’s immigration policies, he is still under water in that region as well as the rest of the country.

Every region of the country disapproves of Obama on illegal immigration


Despite the millions being spent by the agriculture and tech lobbies, urban, suburban and rural dwellers all disapprove. In fact, those living in rural communities have the highest disapproval rate.


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    Katherine Pelaccio on

    How is it right to reward BREAKING the law with free medical care , food stamps, education, housing, a job and ultimately citizenship??? If you enter Mexico or any other country illegally it’s JAIL time and or you get deported!!! In our wonderful country you get punished if you try to stop these people from entering our country illegally and we reward the lawbreakers! so, why wouldn’t they want to jump the boarder? Our wonderful government makes it as appealing as possible for them. They should be stopped and deported. We should be making it as undesirable as possible for them to enter this country illegally. Their anchor babies should not be granted citizenship either. A baby should have at least one parent who actually is an American citizen before they can be granted citizenship. The same rules should apply to SOUTH AMERICANS and to MEXICANS as to anyone else. How is any of this fair to those who legally apply for citizenship, They have come here illegally in droves and have been rewarded. It is hard enough for me and many other American citizens to find work, so, yes, it burns me up to see so many ILLEGAL ALIENS holding jobs and getting preferential treatment, and GOD forbid you call them illegal.I don’t believe that our government has any intention of securing our borders. If they did they would have already and they wouldn’t be penalizing our law enforcement for stopping/catching these illegals and trying to send them back.

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    And we are waiting for someone to do something about it. We are tired of our government aiding and abetting illegal immigrants and We the taxpayers have to support them. We are done.

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    In other words, 40% of Democrats and 43% of liberals also disapprove of his handling of immigration. I’m one of them, and the Party had better watch out come 2016 if it fails to enforce our immigration laws.

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    The unavoidable conclusion is the unprecedented, but long predicted chaos taking place at the border, is deliberately being orchestrated by President Obama for political purposes. Isn’t it strange we have heard no strong statement issued by this President declaring that foreigners, including juveniles, who illegally enter the U.S. will NOT GET TO STAY HERE PERMANENTLY? Saying that would reverberate back to the homelands of these illegal entrants, especially back to the populace of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico. Why isn’t our State Department and our embassy in Mexico City in urgent consultation with the Mexican government about ending their accommodating role in this border chaos? I believe Mr. Obama’s motivation is quite clear. He wants to create a crisis situation at the border where he can ‘act alone’ and take ‘decisive action’ . His decisive action will be to hand down a general ‘administrative amnesty’ that will totally rewrite or override existing federal immigration law, specifically the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act a.k.a. The McCarran-Walter Act. The fundamental transformation of America into a socialist banana republic is long term ultimate goal of Mr. Obama. If this goal cannot be reached without shredding our legal system….then too damn bad!

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    We do not reward criminals and that includes ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND TERRORIST. This president is the stupidest president we have had in history. Everything he does undermines Americans. Why has he not been removed yet?

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      Illegal immigrants are no terrorists …….or perhaps some might be like a few citizens of our own have been caught so far……….Pam u r out of touch with reality…………..I SEE NO ILLEGALS ON THE US MAIN STREETS ASKING FOR MONEY NO MEXICAN….BUT WHITES AND AFRICAN AMERICANS …HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT? WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?………..Pam u r out of touch with reality…

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    Reading the actual poll, large percentages of independents [67%] and those identifying as moderates [58%] also gave negative ratings. Even Democrats and liberals had fairly large percentages who were negative. What this poll clearly shows is that the effort to portray opposition to illegal immigration as primarily older conservative Republicans is another press invention.

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    Charles Peyton on

    I ask but one thing of this administration and that is to either resign office are do you your damn job. Allow those that have a job to do go to work and do it

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    michael S Little on

    Absolutely no amnesty deport all illegals back to their country and then let them apply legally. Also their children that were born here no automatic citizenship for them either! !!!!!!

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    Interesting I saw many other polls that actually says the opposite……SO to clear this up…let’s put the Bill for a vote and we will see.