Rand Paul “Trapped” by His Own Willful Ignorance

Rand Paul, who the day after Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat to anti-amnesty candidate Dave Brat, appeared with open-borders acolyte Grover Norquist to promote both amnesty and major increases in legal immigration, said:

[Republicans have] been somewhat trapped by rhetoric and words and amnesty is a word that’s trapped us….We’re trapped in a word that means different things to different people. … I really think that some of it is we’re trapped in this rhetoric and we have to get beyond that.

Paul is right in that amnesty means one thing to those in D.C. who are trying to disguise their intentions to enact a blanket amnesty for illegal aliens and something else to the rest of the literate public. The illegal aliens who are surging over the southern U.S. border certainly understand the unambiguous meaning of the term.

“Amnesty has “trapped” Paul and his colleagues because they fail to grasp the meaning of other words, such as structural unemployment, corporate welfare, and vanishing middle class. “Rule of law” also is a term that seems to give them trouble. So says Paul:

To some “rule of law” conservatives, [amnesty]is a swear word. To other conservatives, putting millions of illegal immigrants on the road to legal status and eventually to citizenship is realistic politically and fair for people who flee warlords, drug lords and dysfunctional economies abroad to find work in the U.S.

If Rand Paul thinks it’s a good idea to pass an amnesty to legalize the status of 12 million or so illegal aliens, why won’t he make his case on its merits instead of indulging in obfuscation and subterfuge?

Paul Ryan, among others (including soon-to-be former House Majority leader Eric Cantor), has tried this shtick before. No matter how Paul, Ryan, et. al., try to redefine the meaning of amnesty, they can’t convince the American people that rewarding illegal aliens by passing legislation that allows them to remain in the United States is anything other than amnesty. You see, Americans, unlike Rand Paul apparently, understand that if they want to learn what a word means they can open a dictionary and find out.

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    Or, just look at the 1986 amnesty, which was clearly labeled as such, and see that the Senate bill and other proposals from Republicans mere its provisions, basically a promise of enforcement AFTER the amnesty is given.

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    More BS. NO amnesty of any kind should be permitted. Round ’em up and drop them across the southern border from where they came. Not your or my problem to take care of all the world’s woes. Life ain’t fair, but we have many immigrants that came here after formal submission of required documentation and they waited it out for their opportunity to become an American resident/citizen. What part of ILLEGAL is so damn complicated that others can’t grasp the reality. They are criminal trespassers and should be dealt with humanely, but swiftly booted back to whence they came.

    Too many extremist/radical/muslims among these throngs of pests. Only other recourse is full out, aggressive employment of lethal force. The universal language should be held in reserve, but damn sure is a viable option to reinforce the point that sneaking in can/will get you killed. America has grown so dysfunctionally weak that those in power would rather kill American’s than use such violent, yet most persuasive means on foreigners. Bad PR image…wrong…WEAKLING COWARDICE is the face of adversity. STOP THE FLOW by any and all means available and necessary. Once we get our house straight, then maybe we can be more altruistic once again as long as what good we attempt to do is exercised with wisdom not currently found or available in the powers that currently hold the reins.

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    cynthia curran on

    Well, it not only liberals most of those opposed to legalization simple want the status quo. Lots of illegal immirgants worked in Texas because construction firms hire them but no system in Texas even when Bush was presidnet eas created to fine companies. A lot of the right plays ball as well. In fact Cruz wanted a guest worker program just like Rand Paul but the Tea Party opposed it but they are stupid since their model of economics is not Utah but Texas which is the second worst in illegal immigrants granted Mormons are lenient but that state still has about 1.5 million less than Texas.

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    They’ve listened to Obummer lie so much, they don’t know the truth any more. Thad included, but hopefully we are going to get rid if him.

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    there should be no kind of amnesty. Illegal means they are criminals, therefore they should be arrested and shipped back to their own countries where they belong and let their own governments take care of them. The American tax payer should never be forced to take care of them. Any politician wanting to legalize them should be voted out of office and shipped across the border with them.

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    Anyone that supports rewarding criminal illegals needs to voted out and kept out of politics. That 11 + million number they keep claiming has and will continue to escalate by millions. They are a burden America can’t afford to allow. They need to all be deported back to their home countries not bussed all over and released. It’s time to clean house on amnesty supporters no matter what their party affiliation is.

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    This is the one thing I do not agree with on with Rand Paul. Illegal is ILLEGAL………….get it? Taxpayers are damm tired of paying out their tax dollars to people that think they deserve it and demand it. THAT does not float with US CITIZENS. Go to the back of the line like everyone else has done and wait your turn. You have to go back to your own country to do that. If they come here LEGALLY we can accept that as long as it is done legally with NO loopholes or fast tracking.
    This government needs to learn when the majority of Americans say NO we mean it. And we don’t believe it isn’t the majority that are saying NO!!! This would devastate our Country and I guess Rand Paul isn’t as smart as I thought he was if he thinks otherwise. I may have to change my mind on my vote for 2016 if he runs.

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    Charlotte Woods on

    How about the Son Of Sam law? A criminal can’t profit from their crime. By giving the criminal invaders amnesty, they are profiting from their crime. We can not allow that.

    As another point, children of invaders can not automatically become citizens.

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    Wanda Thornton on

    There has always been an avenue to become citizens. There are so many immigrants that make up the U.S.A. that they all followed the legal path without short cuts. Why change what has been in place for so long? This is actually unfair to the ones that left their life behind to start new here and actually followed the legal path.

    Mr. Paul Ryan is a good man and this is a attempt to minus his character. I wonder where your character stands?

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    Peggy Clements on

    Rand Paul, what part of NO AMNESTY do you not understand?? There are few jobs for the US citizens, those were shipped south and other countries. The idea that they can take the jobs no one else wants is a joke. Even the government gives the good paying jobs to illegals while our people stand in the unemployment line. As far as escaping war and dysfunctional economies of their countries, they just bring their drug’s and murderer’s with them. We have to kiss their ***, allow them to fly their flag above the US flag, or better yet, we are not allowed the display our flag at all. (we might hurt someones feelings) I guess the US citizens are fed up,that illegal immigrants waltz in and take benefits that are meant for US citizens.
    WE ARE NOT THE BIG BROTHER OF THE WORLD!! We cannot afford to keep fighting wars in other countries while our own country is being over run with illegal terrorists crossing the borders and invading the country.
    This hair brained idea of letting already trained US citizens go and then bringing all those illegal law breakers into the military is too much! What is obama trying to do, build his own army, to help him take over the country? Stop that future Hitler from taking over dictatorship, and stop letting him trash the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    You were elected to fight for US citizens, not every one else but…
    Secure the border and enforce all the laws already on the books, send the illegals out of the country, then start immigration with the laws that allow only as many as can be absorbed into the economy.
    I realize this has been rambling , but I along with a lot of other citizens are angry that this county has been taken over without a fight, with the blessing of the government.

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    Rand Paul has lost my support because of his now stance on illegals. Here is what needs to be done.

    First we need to stop the illegal entry. Second we need to stop this amnesty with the illegals already here. Our government’s lack of response as well as free goodies is part of the reason they keep coming and staying. Many have been here for many years and even brought illegal children with them, but they knew when they came they were breaking our laws. I propose the following.

    Require all employers to run legal resident checks on all employees and new hires as of a certain date. Make it an automatic 10,000 dollar fine for each illegal hire for anyone who hires an illegal or helps one in any way. Give every illegal 30 days to leave the US on their own or serve an automatic 5 year prison term and lose all possessions then deported.

    Our government holds a great deal of responsibility for them coming here and letting them stay so long. So If there are those who want to stay and they have no criminal convictions including juvenile, offer them the possibility of registering like a sex offender, although not as one, for the rest of their life.

    They should have to register once a year or within 72 hours of any change of address and pay a 1000 dollar processing fee each time. They should never be allowed to become a citizen, hold any government office, local, state, or federal. Never be allowed to vote or own a weapon of any kind. They should be required to hold a job at all times, carry their own health insurance on themselves and their family and give proof of a retirement plan that will sustain them through old age.

    They should never be allowed to receive any government assistance for any reason. If they are ever arrested and convicted of a felony they would be automatically deported after they serve their sentence. If they violate any of these provisions they would be arrested and deported with no appeals.

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    the people of the United States needs to wise up fast , Paul Rand will say any thing , to get elected when any man csn cuddle up to Crist Christie the way he did will cuddle up to any one bu gtlike most of the rest in D.C. they think the American people are stupid , the only United States Senator that i know that won,t back stab , the people that pays him is Senator Ted Cruz what a great United States president he would be

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    Eric…..Amnesty = an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses.
    “an amnesty for political prisoners” = 1986 IR……total pardon

    It is obvious what we have now it is no amnesty…..so Rand told it like it is….is there something is not really clear to you?

    It is clear to me………..we have a bunch of APES in Congress and the masses who label the current Bill as amnesty when it is not………why?………..because there are requirements to be met……………………

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      Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

      “the masses who label the current Bill as amnesty when it is not………why?………..because there are requirements to be met”

      There is a multitude of English dictionaries, legal dictionaries, legal
      encyclopedias, etc. which say “Amnesty may be limited or conditional” or
      words to that effect. Rand, show me a single reference which says that
      amnesty may NOT be limited or conditional, otherwise it is not amnesty.
      The ONLY people who make that claim are mass legalization supporting
      politicians and special interest groups. By their false definition, not
      a single politician is publicly for amnesty. Not even the Mike Honda, Raul Grijalva, or Lucille Roybal-Allard types who sign letters to Obama essentially demanding zero enforcement of immigration law. Whatever you want to
      call it, e.g., mass legalization, or word games they try to play, the
      fact remains that they favor rewarding illegality which begets even greater disrespect and violation in the future.

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    Rand Paul is a fraud. His new schtick is it’s not amnesty if your secure the border first. Umm, no, Rand, it is still amnesty whether you secure the border first, last, or never.

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    Rand paul you will loose my suport with this ignorance, these people do not flee cartels they bring cartels with them, they do not seek citizenship they seek the country, you had better put down the crack pipe you are smoking and take a real look at these criminals entering our country, mexico has used up 300 time it aloted immigration for the next twenty years, that is why they are not assimilating but invading and turning this country into mexico.

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    Grover Norquist and the Koch brothers are the antithesis of everything liberals claim to believe in. The three of them are so tilted towards the wealthy it’s ridiculous. Anti union, anti workers rights, more tax cuts for the top 2%, gutting environmental laws, you name it, they are for it. Yet somehow, when these guys fund groups and politicians who want to flood the country with more foreign workers at the expense of Americans, liberals, including many of the commentators at MSNBC, suddenly fall all over themselves saying things like what geniuses the Kochs and Norquist are on the subject of immigration.

    You have to be naive or unaware of history not to know that mass immigration is the dream of big business. Bill Marriot is not spending millions to promote it because he wants to raise wages for his hotel workers. It’s beyond dispute, in fact it was proven in court, that meatpacking companies deliberately recruited illegals to break the back of the unions. But keep drinking that koolade all you liberals. They’re laughing behind your back at how gullible you are.

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      You are so correct Leland:

      “You have to be naive or unaware of history not to know that mass immigration is the dream of big business” = The United States of America a great power………….1+1=2 but for you and the rest 5.