Have the Elite in America Lost Touch with Reality?

mariantoinetteAmericans are hurting right now. Some 20 million people are unemployed, or under-employed. Millions more have just given up and dropped out of the labor market. And many who have jobs are losing their grip on the middle class.

Against this backdrop, along comes former investment banker and current CNBC contributor, Carol Roth, with a solution to the “immigration problem” that, by comparison, makes Marie Antoinette seem in touch with the concerns of the average Frenchman, circa 1789.

“The compromise” that will solve the thorny issue of illegal immigration once and for all, according to Roth, “is a new robust jobs program for non-U.S. citizens.” No, she is not suggesting that the governments of other countries create jobs for their citizens in their own countries. What she is advocating is that the U.S. government create a jobs program for non-U.S. citizens here in the United States. And apparently any old jobs program for non-U.S. citizens won’t do. What the U.S. needs is a robust jobs program for foreign citizens who want to work here.

The homepage of Roth’s website aptly poses the question, “Who The $%*@ is Carol Roth?” I think we can answer that question for her.  Carol Roth is the poster girl for an economic and social elite that is $%*@ing out of touch with the concerns and realities of most Americans.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Good point Ira in bringing up the French Revolution, because historical events that have happened in other countries like France can happen here in the United States if things get bad enough. Of course our out of touch elites probably think that since they can hop on a private jet and fly to Switzerland if things get bad here, it doesn’t matter. But the US is the most stabilizing force for good in the world, even if our leaders don’t always make the best foreign policy decisions. If the US goes down the tubes and becomes the next Brazil our short term thinking, self-destructive greedy elites will have to live in a world dominated by China and Russia, a much darker world no matter how much money you have.

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    You want a real cure for illegal immigration? Lets financially punish “our” multinational corporations that are in Latin America, exploiting workers, bribing officials, destroying environments, and dominating the region to make more money. Its US multinationals that created and are continually exacerbating the socioeconomic and sociopolitical situations in these countries that force mass migration in the first place. Also, forgive some if not all of these third world nations debts. Most of these countries can barely pay the interest on this debt. Wall Street forces them to pay these debts with help from the US government. This mean instead of providing social services and job programs their paying wall street still for funds borrowed decades ago. Reforming how US business, Wall Street, & the IMF conduct business with and in these countries should be part of any immigration reform legislation, otherwise your putting bandaids on gunshot wounds.

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    Ira……r u naive? that is always been the case here to the moon……….at any time at all times from the Romans…….etc etc

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    Yesterday on CNN Fareed Zakaria addressed the defeat of Eric Cantor and his guest was…the Finance Minister of Mexico. Surprise surprise, both agreed that more legal immigration was the answer to all our problems and the argument was made that “net migration from Mexico has been zero for several years”, so a secure border was no longer a priority. Of course this totally baseless and speculative argument is made by people who do not want to see a secure border.

    And one of the main groups behind that thinking is the government of Mexico. They want to send more and more of their citizens here so they can have them eventually become voters and support politicians who adopt policies favorable to Mexico. And Mexico also wants their citizens to come here and have families paid for by US taxpayers while the parents send money back to relatives in Mexico. It’s a huge source of income for Mexico and it’s money lost to our local economies

    What we need is enforcement. Self deportation won’t work? How do we know, we’ve never actually tried it. We reward illegal entry, we don’t punish it. Make it uncomfortable for illegals, like Mexico does to illegals there, and they will go home.

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      Self-deportation does work. Census reported a year or so ago that almost a million illegal aliens had left either because they couldn’t find work or because of the state and local laws making it more uncomfortable for them here. Then, there were the illegal aliens who moved to other states for the same reason. Make eVerify mandatory, dry up jobs, and they’ll keep going all the way back to their home countries.

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        That was actually my point. In the few places it’s been tried it works. But it has to be nationwide, with no exceptions.

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      arnlof sweigeir on

      U got it all wrong as usual….the Mexican government has never sent any of its people to the US……..it is the poor situation and the opportunities that The People give then at a heavy prize: exploitation…..

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      1} we need to arrest all illegal immigrants and make them work on building the border fence as a penalty for illegally crossing and stealing from our system…the deport them…
      2} we need to require ALL employers to use an reformed E-Verify system.
      3] We need to impose a $50,000. dollar per illegal employee for all co.’s that hired them.
      4] require any and all who get a work visa have a chip implanted so they can be tracked and deported if they do not leave when they are supposed to..
      Then they will self deport…and if not arrest them and make them work on the fence…FREE..

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        next you will have all citizens have a chip implanted in our rears…..you should be arrested for being Anti-American….

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      kurt thialfad on

      Cantor was beat because Democrats crossed over and voted for his opponent. VA had an open primary. Nobody was running on the Democratic side.

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    Even the Liberal Rich Elite

    Now have special sections at rock concerts with special privliges and accomodations….

    Its becoming the rich and poor in America.

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      HA!!!,,you and your social classes…..we are still in good shape…..not like in the 20’s 30’s……