Infographic: The Taxpayer Burden of Illegal Immigration in California

Yesterday, FAIR released a new study examining the taxpayer burden of illegal immigration in California, which found providing education, health care, law enforcement, and social and government services to illegal aliens and their dependents costs California taxpayers $25.3 billion a year. This is an increase of some $4.7 billion since FAIR’s 2010 study was released.  These costs amount to a $2,370 a year burden per California household headed by a U.S. citizen.

Dan Stein, FAIR’s president commented:

Despite overwhelming evidence that illegal immigration represents an unsustainable fiscal burden to the state, the California Legislature and local governments across the state continue to provide new benefits, new services, and new privileges to illegal aliens, even as the state neglects the needs and concerns of other Californians. The costs will continue to grow so long as the state continues to reward illegal immigration and impedes immigration enforcement. California taxpayers will continue to be the losers in this unhappy scenario.

The infographic below summarizes what illegal immigration in California costs taxpayers.  Want more information? Read the report: The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on Californians.

The Taxpayer Burden of Illegal Immigration in California

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    The biggest point to all this is that our politicans have FAILED the United States! They have ignored a huge problem – like what began as minor cut to a major gash infected that needs ambutation and rehab horribly!! These people gave broken the law!! The are here ILLEGALLY — what us so stink’in hard to understand about that?? And yet my tax dollars and money that SHOULD BE going to improve other things are going to privide services to them. I don’t it fair I don’t beleive in it and immigration canbe done legally – just like waiting in line …. Waiting to earn something – haven’t we all had to EARN something? These people may come you say and work – but they’re TAKING THINGS AS WELL- lots of things! Our educational system, medical, social and in California — culturally, with gang activity, large families they can’t pay for and their unwillingness to accept learning English. Just don’t understand why if they come to America why they wouldn’t want to be Ameticans and let’s do away with all the hphenated stuff – just all one people – AMERICANS!

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    The quality of education in many areas of the US is diminishing every year. The illegal aliens and the huge number of anchors are damaging our most valuable resource, our children’s future! California is not the only state facing huge financial and loss of American lives by the illegal aliens! They are not unlike a plague moving, with no opposition, across the US, the one difference, even a plague dissipates after it runs it’s course!

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    Dumbed Down Public Schools Because of IA Overpopulation in California

    Makes that public school $14B extra cost way too small. How can you put a price on low graduation rates, bad math/science teaching and the crime factor there too….sounds like $100s of billions when you add that in….

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    Adrienne and where is the study where the good illegals and immigrants created Wealth and you see how much we gain to be a power and a leader int he World?… two sides of the coin and I will believe you,,,,,,,,

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      The point is the overall situation. No one is saying a PHD is not an asset. But those are few and far between compared to someone’s cousin admitted solely on “family reunification” reasons with a high school diploma and taking a job that should be going to a citizen, or the illegal with an eighth grade education and five kids and getting government assistance. What is “good” about that for the average taxpayer?

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      John, you’re calling out the study…but I’m calling out the ILLEGALITY of these people from WHEREVER – from South of the border or across the ocean that have come here ILLEGALLY!! Why is it that people aren’t angry about people who have disregarded OUR LAWS besides the fact that, yes, they have STOLEN from the rest of us by using our services when they shouldn’t even be here in the firest place!! THEY BROKE THE LAW! Our stupid gov’t has forced us to PAY for them and I don’t think we should have to. I agree with some of the other postings how our schools especially in California have gone to hell because of the illegals and the catering we have done to all the “muliculturalism”. If you come to America then become an American! We should all BE ONE!! No hypens, no “my people” – just all Americans and strive to be the best we can…and the law breakers should NOT be rewarded by giving them services and perks and taking money from MY POCKET….so sick and tired of it!

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      Don’t confuse Illegal Aliens with Immigrants. American allow 1.5 million LEGAL immigrants into the country to work each year. There is no benefit to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Period.
      Come through the FRONT door and you are welcomed. Breaking the law is not welcomed.
      There has not been immigration enforcement since before the 1986 Amnesty bill. 1986 promises, like today’s promises were all lies.
      Be informed, you can go on gov site and look for yourself. There are 26 different Visa programs.
      Until the Border is secured I will oppose ANY pathway to citizenship, Amnesty or any other name politicians want to call it today.
      Corrupt politicians have caused this mess & now they want to exempt themselves from responsibility. Someone has to stand up for the Rule of Law or we have complete Anarchy.

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    I’ll call bs on the 3.5bn in taxes paid until I see the math for how they came up with that number.

    Considering that in the major metro’s local and state sales tax reaches 11%. Assuming that 1.1mn of them live in major metro’s and spend 14,500 annually. That would be just shy of 3.5bn in sales tax revenue from just 1/4 the total population alone.

    Add in the fact that nearly all illegals are entitled to a tax refund yet never file a return to claim it and I’m left thinking that the FA in FAIR stands for Failed Arithmetic?

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      You want to talk about failed arithmetic but you think sales tax is the only tax? You must be a minor. Adults pay tax on the gas for every gallon they use. Property taxes on their homes each year, Have you ever even heard of income tax? If you actually stopped and thought about how often one single dollar gets taxed, it would blow your mind.

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      The link is there for you to look at, but you didn’t. For one thing there is no sales tax on food unless it’s prepared items. Groceries in general, no. And that includes food bought with food stamps or other assistance programs. Almost one quarter of welfare in Los Angeles County goes to families headed by an illegal.

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      Sales tax is what pays for roads & infrastructure. It does not PAY for education, welfare, special education for NON-ENGLISH speaking students, lawyers, earned income tax credit that they file for and Health Care.
      You cannot promise someone that if they put in a dollar they will get back two dollars.
      AND, if I have to abide by all the Federal, State & Local Governments laws, then Illegal Aliens should not be given a pass to break the laws.
      We either have laws that EVERYONE abides by or no one should have to obey the laws! Americans expect the Government to enforce the laws of this Country.

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    Sherry Gillis on

    Meanwhile millions of Californians who really need help are denied and individuals and businesses are gouged for taxes in order to pay for strangers to come in to our state from another country.

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    “Billionaires” on the side of protecting the border?

    Are you MAD?

    Don’t YOU know that many “billionaires” have made their billions off a cheap labor economy?

    Don’t believe me? Then go to and start reading.

    And this comes from the Guy in Arizona who Burned Mexican Flags to “crush the spirit” of the Arizona “pro-raza” Open Border Movement!

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      So you support enslaving Mexicans because it helps big business and perhaps you have a Mexican taking care of your yard, your house? This is not right and you know it. Some benefit from the enslaving of Mexican workers who work under the table while collecting welfare for their kids and themselves – and you think this is okay as long as you have access to cheap labor? Get rid of this welfare system and lower people’s taxes – allow them to pay U.S. citizens fair wages for this work. Way better than this underhanded raping of U.S. citizens under the BS of humanitarian efforts and providing chap labor. What is cheap about 50% or higher tax rates? It’s government subsidized pay for this cheap labor. Stop being stupid and trying to convince the U.S. citizens that this is true cheap labor. It’s only cheap if we aren’t paying for their education, health care, housing, food stamps, and so on.

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        Pat how about you? you also support them by buying produce, going to the movies, restaurants where they do dishes…..why do you think the food is still cheap?……..nobody is raping the US Citizens….you are so naive and crazy in your own mind….you have become a mindless monkey of the media where you believe what you read…………………..yes there are criminals crossing the border but also illegals here for the last 20 years ago you never cared about and did your backyard………… a real american and make it on your own!!……create jobs.,…..survive….re-invent yourself stop whining!!! and blaming Roy for things he never said or did!!!

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      That is exactly why this has to stop. We NEED Comprehensive IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT NOW!

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    Americans are too laid back while the latino world takes advantage of every thing sacred in this country they are just like the middle eastern enemies they don’t give a damn about America nor this gov. they are laughing like hyenas getting free everything it’s past time for the ppl to get together and run these parasites out of this country they believe that they have rights to invade this country and take it “back” they have nothing to take back except the brains of the stupid business men who can’t see the hell they are creating. if the ppl get together and sabotage these businesses who hire illegal aliens they will stop supporting this nonsense and Americans can get back to work like ppl in normal countries. America will be devastated and when the gov stop all of the freebies the enemies will flee back across that border or wherever they came from

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      Like your wanna be president Romney said…….but these guys are being abused and work hard that is why!

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        I will agree they are being abused, however, I don’t care how hard they work. I worked hard all my life, followed the laws and never justified anyone breaking the law. It is not an excuse to be allowed to stay here.
        They committed the crime and they are responsible for their actions. Illegal Aliens have always know they were breaking the laws. TAKE THEIR JOBS AWAY FROM THEM AND THE BUSINESSES THAT HIRE THEM CAN CLOSE UP SHOP. If you have to hire slave labor for your business, too bad. You do not deserve to be in business.That includes the Chamber of Commerce. They are as corrupt as the Politicians.

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    There are a lot of working, taxpaying US citizens here in California that are planning on leaving the state because they cannot afford the cost of living here and raising a family. So the situation you have here is more and more taxpayers leaving the state and more and more illegals showing up every day receiving taxpayer funded benefits. Meanwhile elected officials keep increasing benefits for illegals and as their numbers grow they gain more political power and it becomes more difficult to pass laws to stop illegal immigration at the state level. This whole house of cards is eventually going to collapse in the bankruptcy of the state, and it is not going to be pretty. This is basically what is going to happen to the US on a national scale if the current mass immigration invasion is not stopped now, because once their numbers reach critical mass, they will have enough political power to stop all opposition and the entire country will be completely overrun by the world’s poor and that will be the end of the US as we have known it.

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      If all these folks you are talking about are the same ones that created this catastrophe, They can keep their Anti-America trashy asses right there in the dam bed they made!! I do not want them spreading out and trying to the same jacked up **** anywhere else!!

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        Not all Californians are liberal idiots. If you blue out San Francisco and follow the coastline down to LA, you’ll have all of the people who need to stay and pay for the mess they made. But the more sparsely populated areas of San Diego, Riverside, Mojave, Central Valley, and on up, you’ll find more Red than Blue and these people are paying for the idiocy of the Blue parts of the State.

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      well then hook them into the system so they are paying into it with their first paycheck. the ones leaving California are leaving either because of the high cost of ;living or a better job or both.

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      I think that we should not allow so many immigrants as they are ruining our country. We cannot support them, and are loosing our working people.

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        So Kim what are you waiting for? leave this country…you are as much an immigrant as anybody else!

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          That is such a cowards game. Every American expects equal protection under the law & there is no moral equivalence with LEGAL immigration & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.
          Immigration law states that immigrants must show they are able to support themselves, not rely on social services and to be a BENEFIT to the Country.
          Illegal Immigration of low skilled, non English speaking people are not a benefit to the American economy or to Americans. Americans are not responsible for subsidizing business in the form of tax payer benefits to support illegal immigration.

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      A lot of people would try to dismiss what you say as some doomsday scenario, but it’s the truth. I’ve seen some Californians trying to deflect this by saying “we have a balanced budget”. But the answer to that is so what. Every state has to have a balanced budget, unlike the federal govt. But California has continually raised taxes to pay for all those programs. It can’t continue, with taxpayers and businesses fleeing the state.

      In a way it’s a positive thing, though not for you. Because California, with the highest foreign population in the country, should be the poster child for immigration driven economic growth. Instead, the unemployment rate is still well above the national average and total taxes are extremely high. It’s probably going to end up as you say. Dead broke and bankrupt.

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    Do we have any billionaires on our side of the immigration issue? In my opinion, if we could get a proposition on the ballet in California that mandates e-verify, it would win. This would be a big game changer for California.

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    Unfortunately the taxpayers of California continue to endorse this drain on their pockets.