Where Do New GOP House Leaders Stand on Immigration?

Where Do New GOP House Leaders Stand on Immigration?Thursday afternoon, House Republicans gathered in a closed-door meeting to elect a new Majority Leaderfollowing the resignation of Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) from his leadership role.

Reportedly voting by secret ballot, Republican members elected Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) over Rep. Raul Labrador (Idaho) to replace Cantor as House Majority Leader. Since McCarthy was already serving as the Republican Majority Whip, the conference then voted for Rep. Steve Scalise (La.) to fill that position.

Since immigration is the issue that contributed to Cantor’s defeat, where do these new Republican House leaders stand on immigration? See the chart below for quotes from both McCarthy and Scalise on immigration issues. 

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    Typical crap… Bizops.gov had requested in January for ESCORTS to go get these kids (by the way, MANY, MANY ARE TEENAGE MALES WITH GANG TATOOS! This administration this….purpose? The start of denationalizing us, so “we can become the North American Union! Watch, ISIS was FUNDED by the man in the WH, now he is gonna send our troops in AGAIN? Get with the program and READ Agenda 21 and learn what that means for all of us! General Patreous announced in London, that “this IS THE DECADE, that we are being taken over!! Please Ladies and Gentlemen, learn what’s going on….he also said we WILL NEVER SEE AN HONEST ELECTION in this country again! This info is at newAmerica.com….sick, all of them should be ashamed!

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    This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. Both sides have failed us – the people. It started in the mid 60s with ‘chain migration’ and now we are at the tipping point with immigration. I include legal immigration and insourcing/outsourcing of jobs as well.

    More than a 100 US hospitals which were located near the southern border (San Diego, etc.) have closed in the past 30 years. This is due to the fact that, as but one example, 70% of newborns born in LA hospitals were to illegal Mexican women, all of whom were on Medi-Cal – government welfare.

    Think about this for a moment: Seven out of every ten newborns in the LA area are to illegals. The numbers are the same in San Diego. This is astounding! And you wonder why hospitals charge $20 for an aspirin?

    How is this not a national crisis? Our Congress lacks the courage to deal or even address this issue. The numbers in all areas of this issue are not sustainable. At this point, the only practical solution (which strangely is never discussed in these posts) is to place severe fines for US employers who hire illegals – and this includes families who hire nannies, gardeners, etc.

    The ‘border’ will never be secure, especially since 65% of all illegals are here due to overstaying their visas. But you don’t hear this from Congress, do you? ‘Strengthening the border’ will not address the millions of illegals who have expired visas – only stiff employer sanctions and fines will do so.

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    Fred Hawkins on

    Congressman Cantor definitely did a turnaround on illegal immigration. I would applaud anyone who changes his or her mind about an important issue, after carefully weighing all the pros and cons, but I think it’s obvious that Cantor suddenly became a supporter of illegal immigration for political reasons. I also think Boehner’s flip-floplping on the issue is politically motivated.

    It’s insane that our politicians don’t do what’s right, and legal, by supporting English as our national language and protecting our borders against illegal immigration. Our problems with illegal immigration, like the latest problem with young people coming here illegally, is fthe fault of our politicians and American voters who care nothing about what happens in our country and keep electing and reelecting the same old politicians to office. After they get their vote they could care less about what they think about any issue and turn their attention once again to the big contributors who bankroll their campaigns. They must be laughing their a– off at the voters who consistently protect their precious seat for them. Disgusting!

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      This is what I see….

      The NSA snooping on every text, email, cell landline since 912/01. Then consider everything that Snowden leaked….. Which includes the ability to TURN ON CELL MIC’s even when phones are OFF and BATTERY IS OUT! Think about EVERYTHING any of us has said within the vicinity of a cell microphone in the last 13 years…they have files on every single one of us, including Congress, SCOTUS, etc… Now imagine you have mistresses, or misters that you are having affairs with, or like Chief Justice Roberts… As I understand this story, he adopted two children from Africa, of IRISH descent. Problem…Ireland has strict adoption policies, and do not allow outside adoptions!

      So let’s guess that lots of people, in Congress have uhhh skeletons, right? So, what if they are being coerced?! illegal, yes, but in DC, not shocking at all….

      I think what is most shocking to me, is that according to TSA’s own internal document, they have not stopped 1 attack…now they have guns, and are being dispatched to stadiums and other venues!

      We are losing our National Identity, by being swamped at the Border….by design……. All so WE lose our Pride of being Americans! I’m appalled at the amount of lies, dirty politics…. I’m sick of NOBODY in DC giving a crap about their oath of Office!

      Our Border in Brownsville, TX are pretty much abandoned…. It was reported that they saw one BP agent every 10-15 mins. All of this is part of Agenda 21. Which puts collective over individuals, which, because George Herbert Walker Bush signed on, and so has every other POTUS since. We won’t be allowed to own ANY property….or have our Free Speech, or any guns. We are at a serious point in our country, and it scares me. I’m sure I’m not alone!

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    We are on an irreversible road to a de facto borderless world . Groups like FAIR are fine for retarding the process and providing a social community for persons with similar views; However, the thought that a de facto borderless world will not eventually occur is mistaken. James

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    Illegal aliens are getting treated better then our Veterans in the VA. All the money they are spending giving illegals lawyers,housing,etc should be spent on the homeless here in the United States for Citizens.Deort the law breakers now We should be voting every one out who votes for giving illegal aliens any tax payer money!!!!!!!

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      arnlof sweigeir on

      Steve u must leave a in hour dream world… Illegals aliens are enslaved and mistreated…..

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          Most any place you go sounds like you are in Mexico City!!!! They have to bring a dozen kids and the rest of the family.. They travel in packs. The kids will never speak English because that is all they hear from family and friends!!! They are pushy, aggressive, loud, and think they deserve to be taken care of…

          All the illegals here in AZ. are definitely not in the “Shadows” they want you to know that they are here whether you like it or not and they also know they are protected !!! These guys in DC, every time I them say that, I think how many stores have you been in when your at home!!!! They must have a sack on their head!!!!! You know they (politicians) aren’t going to shop where the middle and lower class people shop or
          they wouldn’t be so dumb!!!!!

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        They’re at Home Depot too. Arnlof is living in a Kool-Aid induced dream world. Any illegal who is feeling enslaved and mistreated is free to go home!!

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    New House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy is on record (see Roll Call) supporting an ‘Immigration Principles’ document released by Speaker John Boehner on 1/30/14 that calls for granting amnesty or legal status to unauthorized aliens. New House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is on record opposing the Boehner ‘Immigration Principles’ document that includes granting amnesty or legal status to unauthorized aliens. It was Abraham Lincoln who once said “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

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    First thing we have to have is a whole new set of people running things in Washington DC. We have a good start, now lets get Thad.

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    they are illegal aliens . what part of illegal and aliens do you have trouble understanding . illegal means they have broken the law so consequently they are criminals . alien means they are not of this country , this place , they are foreign and/or strangers . your job is to jail as the lawbreakers they are and deport them back to what ever country they really belong in . they are also undesirables . decent people do not break the laws . so what they are are dregs of any society undesireables . do your job that AMERICAN TAXPAYERS PAY YOU TO DO ! DEPORT THEM NOW !

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    Janet Bailey on

    If they crossed our boarder illegally, turn them around immediately & send them back to where they came from. We don’t want them under any circumstance. Deport them immediately. They have broken our laws when they step foot on our soil illegally, therefore, they are criminals so get them out of here. They are not wanted!

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    Adrienne you said
    “Since immigration is the issue that contributed to Cantor’s defeat”

    You are completely misinformed…..he lost because he ignored his constituents…………I can assure you you never did you research and just write what you hear or you are told…..not a bright future on journalism…..if indeed you never looked into the real reason he lost the election….

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    Thank you Scalise and McCarthy. obama is handing our country to the “ILLEGALS”. If I break the law, “I” go to jail. Illegals break the law, they get rewarded with free medical, money, housing, and more. I am furious! And I believe in the constitution. It “is” what has made our country so great.

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    Ronald Rowley on

    It’s obvious that Congressman McCarthy either doesn’t understand the problem, or is in the service of corporate and other special interests. It’s also evident that a majority of the House membership is in the same boat as McCarthy which is the opposite position of those that voted for Dave Brat.

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    I think that McCarthy has a ways to go before he wins my trust, and Scalise sounds almost Tea-Party like ! I am a Tea-Party Patriot, and my family deserves to have the BEST USA that we can have ! I have 12 Grandkids and I am so worried for my families future ! I have tried to teach my children and Grandchildren the values that our Founders had. I Am a direct descendant Of Roger Conant, the founder of Salem Mass. He is my 9 th Great Grandfather ! And I would like to make him proud of me , from Heaven and know that I am a Patriot and I am working hard to keep America free ! I know how important it is to America to bring in immigrants. BUT my Father was a Canadian who would be 100 now if he were here. He came here from Bobcageon Ont. and he was proud to become an American , But he worked hard to learn all he could and he passed the test and then on Dec. 7 , 1941 when the Japanese Bombed Pearl Harbor, My dad and Uncles all went and signed up , and thank God they ALL came home after the war . My Daughter Joined the Army and was an MP in Iraq for a year. She was stationed at Ft. Hood TX. She met and Married a Hispanic MP and have 4 children. We are a Strong American Family with Patriotic Roots ! So I Beg Both of you men to Please read the Constitution , again , and remember WHO you are representing ! AMERICA FIRST! LAST, ALWAYS ! Thank You Billie Jo Wright Waddell AZ

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      Billie you have it all wrong……my great was John Winthrop that came in the Arabella 1630 with the Massachusetts Bay Company ………if you want to make your ancestor proud…….your family does not deserve anything like anybody else……in the US you do not deserve….you work for it and EARN it……..remember that….if you have a hispanic son in Law then someplace in there he crossed the border or his parents……………….

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    Associated Press and other news organizations have been trying for a couple weeks to get hard numbers on the number of women with children that have been caught crossing the border and then released in this country. From the White House down, the administration officials claim not to have the figures. Translation, they have them but they don’t want to reveal them.

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    Stand up with the will of the people! No amnesty for anyone here ILLEGALLY !
    Enforce the laws we have already. No new laws needed.
    No one in DC listens to the people unless they are big donors.
    I sincerely hope you two will be the exception to what goes on up there.
    Thank you .