Legislators Creating Higher Education Environment That Benefits Illegal Aliens Over Citizens

moneyGetting accepted into college is a daunting challenge for both students and parents alike. Affording the four-year experience is a whole other obstacle. While the average four-year graduate leaves campus with $29,400 in student loan debt, according to a December 2013 report by the Institute for College Access & Success, that number is likely to increase. One reason for the increased burden likely to be borne by American students is that they will be forced to compete against illegal immigrants for admission to public colleges and universities. Sixteen states now allow illegal aliens to attend college at the subsidized in-state tuition rate.

Nearly one-third of states will offer subsidized tuition rates to illegal aliens – many of whom are beneficiaries of President Obama’s enticing DACA amnesty. A number of states are taking the further step of offering financial aid to illegal aliens attending state schools. Additionally, state schools that do not offer taxpayer-funded financial aid are putting illegal aliens and citizens up against each other to compete for privately-funded financial aid.

Texas, California, Utah, New York, Washington, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Maryland, Connecticut, Colorado, Minnesota, New Jersey, Florida and Oregon have passed in-state tuition laws that give any illegal alien who has a general education degree or who has completed three consecutive years of high school to get discounts on schooling. Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Delaware are currently considering implementing these measures.

As the southern border surge continues to bring thousands of new illegal aliens into the country, the number of those looking to attend college will only grow, putting more pressure on states to offer tuition benefits and assistance.

A taxpayer subsidized college education is no longer viewed as a privilege in America. Enormous subsidies are now viewed as a right by illegal aliens who feel as entitled to limited public resources as Americans who have worked hard and followed the law.

It’s appalling that state legislators are putting the demands of illegal aliens above the needs of citizens. While state officials enforce protocols to prevent out-of-state residents from falsely claiming they reside in a different state in order to receive in-state tuition, some state legislators have created loopholes in order to accommodate illegal aliens and protect the economic, social and political hierarchies of their economies. Illegal immigrants cannot be blamed for wanting a better life with more opportunity; the politicians and big business are the ones allowing them the freedoms and privileges they have come ready to receive.

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    This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. Both sides have failed us – the people. It started in the mid 60s with ‘chain migration’ and now we are at the tipping point with immigration. I include legal immigration and insourcing/outsourcing of jobs as well.

    More than a 100 US hospitals which were located near the southern border (San Diego, etc.) have closed in the past 30 years. This is due to the fact that, as but one example, 70% of newborns born in LA hospitals were to illegal Mexican women, all of whom were on Medi-Cal – government welfare.

    Think about this for a moment: Seven out of every ten newborns in the LA area are to illegals. The numbers are the same in San Diego. This is astounding! And you wonder why hospitals charge $20 for an aspirin?

    How is this not a national crisis? Our Congress lacks the courage to deal or even address this issue. The numbers in all areas of this issue are not sustainable. At this point, the only practical solution (which strangely is never discussed in these posts) is to place severe fines for US employers who hire illegals – and this includes families who hire nannies, gardeners, etc.

    The ‘border’ will never be secure, especially since 65% of all illegals are here due to overstaying their visas. But you don’t hear this from Congress, do you? ‘Strengthening the border’ will not address the millions of illegals who have expired visas – only stiff employer sanctions and fines will do so.

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    If all State and Federal funding were stopped, but the illegal immigrant could stay if they could find a private sponsor, I wonder how much the taxes would go down to? How many Americans then would truly want to fully sponsor one?

    The thing I’ve notice about legal immigrants who come to the U.S., most say they are truly grateful to be here. The difference in illegal immigrants attitudes often has been that they have a right to complain, because they are “entitled” to be here, and are “entitled to receive free services”. When did our U.S. citizens lose their rights?

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    The problem is exacerbated by the types who run the universities. At the University of California, admission criteria favor “life experience” over academic measures. The net result is the admission of unqualified illegal alien students due to “the hardship that they have overcome.” Moreover, tuition is free for those from families earning under about $60,000, with the tuition being twice that otherwise necessary for those who pay, since 50% pay nothing with no obligation in the future (i.e., these are not loans). As such, all illegal aliens attend for free. Bottom line in CA – illegal aliens get priority admission and are charged no tuition. On top of the services the illegal alien families receive – MediCal, welfare, food stamps, etc., there are lots of incentives to run across the border!

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    BeResponsible2 on

    The catering of and creation of laws that benefit illegal aliens needs to stop! and be reversed! I strongly believe that Obama and his Administration, including those big business political contributors are behind this clear case of U.S. Government abuse of power & racketeering to garner votes and financial gains.

    …Rome 2.0 anyone?

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    Illegal immigration is the only crime approved, allowed, encouraged and often initiated by our own government.

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    Ruben Navarrette just wrote a column on Hillary’s “Latino problem” because she said these unaccompanied minors should be returned to their home country. Just further evidence that these people think the world revolves around them and their concerns.

    It’s all about them. I still cannot figure out why we want to make citizens of lawbreakers. Not only did they cross the border or overstay a visa without permission, they use false or stolen identity to work, they receive benefits they are not entitled to like the earned income tax credit, and obtain drivers licenses under false pretenses or bribes. Several drivers license examiners in Florida were busted because they took money to approve licenses after the applicants could not prove they were here legally.

    If your family is “separated” it’s your fault. You broke the law. Polls have shown that a majority of Latinos identify more with their home countries than here. So why again do we want to accept people who only come here for our economic benefits?

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    Insult to Injury

    Then when they graduate, they’ll be competing for scarce jobs out of unemployment, with no experience. Any extra job competition overpopulation added to the American workforce/colleges recently makes it far more HORRIFYING for the Millenials. If you’re a young adult parent, don’t downsize to a smaller home just yet, they’ll need a home with their parents longer than any of us will like it. The good news to home owners, it artificially stabilizes the housing market when owners are stuck paying for large housing costs. The bad news, retirement savings are getting spent on high housing costs before retirements.

    I hear the green carded foreign nurses and doctors are getting the best hospital positions too…

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      arnlof sweigeir on

      If they r getting the best positions then that means they r better……now that is bad news… But the question is r u see good enough?

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        I Imagine Their Intelligent English Written Grammar is Just Like Your’s Too

        Let’s hope they don’t put in a liver when the patient needed a heart transplant….LOL