Obama Insults Congress Then Asks Them for $2 Billion Please

President Obama’s immigration speech was a brazen, unapologetic attempt to shift the blame for the border crisis from himself to House Republicans.  His tortured logic is that America is experiencing a border surge of unaccompanied illegal aliens because the GOP didn’t pass the Senate amnesty bill. He blamed others, refused to admit it’s his own lax enforcement policies that have fueled the problem, and declared he’ll simply accomplish what he wants, when he wants by executive action.  Petulant and un-presidential, Mr. Obama once again dismissed the separation of powers and gave a middle finger salute to the authority of Congress to regulate immigration.

Most Presidents having done that – although we can’t think of any who ever actually did – would be well advised to avoid Capitol Hill after such scurrility. Yet, next week, President Obama will audaciously ask the same legislative body he just dissed and intends to usurp for $2 billion in funding to help manage the flow of illegal aliens flooding across the border.

If politics is gamesmanship, Congress has the winning-hand right now and a royal flush comes to mind.  Obama’s lax immigration policies have blown up in his face and now the House of Representatives has something he needs; money and lots of it.

Congress needs to administer tough love and set forth the parameters of the deal: “We’ll give you the money to house and process these kids, but in return you’re going to guarantee they’ll be removed, you’re going to stop abusing executive power and you’re going to start enforcing the immigration laws as we intended. The nonsense stops now.”

If the current crisis doesn’t compel Congress to exercise its “power of the purse” with course-correcting conditions, when will it ever?

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    I find it unconscionable that Obama would use children as a backdrop and as a shield to get his way by essentially flooding the US with illegals without any set of controls, options, laws or framework to manage basically immigration anarchy. The next President of the US under a new constitutional amendment that should be enacted a counsel of their party be put in place that could ” remove ” him or her from office like a Parliamentary body who has the power that can remove a President from office quickly if he starts acting like a dictator!

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      arnlof sweigeir ft on

      U talk nonsense…..educate yourself…., really..,. U should be ashamed to be an American… B y the type of u founded comments…

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    Disguested American Tax Payer on

    Kudos, I applaud the people of Murrietta, California for protesting the invasion of illegals into their town. Our government has allowed this insanity to escalate where illegals know they can come into this county and no discipline will be done to them. They will feed off the enormous government programs dedicated to them, including the ability not to learn English, using our hospitals for their doctor visits, etc. Should we complain, we are then labeled “racists”. I want a “get out of jail” card, too, should I break the law.

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    I think establishment Repubs are in favor of the Senate bill & want to continue forcing legal taxpayers to bear the economic costs & societal breakdown that results from millions of destitute & foreign speaking aliens being allowed to illegally enter & remain in U.S.

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    No money at all!
    And remove all foreign aid the the sending countries.

    This president has proven that he will not follow any conditions.

    When the invaders start starving to death they will die, turn around or stop coming.
    And walking back home again will teach them a lesson they will remember!

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      thank you buzz, very well said!!!! let the bleeding heart libs take care of them with their money, in their homes and keep them off our streets.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    The only thing I have to say is impeach, impeach and impeach again!

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    Jim Hastings on

    I salute the California protesters who are standing up to this invasion and demanding that we send these people back. I hope more patriotic Americans all over the land will do the same.

    If the 9/11 masterminds or the Boston Marathon bombers had illegally entered the US by crossing our southern border, I’m quite confident that we would have a secure border by now. On this Independence Day, it especially grieves me to think that things have gotten so bad. The America I grew up to love and be proud of is built on the rule of law — not border-crashing.

    If the border remains out of control — especially if American citizens feel that their own needs and concerns come second — it will be only a matter of time before the hateful, violent, racist voices dominate the fight. We could be facing another civil war. I hope not. Keep writing to your Representatives and Senators. Keep raising your voices. There is still time to reverse course.

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      Really?…u r a funny guy…even back in your times Mexicans and others crossed the borders ………

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      I could not believe the President hired the President of La Raza as the head of his Domestic Department. He might as well hired the head of the KKK.
      But these organizations are equally as dangerous. Fortunately, the KKK has died off (literally speaking). La Raza (the Race) is a huge anti-American Organization, which supports a group of (mainly young people), many coming out of colleges – called MEChA -“Moveimiento Estudiantil Chico de Aztlan.” A Chicano movement to take back their land. Their premise is they are a brown people, they have no loyalty to this country and they have no intention to assimilate or becoming a part of America.
      Their country is Aztlan (Ca., Nv., Tx., Co., Nv., NM., and Utah.
      .They are evidently not too studious in Mexican history or they would know that Mexico ceded these territories
      to the U.S., (Feb, 1948) for 15 million dollars and for the U.S., to release any outstanding claims of American Citizens against Mexico.
      Lot of Corporations support this organizations, but in 2004 many Corporations dropped their financial support. I don’t know what the cause was but I can guess – something very controversial. I believe this will happen again and most Corporations will drop their support.
      Why? They will see these groups will band together and demand more of them than true American workers ever did.

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    Mole Johnson on

    Is it going to take another 9/11 before we finally secure the border?
    And when it does happen, who is Barak going to blame?

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      u. r so brainless …so far those guys came legally….. and most of them were our own or u think because he or she is from here if do commit a terrorist act then it is not terrorism?…….u r a crazy lady….

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        Betty Miller on

        So swl , what or who do you stand for? I’ve been around quite a while, and yes Mexicans and others did
        cross the border! But it is never too late for our politicians and President to do the right thing like secure our borders, enforce our laws and deport these illegals! Also, for we the American citizens to pay attention and let our politicians know we don’t like it when they get off track.So we all need to pay attention and email,phone or contact
        our ouliticians in some form and let them know we don’t back every thing they do!! I try to do my part.

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          arnlof sweigeir on

          So Betty u agree that is fact………I stand for…no differently from my 3 ggranfathef who was a forefather…..so u also then agree it all starts with the people….so Tue people allowed it so far congress acted….but the people still made money with thm….how com it took u so long to react if u have been a while?…..

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          John Winthrop on

          Betty…after Bush and now Obama……………..the borders are ore secured than ever in the past…and a wall and more officers will not do it……….there needs to be an internal infra-structure that complements such legal Wall…………………………now that you say you have known all this long………then you know there are good illegals as well that deserve a shot…..THE AMERICAN WAY…….

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            AmericanPatriot on

            Good and illegal don’t belong in the same sentence. Illegal is CRIMINAL not good. ******** all if they try to cross illegally and leave their stinking corpses for deterrence.

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    Lea Tomassone on

    What do u have against telling the truth ?? All u are is an Obama basher. He told the truth, I watched his speech.

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        Dennis….. the calling name dude…..U r what the Europeans say ……a stupid American

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      AmericanPatriot on

      What do you have against KNOWING the truth? The Traitor usurper in chief LIES at least 90% of the time he speaks at his “job”! This huge planned import of illegals he’s doing today is his doing and no one elses.

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        arnlof sweigeir ft on

        U should Ne called Tue delusional hubba….not americanpatriot…which u have nothing about…

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    Is the 2 billion dollar Obama is asking for just ploy to delay ICE from returning those Central American kids to their homeland ? It seems like he wants to throw money at the problem by hiring more lawyers. Why not just start enforcing t hose laws that are already on the US Code. If Obama and his administration had been doing this right from the start we would not be having this problem today. This had been going on for many years but now it has accelerated beyond control.

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    Ron Paynter on

    Everytime I hear or see this $#%^@! POS president and/ or his lapdogs say the House is obstructing the passage of bills ,I want to puke. If you check to see who is really obstructing passage of bills,look no further than the Senates demented Speaker,Harry,the Whacko,Reid.. If you bothered to check facts,you would find that the House has submitted over 50 bills to the Senate,the total number that made it to the floor and a vote,is absolutely 0,none,not even one. This because of the demented one, Reid. I would suggest that anyone claiming the Republicans are obstructing any bills from being passed,needs to pull their head out and examine the facts.

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      Seems like very few people know this. you are right, Republicans have passed so many bills that would help the country, only to have that old Bastard Reid refuse to let them come up for a vote.

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    Obama by extortion demand Obama said Obama wants $2 billion to fund what otherwise illegal Obama executive order. Obama says give me $2 billion for “a” and as the liar Obama is Obama spends it on “b”. And if questioned Obama says “b” is actually “a”.

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    Why does he need two billion dollars to send these people back, we have a military Air Force waiting to load and send these people back. It is time to militarize the border, lock it down and get our soldier back from Mexico.

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      Yes, 2 billion will last a week. When you look at the total cost – It probably will tally closer to 5 to 10 billion. And 80-90% will end up staying Then the country will keep their undocumented families here with them and it will just continue on and on. It’s an underground network and we need to find where it is starting and ask the President to put a stop to it.

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    First part of my last comment did not get posted, it is here.
    1) Mexico committed a separate tort for each illegal alien Mexico allowed into the U.S.!
    2) Obama commits a separate tort for each delay to remove each

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    2) Obama commits a separate tort for each delay to remove each illegal alien in the most expedited manner back into Mexico and Mexico’s custody! Human rights condition issue comes from Mexico and is tended to by Mexico when Mexico takes custody of the law breaker illegal aliens.
    3) remove each illegal alien in the most expedited manner back into Mexico and Mexico’s custody ASAP!!!
    This is not the small chunk of our national debt Mexico and Obama owes us American citizens. See PART III of Sites.google.com/site/ClassFed2 .

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    Burton Pauly on

    If I had my way every illegal that is in our nation, and will ever enter again will be sent home. Just place them across the border where they entered. And don’t give the potus a red cent to take care of them. Let him and the bleeding heart liberals fund their needs. Illegal is still a crime, and O. has sponsored these actions.

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    Pres. Obama courses the problems and then he wants to blame everybody else when they don’t work out. Each shoot you and then expect you to apologize to him. He has never worked with the Congress. I truly believe he thinks he is the king of the United States and not an elected official. He should’ve been on the borders from the minute this started because he’s the one who created this travesty. He’s dumped his responsibilities to the states and thereby the taxpayers in each of those states to take care of these to take care of these illegals that he’s created in our nation when he opened up the floodgates of the borders. He has never secured the borders since he’s been in office. If he truly wanted immigration reform, why didn’t he pass it during the first two years of his presidency when he had total control of the Congress and Senate. He didn’t do that, why? Instead of him going to the borders he decided to go campaigning again. Campaigning is his priority not this nation and not the people in it. He always think somebody else is going to clean up this mess. The American people had enough of him. I hope the states do sue him and they certainly should. Why aren’t these illegals being shipped to the White ouse or to Pres. Obama’s home in Illinois since he seemingly is so open to them coming here. It’s his problem he should foot the bill personally and not use taxpayer money.

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    Mary Ann Leitch on

    All this talk is fine till you or your family gets TB, H1N1 flu, scabies or lice. Legal immigration starts with a health check .and our citizenry should demand immigration laws be enforced or impeach and our border closed..

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    Just posturing at its best. If the House doesn’t approve this, he will say “War on Hispanics”. Again Obama is doing the same as he did during his first term, when he promised action in Immigration within one year. Cast that line out there, some are dumb enough to bite again.

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      Well, who are we? Why are not we deluging the White House and Representatives protesting “War on Citizens?” Let him know what you think but be more tactful than on a blog.
      Also, please let them know that Luis Gutteruiz is disgusting and stop his “silly” charades and threats.

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    Let’s end this charade give them each $100,000 dollars to turn around and go back to where they came from. We’ll save 1 billion 810 million and a lot of aggravation.

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      Then they will show up 1 million at a time to collect their 100,000 and the organizations that are shipping them up here will take most of the money and then hustle them thru the country and they will disappear into the U.S. Then the same organization (Probably U>S> Pro amnesty or some inside government) will go down and get their next 1 million or so.

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    Kurt thialfad on

    You can do a lot with 2 billion dollars.

    Shouldn’t the senate bill s744 have originated in the House, since it is revenue bill? Did they blow it, procedurally?

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      Joel Wischkaemper on

      The Senate can orginate such bills which can then be passed by the House, or moved to conference. It moved to conference, and the House wanted all the pork projects removed and Immigration dealt with in whole, and seperately. The Senate wanted all or nothing.. the House rejected on the basis of pork, and that is why the Senate Immigration Bill, written by the Democrats, never passed.
      Google… Senate Immigration Bill pork… I think there are only about a half million hits on it, and of course, the President is still keeping it alive and well.. it includes amnesty, and it attempts to pass the onus for the Ugly to the House and the Republican Speaker.

      I don’t think the Senate Democrats wanted that bill either, so they added the pork knowing the House wouldn’t pass it, and then passed it on to the Senate.

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    arnlof sweigeir on

    Bob concerned citizen is correct ……also I u that is an insult then good for him……by your logic then Obama has been harassed and insulted plenty of times by the GOP apes……so about time he responds……….

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      Whoa! I am hoping you are being sarcastic. The GOP is trying, without any support from the Senate, over which the evil monster Harry Reid presides. Obama is the worst thing ever to hit our nation. I resent you calling them apes/ as no one I know even looks remotely apelike. I’d say the black caucus reminds me more of apes than anyone does. But that is beside the point.

      Obama is a muslim whose political beliefs are Marxist/Leninist. He is attempting to infiltrate our country with supposed immigration reform, while our border is open, with the INS finding 3 men on one day who are muslim terrorists who are with Obama in attempting destruction of the USA.

      Any idiot who refutes this is a low information liberal who is trying to live in Obama’s Rainbow World where unicorns are plentiful, and so are the virgins they’re attracted to…. oh, wait! There are no virgins in Obama’s world. It is filled with gimmie’s and clowns who collectively have the brains of a gnat. Enough said. Have a great day living there with him. But it’s got to be really lonesome, isn’t it??

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        There are plenty smart, taxpaying liberals. Your reference to the black caucus is degrading to the Organization that runs this fine and informative blog. If you want to be credible – be sensible and sensitive!

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    Concerned Citizen on

    I didn’t watch the speech and can’t comment on the tone, but based on T.V. reports I watched last night, it seems that at least Obama is talking seriously about unwinding this mess and sending the kids back home to their parents, where they belong. If he does that, it’s a positive step forward. It sounds as if Obama wants to do the right thing about the problem, whatever his relationship with Congress and his acceptance of the Administration’s share in the blame may be. We can’t just blame the Obama Administration, though, when open borders lobbyists have been beating the drum for non-enforcement for years. Special interests have been pressuring our federal government for decades to the detriment of the nation. Plenty of ordinary people have enjoyed cheap labor for years, too.

    Given the realities and the multiple reasons why the country in this mess, I support using public funds–with clear guidelines and metrics of success along the way–to help repatriate the children in a humane way. It’s far from an ideal situation, and obviously it never should have happened to begin with, but this is where we are. We have to take our lumps and move forward.

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        I agree Concerned Citizen. Washington Representatives have been asking for more work Visas as we speak (and panic.) It certainly is a double edge sword!

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      HelpForAmericans on

      He will spend millions to billions on this and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to Americans suffering on Social Security. Welfare has received over a 30 per cent increase in their benefits since Obama became President. Social Security has received 1 per cent increase. Welfare, no work. Social Security, worked almost their entire lives and paid their taxes and kept this country going. Welfare, receives help. Social Security, a slap in the face. Welfare, living good while those on Social Security are wondering if they can pay their bills, if they can afford their meds, if they can afford food, etc, etc. Why, why is that?

      • avatar

        Most people in welfare are Americans…. do your research…… whites the biggest demographics…… African Americans next and last Hispanics….. all Americans…

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      spacecowboymi on

      The government does not know how to enforce the law. Unless it benefits them. Enforce the laws that have all ready been passed on the boarder. Start there. Lets see the gov. Prove they know how to enforce a law. Then clean up NSA, IRS, VA, SS, then we’ll worry about telling the rest of the world how to enact laws, and create laws for immigration.

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      Joel Wischkaemper on

      Plenty of ordinary people have enjoyed cheap labor for years, too.
      Heck.. only 99% did not. And of the 1% that did, they only got a bare whiff of the immense profit made from the illegal aliens that are in this country as a reflection of the efforts of the Democratic Party coupled with the rouge element of the Republican Party.
      By the way.. these are the supporters of La Raza, and to the tune of a huge amount of money.

      Contributors to The National Council of The Race

      Corporate Board of Advisors for La Raza

      • avatar

        I cannot believe the Obama Administration would appoint the President of La Raza to head “Domestic Policy.” This gives new meaning to “The fox watching the hen house.”
        La Raza is as anti-American and racist as they come.
        It promotes a group named MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano Aztlan, which promotes a Chicano movement to take their country back – Aztlan. La Raza – the Race is very dangerous. Their motto is “For the Race All -Outside the Race -Nothing. They don’t believe they need to assimilate, That the States which Mexico ceded and the U.S. paid for (The Treaty of Guadalupe-(Feb.1948) belongs to the “browns” and they will eventually take the entire country as they pro-create and the European ancestry dies out.
        They have anti-American movements all over the country – many coming out of colleges.

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      Where are the mercenaries.weeed somebody that has guts to make things happen
      Abig B.S.

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    Those people who blocked the buses carrying illegals to a processing center in California are just sick of a government that does not want to enforce our borders. There is nothing stopping enforcing our laws now. The answer is not another amnesty.

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      arnlof sweigeir on

      Leland just think…..it has been our way of life…..hiring cheap labor… Nobody ever cared….and it has to start with us ….The People…. Else we r in deep …white as a country…..

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        It hasn’t been our “way of life”. Most people want the borders enforced. Marco Rubio ran for the Senate in 2010 and said he would not support any kind of amnesty because it just attracts more people entering illegally. He broke his word and that’s why his approval ratings tanked.

        • avatar
          arnlof sweigeir on

          Then u must have been living in a different country……Rubio’s grandfather was an illegal……from the east coast tot the west coast for instance…..Mexicans have been. Coming and going back to Mexico……restaurants and storres have illegals dong dishes etc.illegals were in the military WWII Vietnam…a way of life where have u been all these years….

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          Joel Wischkaemper on

          Before the supporters of the illegal aliens began buying congressional races, the number of people who attempted to stop the illegal aliens was very high.. but not lawyers so their bills were knocked down in Congress.

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            What r u talking about…….?…. the supporters o illegals have been The People…..

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      I agree, I also think Obama should not be given anymore money to throw away. He has almost completed what he started out to do, to break America. He doesn’t carry any feelings about America, except hatred, and does not hesitate to let Americans know that whenever he gets the chance. Our borders need to be closed and protected and those children that have come here should be sent home to their parents, they are their responsibility, not America’s.

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        Correction…… Bush gave him a broken country and the hatred is called racism against him from the GOP…. and fyi….. he said he is gonna take them back…… you read too much the media….

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      A big thanks to the citizens of Murrietta CA for standing up for the rights of American citizens These illegals are blood sucking parasites coming here to get a free ride on the taxpayers of this country. Put that pompous a– obuma where he belongs. Stop these disease carrying bums and send them back where they belong, they live like pigs destroying our cities making them look like the city dump. Send obuma with them, good ridance to that miserable horrible excuse for a human if he is.