Next in Charlotte: IDs for Illegal Aliens?

Next in Charlotte: IDs for Illegal Aliens?Charlotte, North Carolina might just become the latest city to embrace municipal identification cards for its residents and illegal aliens as Mayor Dan Clodfelter recently met with the city’s immigration task force to research the possibility of creating an city-issued IDs. The card, if the law is enacted, would allow illegal aliens access to taxpayer funded city services.  In a statement regarding the issue of ID cards the mayor was quoted as saying that “This is a question for the entire community. The city, county, school system, law enforcement, community based nonprofits and other agencies need to work together on a review of the options to explore what may be feasible at the local level.”

Advocates for an ID card argue that these measures will keep track of those residents in the city illegally. Furthermore, they will provide a welcoming setting for all communities and will allow parents of illegal aliens to be part of their children’s lives in school as, under the current Charlotte N.C. law, a social security number is required to access schools.

With all due respect Mr. Mayor, this move is misguided, to say the least. To provide ID cards for illegal aliens not only ignores federal law but encourages those aliens who are here without permission to continue to break the law. In fact, it makes it easier for them to break it! The issue here is not social but legal. As Ron Woodward of NC Listen stated, “It’s against federal law to aid and abet people in the country illegally and if this isn’t aiding and abetting, I don’t know what is.” Well put Ron. According to Immigration and Nationality Act Section 237 (a)(1)(B): “Any alien who is present in the United States in violation of this Act or any other law of the United States is deportable.”  An ID card for those persons who are in the country without permission is insulting to law-abiding immigrants and U.S. residents of Charlotte N.C. Mayor Clodfelter, instead of encouraging those who are in the country illegally to stay, and instead of looking for ways to improve their lives, you should be focusing on those legal immigrants and U.S. citizens who have not broken the law and need your undivided attention.

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    Oh hell NO! Don’t bring that **** to Charlotte! DNC was bad enough walking off without paying a power bill. We’re already loaded down with that mess….HELL NO….IT’S A CRIME AND YOU’LL HAVE A MESS ON YOUR HANDS..

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    “With all due respect Mr. Mayor, this move is misguided, to say the least.”

    Absolutely right there. It seems illegal to me, especially if they are spending federal or state funds on these illegal aliens.

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      John Winthrop on

      Jsmith these illegal Aliens work harder than you and I put together….you live in a fantasy World where u believe the media and extremists on the immigration issue…………………………yes there are bad illegals like bad Americans so yes get them out….but the good ones are giving u The American Dream……

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    The big news story of the morning was overtaken by other events. But the bank robbers who sprayed the streets of Stockton California were members of a Latin gang. That city has been overwhelmed by gang violence. Officials in Central America always blame the US for the violence in their countries, and claim we should be sending them aid, but the fact is that when their citizens come here, the children frequently end up in gangs in spite of being handed every economic and educational advantage at taxpayer expense.

    Mexican authorities admit that probably half their drug agents work with the cartels. All the dysfunctional countries around the world always point their finger at the western countries, the US, Israel, it’s always someone else’s fault that they’re killing each other.

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      arnlof sweigeir ft on

      Israel?????……now u blew it….what does Israel have to do with it….

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      America is the Sacrificial Lamb Blame for the Whole World

      Somehow its America’s fault:

      1. For all their unsustainable overpopulation.
      2. When America is competent in Diversity 501 and the rest of the world fails Diversity 101.
      3. When the rest of the world allows a miniscule immigration into their countries, amounting less than America’s sole immigration quantity.
      4. When the rest of the world is protectionist toward their manufacturing base, and America should be against protectionism anyway.
      5. When our space program is basically eliminated and our domestic automotive engineering base is severely mitigated too; so we agree to their lies we have a shortage of engineers to outsource these scarce jobs for higher pay .
      etc, etc, etc….

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        JOhn Winthrop on

        SWE……….to make an observation based on fats………somehow…sometime in the near future or future…ther will have to be Immigration Reform….even the States do realize for the 11 M here…they r starting to create ID’s………i tis inevitable……..BUT…what actually needs a big blow enacting legislation is the refugee status Laws…………..a simple question……..howcome the muslims/Somalis…etc r being brought here for humanitarian purposes…or the Cuban/political ones…..and the hardest hard-working demographics……illegals….r not given a chance?…..very Anti-America……..not FAIR….