Sheriffs Head to the Border

Sheriffs Go to the BorderAmidst a media blackout ordered by the Obama administration, on Wednesday a group of sheriffs arrived in McAllen, Texas to investigate the on-going border crisis. The seven sheriffs, who come from counties in Maryland,Massachusetts, Illinois, North Carolina and Oregon, are concerned about the potential impact and cost that the crisis will have in their own counties and states since the federal government is attempting to relocate illegal aliens throughout the country.

Sheriff Sam Page from Rockingham County, NC described the trip as a “fact-finding mission.” WFMY News reported:

Sheriff Page said, “This is a fact-finding mission and an opportunity to view the very real problems of Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, and Border Security at Ground Zero itself.” Sheriff Page is the Co-Vice Chair of the National Sheriff’s Association Border Security and Immigration Committee.

When asked about his motivations for the trip, Sheriff Tim Hodgson from Bristol County, Massachusetts said:

“I think law enforcement ought to speak out and talk about how this is impacting public health, about how it’s draining our resources for schools and medical (services).”

Chief Deputy Tony Childress from Livingston County, Illinois was motivated to join the trip after heroin from Mexico caused a death in his community last week. He told the Bloomington Pantagraph:

“This program allows me the opportunity to view the real problems of human trafficking, drug trafficking and border security at ground zero itself. This situation gives drug cartels free rein and we end up with more Mexican heroin on this side of the border. Those drugs make their way to Central Illinois.”

During their time in the McAllen region, the sheriffs will get a firsthand look at the border situation, and meet with state and federal officials. The sheriffs will also press federal officials to take definitive steps to halt the influx by returning illegal aliens to their home countries.

FAIR’s Field Director, Susan Tully, is accompanying the sheriffs and noted that cameras were completely banned in all of the locations they visited: “They would not allow us to use our cameras anywhere today.  The Obama Administration has shut down all pictures in every facility that is controlled by the federal government.”


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      The president figures to control free speech when he figures he can get away with it without too much protest. This current president will usurp every authority he can. He has the soul of a dictator and the only thing he understands is resistance.

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    It is scary that Obama has the power to hide the truth from the nation. We have relatives and friends who cannot afford medical care, legal advise, free lodging, free education (books, etc) , but now our nation, who is fighting this deportation joke, is paying out of their pockets for the care of these ILLEGALS! It is a joke now, just sneak into the United States, and get a free ride.

    We are living under a dictator, and what Obama is letting happen to Israel and our own country, wil be our nations downfall. May God have mercy on our nation. Our leader isn’t. Can you spell the word MUSLIM?

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    Cleveland C. Cleary on

    Since when does the federal, or any other level of government, have the right to gag the media? Can’t they report anyway? Is this no longer a free country under Reid/Pelosi/Obama/Holder? What do we need to do to regain our “Free Country” status?

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    Does this not tell you that Obama is hiding something………..AGAIN!!! When will someone get this ty rant out of office.

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    Shirley York on

    This is great news! We now have leaders who are seeking the truth and definitely do something about it. These are the kind of men who should be leading our country. And speaking of the media blackout OMG we are being ruled by another Hitler.

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    Every State’s Sheriffs and Police should go down there, they have a right to know exactly what is happening down there that affects their States and towns! They sure aren’t going to find out through the Democrats!

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      Ended “catch-and-release” policy
      Bush ended “catch and release,” the practice of picking up illegal aliens from countries other than Mexico and then releasing them on their own recognizance until their deportation hearing, for which most never showed. Bush thought it encouraged contempt for law. So he expanded the facilities to hold these illegals until deportation hearings. In 2000, it took nearly a hundred days on average to process someone out of the country.

      When Bush left office, it took less than twenty.

      Source: Courage and Consequence, by Karl Rove, p.468 , Mar 9, 2010

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      Hell, WE have a right to know also. Why is Obama blocking the media? Hiding what this time?

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        JOhn Winthrop on

        YEAH!?….and why is the media also hiding things from us to divert our reasoning and be hidden form the actual reality of things???……at the end you are a puppet….

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    Rosanna Pulido on

    I am thankful that Sherriff Elect Tony Childress had the courage to get up and get educated! May he lead Livingston County with boldness and wisdom!