What the Sheriffs Learned on the Border

What Sheriffs Learned At the BorderEditor’s Note: This week, Susan Tully, the National Field Director for FAIR, is participating in a fact-finding trip on the U.S.-Mexican border with seven sheriffs from Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, North Carolina and Oregon. She sent the updates below to describe their first day in McAllen, Texas.

Wednesday morning:
We have been in a round table meeting all morning with the Hidalgo County sheriffs. They have worked with the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Border Patrol since last September after the Border Patrol received intel that a tremendous increase of unaccompanied alien minors were coming. Border Patrol was already maxed out and overwhelmed.

The agencies together have ceased almost all enforcement of trafficking and drug dealing. Apprehending families and unaccompanied alien minors (UAMs) is nearly the sole activity now for Border Patrol. The DPS sheriffs have funding to continue the task force until this September, so the question is if things don’t slow down who is going to do the enforcement then?

I am writing from the Border Patrol Station, and they just had 39 women and children turn themselves into authorities. There are also 340 additional people here being processed.

Wednesday afternoon:
Folks, all law enforcement we have spoken with today have stated that it is policy rather than the lack of resources that is driving this crisis. All of them said the one thing that would change this crisis immediately would be if they could treat minors from Central America the same as Mexican minors! That needs to be changed this week and could be!

The very law written to protect human trafficking is what is causing mass trafficking. The cartels are advertising throughout Central America and they are getting $4,000-$5,000 per person to deliver them to the U.S.  This is making millions of dollars per week for the cartels, and it won’t stop without policy changes.

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Susan has been with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) since 2002. She is a former business owner, manager for municipal code enforcement, immigration coordinator for the Coalition of Government Officials (southern California), and president of Citizens Committee for Immigration Policy. Susan manages FAIR's extensive and national Field Program. She develops members and activist support and educates the media and public on immigration issues.


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    Judy Manning on

    If I had a thousand dollars in my bank account right now, I would buy some much needed items that we have done without for several years. Yet, these supposedly poor starving people have 4 or 5 thousand dollars to pay for smuggling their children into this country so that my tax dollars can house and feed them. Meanwhile, they are being used as a distraction that allows the drug cartels to enter the USA undetected. Many of those “Children” are beyond the age of being called a child and many have gang affiliations.
    How many times have you heard the invasion of this country referred to as having “11 million illegal immigrants” to be amnestied? I’ve been fighting illegal immigration for more than 10 years and that number, “11 million illegal immigrants” is still the number being thrown out at us. Our government has no idea how many illegal aliens are in this country, who they are, where they came from or what their intentions are.
    23 million American workers are unemployed and once these illegal aliens are allowed permits to work, expect that number to grow exponentially and wages and any possible benefits to be cut even further. We can blame the Chamber of Commerce, big corporations, Democrats, Republicans, governments of other countries, etc. but while we are passing out blame, we must include ourselves for failure to stand on our hind legs and collectively tell our government to enforce our current immigration laws. Failure to research the issue and failure to educate our fellow Americans who have been too busy watching “American Idol” to watch America.

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      Jphn Wintrhop on

      Fist of all…..u make nothing that can be used for these guys…..and second….complain about our own that abuse the Welfare System….you are at the level of the illegals………with that income…..

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    I am being told by a friend of mine that people who are willing to take in these children and help care for them will receive $6000 for each child. Wth??? This is $6000 X 90,000 and more by now of OUR TAX DOLLARS. This administration is out of control. We need more control of how our tax dollars are spent. Our Veterans should be getting that instead. This is just unbelievable if it wasn’t so true.

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      This week either in the dollar saver or penny saver in Murrieta CA…there was a ad stating over 6300 per child to take the illegal children in there homes…..You know there going to be people lining up for miles..this is more than most get while working….WHY IN THE HELL CAN THE FEDS PAY FOR THIS….BUT WE CAN’T TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN HOMELESS,,OR VETS…..THIS IS ALL PLANNED..THE DEM..ARE BUYING THE VOTES….

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    raingirl raingirl2 on

    This is a big mess that is already blowing up in the face of the politicians

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    Rosanna Pulido on

    Thank God for Leaders here that are taking the time to see what needs to be done. Obviously we cannot depend on the lying media to tell us the truth. I salute all the Sheriffs and law enforcement who are leading our country in a time of this national emergency.

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      Rosanna Pulido
      I have been trying to reach you. I had the drapery store in Belvidere, Illinois. I’m on facebook. We had the meeting at Dave Martin”s house.

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        Jphn Wintrhop on

        HA!! good luck……it appears you nothing all day at home….therefore you think of nothing important….to do..now you will join your hispanic friend to complain about her people.

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    It is not the time to point fingers but to deal with stopping our country from being destroyed. He is one person why can’t we as a nation stand up to this and secure those boarders and make illegals go through the process like our forefathers had to… It is a a simple process but sometimes government doesn’t have common sense.

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    Where are these poor people getting all that money? Someone must be helping them get it. They don’t look that poor to me. One lady had on real nice sandals the kids had nice clothes if they were as poor as they say they are there clothes would be kinda old looking bot they looked pretty good!

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    I have to ask. Does anyone else besides me wonder where these (poor) people getting 4to 5 grand to come here?

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    It is incredible that even with the out of control chaos and nation-wrecking security breach going on along our southern border, Speaker John Boehner still won’t rule out the House of Representative passing a comprehensive amnesty immigration reform bill sometime this year. Mr. Boehner has made a firm commitment to President Obama on passing legislation to grant amnesty and legal status for millions of unauthorized aliens (according to W.H. top aide Valerie Jarrett). The truth is Speaker John Boehner is a brain dead special interest puppet who is clearly hell bent on pushing forward with amnesty legislation NO MATTER WHAT the GOP House caucus members want or what most American citizens want.

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      we dont need no damn reform we already have a law for immigration obama just needs to abide by it and all the other laws we have stop being so ignorant and arrogant

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    The Democrats and Republicans Open Border Dimwits

    Probably planned this fiasco together with their foreign/corporate lobbyist billfolds, expecting it to get them their amnesty for slave wage labor sooner. Liitle did these open border pundits know it would blow up in their face like a bad firework.

    Explanations anf blame finger pointing by both parties is a moot point now.

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    Thanks for going on the fact-finding trip Susan. I will let my representatives (especially Dianne Feinstein) know what law enforcement has to say. Stay safe!

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        I can’t disagree with you on that. I have not heard that Feinstein is opening up her San Francisco Pacific Heights neighborhood mansion to house these illegal children, or that any of her liberal elite billionaire neighbors are either. Her grand ideas are to be lived out by the peons, while she lives in her insulated world of the billionaire liberal Senator untouched by the disease carrying, criminal illegals.

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    arnlof sweigeir ft on

    So the republican law is causing this……..the republicans are at fault

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      It says right in the law that children can be held without release in “exceptional circumstances”, which is what we have now.

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        arnlof sweigeir ft on

        So u agdeey the republicans are at fault and as usual doing nothing to stop this…

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          No, I didn’t. There is language in the law that would allow the president to hold them.

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        arnlof sweigeir ft on

        So u agdeey the republicans are at fault and as usual doing nothing to stop this…jvjk

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          The president is in charge of the INS. He can order them not to be released until court hearings make a final determination, almost all of which result in deportation. What’s going on now only encourages more to come. It’s the Democrats who are protesting holding them. I hope everyone realizes you’re engaging in classic trolling behavior. Most all sites have a filter that prevents multiple postings of the same thing. You throw in a few letters at the end to change it enough to get through.

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            arnlof sweigeir ft on

            Actually the few letters r needed so that it gets recorded…interesting your definition of trolling wine the truth is called on you….

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        they are not fleeing violence and poverty. they are lazy, lying, cheating, bottomfeeding criminals. el salvador’s violence has decrease in the past 2 years. you don’t know the facts – just a political puppet

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      Just as a FYI Sen. Boxer (D) is the sponsor of the bill. At the time 2007 the Dems had majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate, Bush was President who had no veto power because of the majority in both houses. They would’ve overridden it so what would be the point in vetoing it.

      If Obama wanted to stop this the very same bill gives him the authority to do so. He is call these people refugees which they are not. They are travelers aka customers using the cartel as travel guides. They ARE PAYING TO COME HERE. Unfortunately, Obama doesn’t want to stop the invasion as it is all been planned for at least 2yrs.


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        Jphn Wintrhop on

        your are free to come but it does not mean you will win….Republicans = APES, …….soon the party of NO will be extincted…..