Obama’s Plan for ‘Refugees’ Opens Door to New Immigration Crisis

Last Thursday, the New York Times reported that the Obama administration plans to allow thousands of Hondurans to enter the United States as refugees. This would only fuel the current illegal immigration crisis. Moreover, the admission of people fleeing poverty and gang violence as refugees would constitute yet another unilateral step by this administration to rewrite immigration laws.

At this very moment, Congress is struggling to deal with the flood of illegal migrants drawn here by President Obama’s administrative amnesty for illegal aliens who arrived as minors, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and his suspension of enforcement against virtually all noncriminal aliens.  Yet this administration is already conceiving even more ways to circumvent Congress and recklessly proposing policies guaranteed to touch-off an even larger wave of illegal immigration.

The inevitable response to some Hondurans being granted refugee status on the basis of gang violence in the country would be an even greater flood of illegal aliens, of all ages, arriving in the United States seeking asylum on the same basis. Nor would it be limited to Honduras, or even Central American countries. Migrants from countless other countries where crime and poverty are prevalent would undoubtedly respond by seeking the same treatment as Hondurans.

This latest plan, combined with the president’s expected decision to further expand his administrative amnesty programs to new classes of illegal aliens, demonstrate conclusively that this administration will not abide by any immigration restrictions set by Congress. Before Congress has even come up with a plan to expedite the removal of large numbers of illegal immigrants from Central America, the administration is already signaling that they intend to admit them as refugees.

There can no longer be any question that the current administration is acting in bad faith on immigration. House Republicans must declare an end to any negotiations with the White House on reforming immigration policy and take steps to ensure that the president enforces existing laws.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Snarky Repulbican on

    Fleeing poverty and gang violence…we have that here too. Ever been to Harlem, East LA, etc. every major city in this nation has some degree of poverty and gang violence so they’re not escaping that by leaving Honduras. It’s world wide, that’s just yet another excuse not to enforce immigration law because Obama doesn’t want to. He doesn’t have the guts to.

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    The director of Tennessee’s Office of Refugee Relocation told me that these illegal aliens do not meet the international definition of ‘refugee’.

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    this is what happen when we give a crlminal the seat of president we need a real american president deport all illegals from american.soil

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      Makes one wonder how every Democrat in Congress has become such a hater of our great country. They are so scared of Obama that they will let him do anything to the USA. I use to vote for a Democrat every now and then, but there is not a single Democrat out there that I would give the time of day, they have become so corrupt it is hard to understand why their own family doesn’t kick them out of their house.

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        Vern, It is ALL about power, they could careless about the country and careless about these illegals BO invited to come. It’s all about power and getting re-elected. Look behind the curtain and they are trying to get these illegals settled, registered, and ID’d up for the 2016 election. They KNOW they are letting in violent criminals and that will give them an excuse (it will be a crisis of course) to grab ALL our guns. It is a well thought out activated plan. It’s power baby, power!

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    This country is being set up to become like the countries that Obama is allowing to come here. The majority of them will be on what is left of state aid and food stamps as things are so much more expensive here than in the Latin American countries. Housing is expensive and they will have to all shack together and it is going to look like the streets in places most of us have not been. Healthcare for those will take ever dime and schools will have to have interpreters as most of these children don’t speak English. Our families are in danger of diseases that we haven’t had in America in generations.

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    A recent column by Ruben Navarrette was the typical over the top propaganda. He quoted Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley who said all of the recent arrivals faced “certain death” if returned. Totally preposterous of course. Even a large amount of those questioned admit they are here “for a better life”. And a lot of the rest simply make up stories as they are told to do by the coyotes. Unmentioned is the bigger danger they face by the trek through cartel infested Mexico.

    Then Navarrette takes a cynical cheap shot by claiming that those who are opposed to more guest workers being allowed under “reform” are “catering to blue-collar workers who are allergic to competition”. Blue collar workers have taken the biggest hit from the massive wave of illegal and legal immigration of the last thirty years. Wages in fields like construction and meat packing have fallen by huge percentages. Companies were proven to have been seeking illegals for those jobs.

    Navarrette’s contempt is for American workers, but apparently not for the 1% who have reaped an even bigger share of the economic pie in the last thirty years. I guess big business is entitled to workers at the wage they want to pay. Never mind that Americans can’t work for those wages and support a home and family.

    Or the fact that hundreds of thousands of workers are brought in on J-1 “educational” visas, which means the employers don’t pay state unemployment payments, SS, or any kinds of benefits. It’s an incentive NOT to hire Americans, but I guess Navarrette thinks blue collar Americans should just buck up and “compete” with that.

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      Leland, Ruben Navarrette hasn’t changed his mind since he wrote for the Dallas Morning News years ago. I think his family has been here several generation, but like most Hispanics, blood is thicker than water. They don’t seem to realize that the new illegal arrivals will take their jobs as well as those of blacks and whites since they work for cheaper wages. Washington caters to the Hispanic community thinking they all want to hold our government hostage until every impoverished, low-skilled, poorly educated relatives makes it to the promised land. Our nation used to limit immigration to those who would be responsible citizens and a credit to our country, not those who will place a drain on our economy and destroy the very culture of our nation. And those are the ones who, daily, break into our country.

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        A lot of people talk about how we used to have open immigration in the 19th century. We did, but the numbers who came were much smaller. Nor was it completely open. If it was thought you could not support yourself you were turned around and sent back. The fact is that Hispanics use welfare programs above their share of the population. But those welfare programs did not exist a hundred years ago. So the argument about “when your great grandparents came here” is bogus. They were not standing in line at the grocery store using food stamps, getting no cost school meals, and going to the emergency room for free medical care.

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          And WHO in DC obeys laws? If they obeyed and enforced the laws on the books we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. And the term “Likely” is subjective. When laws have this type language they can interpret it to mean whatever they want.