Who Says Obama’s Responsible for Illegal Immigrant Surge?

obama_speaks_june302014Despite the efforts of the Obama administration’s efforts to characterize the surge in illegal immigration from Central America as a humanitarian crisis due to increased violence in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, there is ample evidence that the true source of the problem is due to the policy of the administration.

Support for that interpretation comes from the wife of the Honduran president. Ana Garcia de Hernandez is quoted in the July 28 Washington Post as saying, “I want to be very clear about something: Violence and poverty have existed in our region for a long time. But what created this problem [the surge in illegal migration to the United States]also has a lot to do with the lack of clarity in U.S. immigration policy.” The “lack of clarity” clearly refers to the impression among the illegal immigrants that they would be able to stay in the United States if they gained entry.

That impression undoubtedly resulted from the efforts of the administration and congressional Democrats to enact an amnesty for illegal immigrants and the unilateral action of the administration to provide legal status to illegal aliens who entered the country as minors – the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Also adding to that perception may have been the change in law in 2008 that provided special treatment for unaccompanied minor illegal entrants, i.e., taking them out of the hands of the immigration authorities and putting them into the hands of the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The latter action led to a major extension in deportation proceedings as well as a diminishing share of those cases that resulted in deportation.

The Washington Post article also notes that there has been a recent increase in deportations to Honduras thereby discouraging some from starting on the trek to ‘El Norte.’ But it also notes that many of the deported Hondurans voiced the intent to try again.


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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    Of course the problem at the border is because of Pres. Obama and his policies. Every crisis in this nation is because of his policies. He just expects the pot taxpayers to put their hands in their pockets yet again and pay for all of his mistakes. There is no unending pool of taxpayer money we have had enough. We’ve had to limit the way we live and budget our money so why should the federal government do the same? Pres. Obama and the Democrats constantly say that they’re looking out for the middle class and that’s a total lie the only thing they care about is partisan politics, their own reelection and their own special interests. And long forgotten that they were elected to serve both this nation and the people. The influx of thousands of illegals into our country is all about Pres. Obama bed policies. 90% of what he does is fund-raising gone, go playing golf or going on vacations on the taxpayer dime. He refused to even go to the border in Texas and witness what he has created. Who does that? The illegals should be shipped into Washington DC. The people who are supporting Pres. Obama, like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and their gang, should take a pay cut, cut their stamps and certainly cut their exorbitant expense account and use that money to care for the illegals that are in this nation because of Pres. Obama and his policies. He has yet to do anything to correct the error of the dream act it’s allowing this old happen so it’s obvious he’s planned it. The Democrats keep saying it’s a humanitarian thing, no it’s not. Our borders are wide open and Tarascon walk across it will and Pres. Obama and the Democrats refused to secure the border. All the Democrats and president Obama have done to support the illegals and slap every American in the face. We will slap back. The 2014 and 26 elections will be an absolute bloodbath for the Democrats and they’ve earned it. We need term limits we need them now. We must and the era of a career politician and do it now

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      Our local newspaper, part of the right-leaning Freedom Group, interviewed illegals and recent arrivals. Where did they get the idea that now was the time to come here? Church groups and profiteers. They used Obama’s DACA, etc. and just distorted the terms. The President should deport the children and unless their relatives are here legally, they should be deported too. One of the articles makes it clear, the local Catholic church is using the situation as a recruiting tool.

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    I’m tired of all this BS. Why can’t people just uphold their oaths and enforce the law. The Congress has been a big part of this problem by constantly playing with Border Patrol and other funding since the 80’s, and also not insisting our laws be enforced. Simply put, “if you were strong enough to walk here, you should be strong enough to walk back where you came from.” I’ve met lots of people who came here illegally years ago. This summer they’ve sent their family members back to those so called gang-run countries, then flown down to vacation with them and fly back to the US without difficulty. I’m tired of $$$billions being ripped off by illegals in tax refund schemes, and I’m tired of the American and foreign criminal elements controlling our country. Time to clean house!

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    The Washington Post reported in July that the White House received red flags and emails regarding the “surge” two years ago. Instead of moving to stop the invasion, the White House ran a series of ads for contract transport drivers with passanger endorsements last January. The White House has also sued every single State in the country who has tried to protect its own property owners from the horrendous costs of welfare, healthcare and education for illegals. This whole operation is a setup. There is no “suprise” and there is no “crisis”, except the one manufacturered by Obama. “Obama will take care of us” is the overwhelming response heard by border patrol agents. The corporate mass media runs almost exclusive articles pandering to illegals and the only single outlet offering a different view is Drudge Report on the internet. The old Nazi propaganda ploy was “Tell a Lie Often Enough and People will believe it”. The US media isn’t any different from the old Soviet Tass and Pravda and is little different as a repeat network for the “Liar in Chief”.

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    I totally believe that our evil government bought and paid for these ILLEGALS. That’s actually called human trafficking and in most countries is against the law. There is no way they could have walked 1700 miles through Mexico to get here. They were brought in by plane and by train and the cost was pushed on to the American tax payers. obama will do any thing necessary to bring America down from within. He has been groomed for that his entire life. Whoever thought that having a muslim in the White House would be a good thing, has to be just a little bit crazy. He is destroying this country like no other person or group of persons has ever been able to do in the past. Of course he has tons of money backing him, the socialist, the communist and the muslim countries – all who hate the United States and the freedoms that it stands for. If our do nothing elected officials do not get their heads out of his butt and the dollar signs out of their eyes soon, we are doomed.

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    Gee, does this mean that Kenya Boy’s refusal to enforce the laws and allowing unlimited invasion by ILLEGAL aliens including terrorists who hate our guts doesn’t play a part? Or his refusal to deport ILLEGAL INVADER CRIMINALS? GET REAL!

    What about the 36,007 convicted criminals that he’s released onto our streets? They are already committing new crimes, so when does he get indicted for his part in the “executive action” jail break?

    Sooner or later, there is a serious event coming and Obama and his AMNESTY CONSPIRATORS will be held personally responsible!

    But then, what can we expect from a Kenyan Born, Anti-AMERICAN, Anti-CONSTITUTION, muslim who hates this country and the principles on which it founded? (This opinion formed by watching his own words and actions)

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      Lets not forget the 5 terrorist that Obama swapped for his traitor friend. Obama is out to do the US in, and he is doing a damn good job. When you elect a President that is not an American born citizen, you get a person that
      could care less what happens to this country, and Damn if he ain’t proving this.

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        John Winthrop on

        Vern you have no idea as well as the media and all of us the details of the swapping and why……you just show your ignorance….now you repeat the same thing as the radicals…..the president is not a US citizen……. you are the dead wood of the US….and the Texan Rancher probably has Mexican and Indian blood and most like ly blakc yet he thinks most people think like him…bigot…….just like you.

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    “I heard so many stories of people who were found dead along the way, dead children”, says one of the people In the Washington Post story who was returned to Honduras. But that’s ok, because insisting we are “saving children” gets votes in this country. And she also says that “Mexican police” stopped the bus she and others were on and demanded a bribe to pass.