Barack Obama Should Have Listened to Barack Obama

Barack Obama Should Have Listened to Barack Obama - ImmigrationReform.comFor the past several years, President Obama has been telling the illegal alien lobby that he does not have the constitutional authority to grant broad administrative amnesty. Then, suddenly, around March 2014, the president decided that maybe he did – or at least maybe his Secretary of Homeland Security and Attorney General could manufacture some flimsy claim to such authority.

In doing so, the president raised the expectations of the amnesty lobby and the left wing of the Democratic Party to a fever pitch. At the same time, he has also stoked the anger of a broad swath of the American electorate – 70 percent of whom view illegal immigration as a threat to traditional U.S. beliefs and customs.  That’s not 70 percent of Republicans or conservatives; that’s 70 percent of American society.

In turn, talk of a broad administrative amnesty is striking fear and anxiety in the hearts of Democratic politicians in all but the bluest of blue states and districts. They know how to read polls. Suddenly, leading Democratic senators, like Majority Leader Harry Reid (who does not want to become Minority Leader), Majority Whip Dick Durbin, and Chuck Schumer, who just a few months ago were exhorting the president to “go big,” have gone strangely silent.

Now the president is in a pickle. Moving ahead with his threatened abuse of discretionary authority to grant amnesty to some 5-6 million illegal aliens would likely prove fatal to Democratic candidates just about everywhere. If he does not act, after all but promising the amnesty coalition that he would, he risks alienating his party’s left wing base, whose high turn-out rate in 2008 and 2012 put him in the White House and kept the Senate in Democratic hands.

It turns out that the smartest thing Barack Obama could have done in this instance would have been just to have listened to Barack Obama.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    John WInthrop on

    CARMOR you should be banned from FAIR to put FAIR in harm’s way if your info leads to irreparable losses……

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      John WInthrop on

      CORRECTION putting info that leads to possible irreparable losses and human suffering……..

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    John Wintrhop on

    Ira you keep on erasing my feedback about who care BUT what if somebody gets hurt/kill because of carmor feedback?

    THEN YOU AND FAIR GET SUED….so how come you erase my feedback and not CARMOR”S?

    do you want to be sued?


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      Any Webmaster of Any Web Site

      Controls the inputs to their codes and rules. If you don’t like their codes and rules of blog publication omitting your input(s), you can only simply complain about it it and/or blog at another website.

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    I’ve noticed that very few people actually mention the importance of imposing serious fines on US companies (and individuals) who hire illegals. When someone does mention it, the subject goes off to a different area – strengthen the border, etc. Also, when people talk of ’employers’, they never include the millions of individual families who hire illegal babysitters, maids, gardeners, etc. (I live in CA where this is an enormous problem, especially with childcare – not just for wealthy families but for lower middle class and above…)

    Yet, if serious fines are imposed on all employers, all landlords, et al – and government aid/services to illegals are ended – the problem is pretty much solved. The other issue is to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of US taxpayers who pay property taxes going to fund illegals attending public schools.

    Folks, this problem is enormous – almost at a breaking point:

    7 out of every 10 babies born in CA are to illegals -who were able to have their babies only by being on welfare.

    There are more than 10 million tax returns each year (number growing each year) which have false Social Security numbers.

    Billions each year are stolen from the taxpayer by illegals via ACTC – additional child tax credit – lies and abuses.
    I could go on, and on…. And I haven’t mentioned the illegal billion-dollar drug cartels now operating in every major (and minor) city in the US.

    If we intend to get serious on this issue – which is the most important issue facing the nation – then it’s time to shift the focus to what we can do and not merely what we should do…

    So let’s focus on this, and only elect those candidates for public office who agree in writing to the following specific solutions:

    End chain migration

    Restrict ‘birthright citizenship’ to those with at least 1 parent a US citizen

    End all (federal/state/local) funding for illegals
    *Note: I often hear of the critical need for the US to help illegals with emergency medical care. Why? What I mean is, why are illegals so special in this area of medical care? All hospitals have reserve funds in their annual budgets for the uninsured – and illegals fit in this category. They don’t need any special category of funding. As far as hospitals are concerned, illegals are merely uninsured. So we don’t need any federal/state aid in this (or any) area for illegals.

    Restrict enrollment in public schools to US citizens

    Severe fines for employers (including individuals and families) who hire illegals – knowingly or not. Likewise for landlords who rent to illegals.
    1st offense: 10% of gross revenues (or income in the case of individuals);
    2nd offense: 20% of gross revenues;
    3rd offense: business license revoked – in all of US – for 3 years – this applies to both the company and also to the individual owners themselves.

    If you don’t want to get serious on this issue, keep voting and believing in those politicos who endlessly speak so eloquently of ‘strengthening the borders’… Good luck with that.

    But if you’re serious about solving this issue which has impacted our entire country – and in fact, changed our entire country – then please give the above careful consideration.


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      Thank you for such detailed and important information. The statistics for California are not much better for Texas. But whose counting?
      There are a few of your recommendations that are problems because they are the law of land. First, is the education to illegals’ children. A federal Judge in Texas ruled that children of illegals must be provided a “free” education in the 1970’s and it would have to be changed – as it should. But, as of present, it is the law.
      And as for the medical, it was under the Reagan Administration that law was made to give anyone in the U.S> access to emergency medical care, no matter there status.
      And States rights become a big problem when it comes to Immigration laws. If we have uniform laws for States, including 100% enforcement of E-verify and no citizenship to illegals children (the original law stated – “and not subject to a foreign power’ – we will be able to quell it. And Mexico, South and Central America must be eliminated from the Visa programs until their countries protect their citizens from criminal activities that drive their citizens out!.

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        You’re right about children of illegals must be provided an education. But there is nothing in that ruling that says the children cannot be deported if they are not US citizens. In other words, they are entitled to an education while they are here, but that does not entitle them to stay. And we absolutely need e-verify. We could do it with no problem. Computers are so fast they can confirm or deny a SS number right away. As for birthright citizenship, it’s hard to believe that the authors of the 14 th amendment meant for children to become citizens by the illegal act of their parents.

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            Slaves were not here illegally, they were brought over by merchants Once they were here they were considered “property” of their owners. Once they arrived in America, they were no longer “subjects of a foreign power.'” You cannot compare today’s Immigration Laws with archaic laws of the 18th century.

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            John WInthrop on

            Kay EDUCATE YOURSELF……………………yes I can compare…you are nobody to tell me what I ca or cannot do…….especially when you ignorant of our history……………read Dred Scott US Court Supreme decision and look for the illegal word……..

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            You’ve been told a dozen times that the Dred Scott decision was 1857. The amendments passed after the civil war, the 13th, 14th, and 15th, overruled that decision and made American born slaves into citizens. Nothing to do with citizens of another country.

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            John WInthrop on

            Leland about time you educate yourself on legal matters…….go ahead and teach yourself what exhibits are……………………..that is all they need to wing a lawsuit against the state depart…….I TOD YOU THIS MANY TIMES….it is actually more deadly that it has to do with our 13th and 14th amercement…all they need is a lawyer and a class law suit action…….and prove they were brought here without being conscious about it like the slaves babies from abroad….. ..they will win…………..Obama knows this that is why he signed the executive order….

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          If illegals could bring a lawsuit and win permission to stay here under the 14th amendment they would have done it long ago.

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      Check out the Remembrance Project. I believe this is a quilt with the names of all citizens killed by “illegal aliens.”
      Speaking up for those who no longer have a voice!

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        John WInthrop on

        Partially your fault for not wanted to secure our borders and fix IR………..instead you do support the status quo…do nothing….you are to blame…..

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      Funny you should notice that, too. He really does loook unhealthy, and I’ve seen that palor before myself just before the person underwent some serious calamity, or breakdown….even death
      Regardless of our attitude about Obama, let’s hope he doesn’t die on us. I would much rather watch him suffer the consequences of his actions as they play out, and give proof to us that lies have hidden consequences, and truth has it’s rewards..

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      arnlof sweigeir ft on

      Well anybody that becomes a president pays a price for aging and their health a tough…job..

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      And look how thin he is! Goodness! He does not look well! Heavens forbid, he is seriously ill! The millenniums in my family would be heartbroken, as many more. The adage, “stress can kill” is so true – and what a horrible job.
      My hope is all is well with the President and his family and another ‘”enigma” like hm, comes along next election –
      Rand Paul?

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        John WInthrop on

        Nobody gives a hoot about your pathetic family nor you……………RP will never be elected as you EVER be an effective voter ………do not be a hypocrite…by saying …..”My hope is all is well with the President and his family “…that makes you a liar…………I am almost certain you have cursed him and his family in the White House…come clean…………….be a real American…..

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    Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid supports President Obama’s widely reported plan to unilaterally bypass Congress and unlawfully override and rewrite existing immigration law (Article 1, Section 8 U.S. Constitution) through an executive order by the end of this summer. Reid’s predicament is an ‘administrative amnesty’ by Mr. Obama for 5-6 million unauthorized aliens would result in a wipe out for his Democratic Party in this coming November mid term election and guarantee Reid would become the Senate minority leader. Also, any executive legalization order for unauthorized aliens that, for example, extends and expands Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals decree is not permanent but only temporary and is subject to judicial review. An administrative amnesty can be overturned by any future President through another executive order and of course blocked by a Republican congress in 2015.

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      Harry Reid and his counterpart Republican, forgot his name, are the 2 absolute worst Representatives in this country! It does not matter who replaces them – Republican, Democrat, Tea P artier, (or just eliminate the positions) – maybe someone or thing from outer space ——or a good comedian?.

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      Good! Keep donating! Can you talk F.A.I>R> to merge with Numbers USA! What a merger that would be. Two fantastic American leaders with millions of followers, contributors and spokespersons! Yeah!

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      John WInthrop on

      Snarky please keep on getting poorer………at the end nobody cares about you nor your money……just like the revolutionary REAL founder fathers of this country who fought died or survived handicapped and their fortunes were never paid back by the gov…………but in this case you are contributing to the demise of the US,,,,,,like Japan, etc…immigration and population growth is what fuels the are too old and obsolete…..let me guess you are above 50?

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    Certain members of the GOP had been on the alert to impeach the President and I even signed the petition, but the status you still hovers over us until the second term of the President lapses. What are they waiting for to set the ball running and I am keen to see the repeal of the infamous Dreams Act that had prompted minors to flee their countries to enter US and to organise crimes to the detriment of peace-loving citizens

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      The “Dreamers” were very limited. Must have entered the U.S., by 2007 and still in the U.S., by 2012 and have no criminal record and have a high school education. Actually, from what I have read, it was only 550,000 that applied for this. A problem that happened was some of their parents were deported and they were without parents for the first time.
      But, maybe, their parents were deported because they had at least 3 misdemeanors, Who Knows? If these parents want to give their children a chance – they need to learn to stay under radar – and obey the law1

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        John WInthrop on

        Kay you live in fantasy world….the same as good bad americans we have good and bad illegals…..where do you fit in?

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    It is funny how the president picks and chooses what laws to follow. He goes after states like Arizona when they try to enforce the law on illegal immigration but does nothing to states that have sactuary cities. Things have changed very much in this country,when I tried to register my daughter for school I had just gotten a divorce and sole legal custody, but the school would not let me put her in school until i had something from the judge showing that I was indeed the custodial. Now anyone can register an illegal child there are no birth certificates no custodial papers. How do we know these children are not kidnapped? Or do we not even care. what a society we have become. different laws for different people is not the American way.

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      I find it bizarre that you had the sole custody of your daughter and yet you could not register your child , though aliens’ daughters can! When you had your divorce, you might have received a copy from the court as evidence that you had the custody of your child. Unfortunately, the US is upside down due to politics, especially prone to satisfy the Hispanics.

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        to answer abimanu I did get something from the court after I contacted them. My divorced was finalize in a different state so I had to get it notarized and bring it back to the school. I also had to registered the decision from one court to another which was time and money. This seems to be very convenient now for illegal people. It was not made easy for me and I am American Born and so was my daughter.

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      It isn’t fair and if you have th chance, organize and speak out with others in your community. Realize, there are lots of us out there with you in heart and mind!

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    cynthia curran on

    Another thing the political right could have taken care of the situation when Bush was president. They could have created a stronger e-verify system and fine companies thousands of dollars that hired illegal immigrants. Bush administration for the first 6 years was mainly Republicans instead they allowed another 4 million in to lower construction wages and do service jobs. The state of Texas shows what the Republicans do as well during the 2000’s in became the second most illegal immigrant state and allow thousands to do construction work because it was cheaper. The Right wing whines all the time but they could have taken action under the Bush administration days instead they pushes some far right folks like Ted Cruz who always wanted guest worker programs mainly at the H1b level and Rand Paul who wants both low and high skilled immigration through guest worker programs . Blame the political right which could have prevented another 4 million under the Bush Administration for the current messed.

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      i live in the U.S.A. born here 64yrs ago. and for me to go to Maxico or Bahamas or Germany even Canada that is 5 miles away. but to return i need a passport so why doesn’t a Alien need papers to enter America ha Prez

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      Yes, and another 1/2 million from Arizona when Az,., tightened their laws. Do you think we could organize a group, Texans for American Workers? What do you think?

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        John WInthrop on

        Cynthia, Robert and Kay I will educate you a bit………….

        – Bush tried to fix it…APril 2001 245(i) athen 9/11 happened and nothing until now
        – at 64 years of age you never travel so you have no idea…in the 70’s you could cross
        to Canada and no passport required……anyway….either you are a liar or an idiot… you research
        we are the US that is why…

        – Kay you will fail.

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    Have you read the Constitution?

    Actually it says, “….will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    and, “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,…”

    NO ONE, including you has the duty to obey an unconstitutional statute. You have the right to defy it and fight it all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Obama and his DOJ determined DOMA was unconstitutional and the Supreme Court ruled that they were correct.

    That is how our system works.

    Another minor but important point is that the Executive also has the power of prosecutorial discretion. So they have wide latitude in deciding whether to prosecute (enforce) laws.

    This has been the case since the First Judicial Act in 1786.

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      What you’re saying is misleading at best. During the Occupy protests there were encampments set up in public parks [many were homeless] and they tried to claim it was free speech to do so. There were some who tried to defy orders to leave and some were arrested. You can defy any law you like, and try to get it overturned, but that doesn’t mean it’s consequence free to do so.

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          Laws last until they are changed. And you can’t ignore them because you feel “above” them.

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            Do we ever need to change laws? Immigration Laws? 70,000+ thousand tax laws written by 11,000 Congressmen for their own personal gains and makes the IRS obsolete and completely inefficient.
            Welfare laws that entitles every “poor” person in the country to a middle class income and every taxpayer to a life of poverty. $50,000 entitlement equals, housing credit, food care,, medical care, $8,000 to $10,000 tax credits – EITC, Child tax credit………….community services, lawyers.
            Socialism, at the least. provides for its citizens – What does the American government do for the taxpayer?
            The federal government provides the “poor” with medical, food, housing, social services, and if you are illegal, clothing, education, attorneys, transportation, social services, and lots of etcs.
            One company turned down a contract up to $30 million dollars just for “transient” services for “unaccompanied aliens – appr. 1,100. That is $27,000+ per alien just to situate 1 of them. ????>??????
            What? How? Why? It must be a very organized “pro amnesty group running these programs. Demand the Attorney General, Eric Holder, stop these anti-American groups from getting American dollars for subversive projection of “vulnerable illegals.” Declare Lulac, and LaRaza as terrorist organizations for promoting and moving “illegals” to the U.S>A>, and have them disband as was Acorn.

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            John WInthrop on

            Leland you live in a little box… repeated what I said……they change with times so never last forever…and they are not above people…if you believe that then move to Nazi Germany where this mentality would fit………………………..BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ABOVE PEOPLE THEY OUGHT TO BE CHANGED!!…do you really understand and realize what you write? or even believe?…you are a funny unstable dude.

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      “….will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

      and, “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,…”. So essentially your are saying Obama is following his oath of office to the best of his completely incompetent ability. I agree wholeheartedly.

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    Nothing wrong with preserving our American traditions and customs. We’re not perfect but we are far ahead of a lot of other societies. Who would want the corruption and violence inherent in Latin America or Africa? As far as the Islamic countries, basically it’s one disaster after another. The only reason we aren’t talking about the civil wars in Syria and Libya is because of what’s been going on in Iraq and Gaza. Is it a coincidence that in far too many of these countries religious and gender repression, and sectarian violence, run rampant? It’s always Israel Israel, but when car bombs go off in crowded marketplaces all across the mideast, no one says a word. Hypocrisy much?