This Date in Obama’s Administrative Amnesty: August 18, 2011

This Date in Obama's Administrative AmnestyOn August 18, 2011, then Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano wrote a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announcing that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would implement a backdoor amnesty program.  Four months before, the Senator had asked the Administration to halt deportations of those who would have qualified for amnesty under the Dream Act, even though that amnesty had failed to pass Congress the year before.

The letter, which essentially granted Sen. Reid’s request, explained that DHS would establish an “interagency working group to execute a case-by-case review” of all pending and incoming deportation cases. The review was intended to ensure that proceedings only continue against aliens who fall under the Department’s “priorities.” Napolitano promised that DHS and DOJ attorneys, in addition to other personnel, would identify “low-priority” deportation cases at every stage of the process that should be considered for an exercise of discretion. She also stated that she would issue guidance to prevent “low-priority” cases from even entering the system in the first place.

The Administration then proceeded to implement this backdoor amnesty city by city, starting with pilot programs in late 2011 in Baltimore and Denver, then proceeding to Detroit, Seattle, New Orleans, Orlando, and San Francisco before a year had passed. The number of cases dismissed through this backdoor amnesty policy reached 28,983 by the end of 2013.

But the policy did not go unnoticed. Word of a new amnesty spread quickly among illegal alien communities, leading very soon to the start of the surge of unaccompanied minors across the border that has now reached crisis proportions.

Read more at FAIR’s President Obama’s Record of Dismantling Immigration Enforcement.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    I have a interesting bit of information it seems that Mexico is having fits over TX Gov Perry putting the National Guard on the TX border. Mexico is claiming that TX is somehow breaking some law about putting military on the US border. Even with them having their military sneaking over our border on a regular basis. In the same breath they make demands that their immigrants be treated with the up most respect while one of our servicemen is illegally locked up in one of their jails.

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    You might not think there’s a connection between the events in Missouri and illegal immigration, but there is when you think about it. Which is, this administration panders to criminal activity and is anti law enforcement. Not just them of course but it’s the extent that makes the difference. Why would the Dept. of Justice demand that the video of the strong arm robbery committed by the suspect not be released because it would “inflame tensions”? Soooo…we let street looters determine what WE get to see?

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      arnlof sweigeir ft on

      That is news to me… Michael Brown an illegal alien……Leland….where else do u want to see illegal aliens” fault….. Where there is none I. The Missouri tragedy…. U r getting a bit delusional here…….

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      HAHAHA!…..Leland you are a funny guy!!!!HAHAHA!….please elaborate how the White House created the Missouri tragedy……please explain otherwise I think you are becoming senile,,,,really please explain…..

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        Could you please quote how I said they “created” it? All I said was why let lawbreakers determine what we see. Like why let illegal aliens determine our immigration policies. All this administration has done is hamstring enforcement by ICE when it comes to illegal immigration.

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          English LEland…you said:

          “You might not think there’s a connection between the events in Missouri and illegal immigration, but there is when you think about it.”

          think about it/////////////

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            Care to include what I said right after that? “Which is, this administration panders to criminal activity and is anti law enforcement.” Just ask the border control agents union. They have repeatedly said this administration undercuts their efforts to enforce the law.

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            John Winthrop on

            What does that have to do with Missouri? concentrate, stick top the point……………then answer……… sin in your rationalization of the issues….you are no longer a valid voter.

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      The Missouri Incident Has Indirect Relationships to the Open Border “Its All Civil Rights” Argument Supporting Illegal Aliens

      Its not American civil rights at all when it comes to foreign nationals illegally invading America. Its criminal acts against America. They have no right to be in America, period.

      The Missouri incident is construed as civil rights because the African Americans [legal citizens BTW] there are alleging police brutality against their legal citizen ethnic group. Do I agree with them? That is a totally different issue outside of immigration blogging, so I remain mute.

      I will say this though, Al Sharpton thinks its bigotry in Missouri, but finds nothing wrong with overpopulating America with illegal foreign nationals stealing scarce jobs from poor legal citizen African Americans. Who’s side is he on?

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        John Winthrop on

        As an engineer you have failed to make a point and a relationship to the issue……I will give you an example of your logic…..because there is a tomorrow, Missouri incident has indirect relationships…..I wonder we r losing the technology in this country…….

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    In Other Words

    The open border pundits like to make it so hard to enforce the immigration laws on the books by inventing their own unlawful roadblock criteria, that nothing will get done.