Dirty Tricks Used to Pass Boston TRUST Act

Dirty Tricks Used to Pass Boston TRUST Act: ImmigrationReform.comOn Wednesday, without any notice to the public, the Boston City Council unanimously voted to pass the Boston TRUST Act. This dangerous legislation is now on its way to Mayor Marty Walsh to be signed into law.

This bill was not on the official agenda for the Boston City Council yesterday, yet the Council still voted on it. (A video of the proceedings can be seen here and starts at the 2:28 mark.)

The legislation now waits for the signature of Mayor Marty Walsh, who has voiced support for it in the past. If he signs it, the Boston TRUST Act will take effect immediately. His staff told Boston Magazine:

“Mayor Walsh supports the Trust Act to uphold the rights of immigrants, and to maintain public safety, family unity, and due process in our city,” she said. “With the signage of a local Trust Act we send a clear message to the immigrant community that they have a friend and an ally in Mayor Walsh, Commissioner [Bill] Evans, and the city of Boston. We commend Councilor [Josh] Zakim and his colleagues on the Council for their leadership on this issue.”

The Boston TRUST Act works by forcing city law enforcement to ignore detainer requests from federal law enforcement agencies. A detainer request is a notification to state or local law enforcement agencies that a federal agency, such as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), seeks custody of a particular alien for the purpose of removal from the United States.

Anti-cooperation bills like the Boston TRUST Act are particularly insidious because they:

  • Undermine public safety in communities within the City of Boston;
  • Prohibit state and local law enforcement from working with ICE when illegal aliens are arrested for crimes; and
  • Impede the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration law.

The Boston TRUST Act would require local law enforcement to ignore ICE detainers, and they would have no choice but to release these criminal aliens from police custody.

Anti-cooperation or anti-detainer bills have become a favorite tactic from pro-amnesty and open borders groups in an effort to stop enforcement of U.S. immigration laws. Last year, California and Connecticut passed the first statewide anti-cooperation bills. Earlier this year, the Mayor of Philadelphia signed an executive order prohibiting law enforcement in the City of Philadelphia from working with ICE.

However, these bills are so dangerous that former ICE Director John Morton, an Obama Administration appointee, sent a letter to FAIR in August 2012 stating:

ICE has explained to jurisdictions…that by ignoring ICE detainers they are undermining public safety in their communities by exposing their local communities to risks from suspected and convicted sex offenders, weapons violators, drunk drivers, and other violent criminals. These are not hypothetical risks.


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    Trust Act

    I wrote this and sent it to all Boston City Council members, no response, and my three Reps one response, my 14 Town meeting members, no response, it didn’t have a anything to do with us. It was Bostons problem…I guess they reason.

    Dear State Rep Sannicandro, Karen Spilka, Chris Walsh and the Boston City Council.

    I would like to address an article that was in the Boston Globe dated Thur  Aug 21, 2014, Council Passes Boston Trust Act,

    I have to express my great displeasure at this passing of this Act that takes into account NO real time facts about Illegal immigrants and the danger this passing can have on public safety.

    The article itself was written on the premise that 20% of the illegals with no so called “criminal past” are getting a get out of jail card. This so called non criminal past is a big laugh in itself because ALL Illegal immigrants are in violation of Law, but that’s a side point.

    These twenty percent may not have a criminal past according to your viewpoint but the OTHER 80% do and this “Trust Act” protects them, THE REAL CRIMINALS. What is wrong with you people?
    The Boston Globe article itself admits the OTHER part of the equation here are CRIMINALS.

    The article states:
    “Federal statistics show that nearly half of the 757 deportees from Suffolk County from 2008 through March of this year had no criminal record”

    That means OVER half HAD A CRIMINAL RECORD.

    If you want statistics how about this troubling one, 10% or MORE of Illegal immigrant coming to this country or are in this country have left their countries of origin BECAUSE of criminal activities they caused in those countries and are now here with false documents and NAMES that even if they are caught put Americans at risk when they are released. Why? Because  your “Trust Act” allows them to  change their names, again and again because you failed to let ICE try to find out WHO these Illegals really are. Even at that unless ICE checked these individuals at the source, their countries of origin, you will NEVER know who these person are, do you understand that?

    These real rapist, child molesters, drug dealers are free to roam the Commonwealth or move to another state because your “TRUST ACT” let it happen. Your Trust Act perpetuates criminality among the 80% that ICE and our customs and enforcement have a problem with, a SERIOUS PROBLEM WITH..

    How the Boston City Council could pass this outrageous Trust Act in view of the statistics showing that criminality abounds in the illegal immigrant community is beyond me, SHAME ON  ALL OF YOU WHO SUPPORT THIS ACT DEFENDING MOSTLY CRIMINALS.

    Joseph Rizoli

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    I find it telling that all the cities where this type of legislation is being enacted are the same places infested with crack cocaine epidemics and no doubt extensive drug cartel operations.

    The real purpose behind this legislation may be to benefit the narco cartels operating in American urban centers and their multi-billion dollar operations.

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    Once again idiots strike without giving any preference to the community. Illegal aliens do have but only one (1) right and that right is the right to be sent the hell back to where they came from,all of them.

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    No Boston Supporter on

    Now we can hope that one of the Council members, the Mayor, or any of their collective families (preferably the former two) are put out of their misery by one (preferably several) of these Illegals who are caught in the act of doing so.
    Then I’ll bet they’ll be singing another tune and it won’t be sounding like TRUST.
    We should be so lucky!
    There is something so basically wrong with the minds of people who support and encourage the lawlessness of Illegals. Their first act is to break Immigration Law, then they proceed from there.. If, no when, the lawful citizens have had enough and turn on their oppressors…….. Which, not surprisingly, would be most poetic (if not ironic) to once again begin in Boston.

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      What better a place than Boston to value illegals The people elected to the City Council sound like communists just like E. Warren. I believe she is the spawn of satan. They might also be related. Get rid of thosr bottom feeders asap.

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    Most folks who oppose immigration reform oppose brown immigrants from out southern boarder. They don’t oppose white immigrants from our northern border.

    The senate bill has a 13 year path to citizenship. The tea party Republican house, after over a year, wasn’t able to put it’s own bill together, wether it had a path to citizenship or not. Their one interest is opposing Obama and has been since the day he was elected. Vote them out.

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      You’re mixing up legal and illegal immigrants. As a matter of fact, Boston has a number of illegal Irish immigrants. No one is saying give them any special breaks. It’s a matter of fact that most illegals are Latino, but not all are. Can you point to any proposal that would differentiate between Latinos and other ethnic groups? How about mandatory e-verify of SS numbers for every job, which FAIR has long supported? If every person is checked, how is that discriminatory? But I doubt you’ve thought it out that far. You just charge racism and that’s the end of it for you.

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        You and I are Almost Always on the “Same Wavelength”…

        The open border pundit minority ALWAYS uses the “race card” to support anarchy of our sovereign nation’s immigration laws. Its like saying, “if you ain’t Benedict Arnold” you’re automatically KKK.

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          Yeah, facts are facts. It’s like the people who carry on about “when your great grandparents came here”. But the fact is they did not have children here and then run to the taxpayers and expect them to support the family. You did it, with your own two hands. I have no problem with helping people who need it. I do have a problem with coming here illegally and your US born children are taken care of with tax money. Speaking of the race card, Al Sharpton is one of the guys who portrays all the opposition to immigration as racism. I guess I should not have been surprised when I was reading this morning that he has become the administration’s “go to guy” concerning the Missouri unrest. He has the same pattern every time. Come into a situation, long on accusations and short on facts, and then he’s proven wrong in the end. Tawana Brawley and Duke lacrosse just to name two. It’s not like the White House can stop him from going, but they are actively seeking out his opinions.

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            My grandfather on my dad’s side came here around the 1890s from Sweeden, settled in N. Dakota originally. The land was free back then and N Dakota was essentially “population empty” back then….America needed immigration then for the farm management. He learned English and assimulated to American culture on his dime too.

            No comparison to the clogged environment and scarce job market today. We just don’t need anymore population strain on what’s left of America’s usable land, scarce jobs and scarce water now; its a New World Order now….LOL

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            The Homestead Act was pushed by the railroads back in the 19th century. They had to do that to get farm customers for their railroads. It was such a brutal existence that a lot of settlers abandoned their homesteads before the minimum 5 years and moved back to the cities.

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            softwareengineer…..you grand pa got a free hand out after the indians were killed…..the illegals have it harder…..THE GOOD ONES…….

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      Hey Mike Fisher…since you obviously are not a citizen of the USA why don’t YOU go back to your country of origin and enact the laws of MEXICO in your true country.

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      We don’t oppose illegal immigrants from our southern border because of the color of their skin. We oppose them because illegal immigration is contrary to the rule of law. What about the word illegal don’t you understand? We have much greater concern with illegal immigration from our southern border because of the numbers of illegals coming in, and the fact that there are a significant number of MS13 members, drug cartel members and terrorists entering from the porous southern border. We also have greater concern with illegal immigration on our southern border because those who are entering our country illegally are poor and unskilled, some with diseases such as tuberculosis, measles, scabies and even leprosy. Uncontrolled (illegal) immigration is having a negative impact on the economic viability and the physical appearance of our neighborhoods with less maintenance being done on houses within the neighborhood. Many neighborhoods are going down hill!

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      I am black (d) it is not prejudice! Daily, more than 24 of our veterans commit suicide – their family should get in-state all over; many are homeless. Thus far well over 5,000 Americans have committed suicide – lost their jobs, home and family – 5,000,000 more jobs to steal. Economy is bad – Obama lied about the number is deportations made (to force immigration). He has no black agenda or American agenda..It should be a law to keep these families together; same state tuition (vets and families on streets). these suicide victims will never be able to go back to their families (humanitarian problem for US)
      only unions, Laraza and Hispanic CONG. Caucus can see them a lot — We have laws on the books and we should make it easier for the legal immigrants and their families; they put those 500,000 DACA and made legal immigrants wait after these illegal immigrant . Mexico is not our friend drugs and poor people; Tamarrose still in jail – bring our soldier home go war. My black caucus trying to force amnesty – President or them have done nothing for blacks – worse – jobs – votes taken for granted. they send their poor for us to bear while our veterans and citizens are dying -schools s=in VA have to take them (no shots); another school says grown people are in grade and middle school and they can’t ask them to prove age — PREDATORS – many shelters are now only take illegals? what is up for US? our president and their president says we are lazy and prejudice


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      Mike. , you make assumptions on what people believe .Are your views on white peoples thoughts based on your racism , do you hate white folks and therefore suppose you know that they have racist motives , I think you are a craven vile racist and it’s people like you that cause the polarity in our society , Americans have every right to protect there economy and the future of there children from people who are here illegally , paying nothing into the system and committing crimes , gaming our welfare system and driving down wages .

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    The Senate passed an immigration reform bill in June of 2013. The Republican majority House hasn’t been able to accomplish passing a bill of it’s own.

    Like other federal issues, when they’re not addressed by elected federal officials, in this case tea party Republicans, states and municipalities will act. If you don’t like their plan, which keeps families together, you know who to blame.

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      The Senate passed an AMNESTY which is repulsive to the majority of Americans. When Arizona passed an anri-invasion law it was attacked by Obama’s government because immigration is supposed to be in the federal purview.

      Why isn’t that the same when cities and states pass PRO-invasion laws?

      What Obama/Reid/Pelosi are doing to this country is an unspeakable abomination, and Democrats all over the country all the way down to the city level are in lockstep. Very sad.

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          Sweigeir must be an illegal. Why don’t you go back to where you came from and let the illegals destroy your home country? Or try to improve it instead of ruining ours.

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            arnlof sweigeir ft on

            Mb why did not u leave my land and go back to central america wherever u come from….here only civilized people are able to converse……even the illegals contri ute more than you to our country….not your country by the way… Even the illegals r smafyer and wralthier than u and have more class and genes than u do…I am certain of it!!!

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      arnlof sweigeir ft on

      Mike Fisher…great point….dead on….the Republicans never made an effort at all….they are Apes just like mb……..

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        Warren Serkin on

        And you’re a completely clueless, brain dead moron who absolutely needs to go back to your ESL class because it’s obvious that you flunked the first 10 times around

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      Warren Serkin on

      You are an idiot, aren’t you, Mike. The House passed 3 bills, all of which are going to rot on Dingy Harry Reids desk because he doesn’t want any house generated bills to be voted on in the Senate. He should do the country a big favor and suck on a tailpipe.