Is Rep. Luis Gutierrez Well-Intentioned or Just Trying to Pick up Votes?

obama_signLast Wednesday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) joined pro-amnesty advocates who urged the president to immediately issue an executive order that would protect illegal immigrants already in the United States. The congressman also used his soapbox to take shots at other politicians who only use the immigrant issue when it benefits lawmakers. But to those listening in on the teleconference, Gutierrez sounded like he was preaching to the choir.

Gutierrez started out mentioning that in late June, the president said he would complete some form of executive action on immigration by the end of summer. August came and went but Gutierrez and his advocates still have not seen Obama issue an executive order or policy directive that would decrease deportations. Gutierrez said he believes this inaction is the result of lobbying by Democrats pleading with the president to hold off until after the upcoming elections. Some Democrats facing tight races do not wish to be associated with Obama’s “pen and phone” style of leadership and worry the president’s bypassing the legislative process could cost them the support of independent voters.

Gutierrez does not agree. Instead, he explained, the best thing for Democrats to do this fall is to “step aside” and let the president act where Congress has failed to. He argued that if Democrats join Republicans in delaying immigration reform, both parties could be seen as hindering forces.

“We have to stop using immigrants when they’re good for us,” said the congressman.

But Gutierrez may be the type of politician he is in fact warning others about. Moments after his statement, he contradicted himself when he said advocating for immigration reform would mean growing the Democratic electorate in months to come, even before the midterms. He continued mentioning illegal immigrants and those born to illegal parents in the U.S. as keys to growing his party’s electorate. Wooing these voters, Gutierrez suggested, would enhance the likelihood of eventually passing pro-amnesty immigration legislation through a Democrat-heavy Congress.

All of Gutierrez’s ambitions may be too little too late though after Obama announced last weekend that he would not issue any type of broad amnesty memo until after the November elections. The news left some of the president’s biggest supporters stunned at his inability to keep a promise. Furthermore, amnesty advocates could be rethinking their support of Obama and any 2014 political candidates who affiliate with a leader who cannot keep his word.

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    the pro amnesty are the growing illegal aliens, overpowering americans, into forcing amnesty is the answer to the 30 million illegal aliens living in america. the illegal aliens are into their own self interest reasonings, without shames, justifying their demands of amnesty is good for the country, there will be no illegal aliens, change is good, stagnant no progress is bad – to them amnesty is progress, quite the contrary, the founders are gone at birth of the civil rights, something has to happen, it will happen – all of these spoken by illegal aliens distorted foolish propagandas say it all – illegal aliens are way too illiterate to even know the USA’s legal immigration are widely open in the world. aliens legally applying have been waiting for decades for their green cards. america have not closed its doors to legal aliens entering the USA’s soil by the thousands, millions annually. really? stagnant?, no progress?, certainly are spitted lies by no other than the illegal aliens themselves, like BO’s lies to its people.

    the answer to illegal aliens are deportations. reagan 80′ amnesty is the proof of the pudding, amnesty without a doubt does not work, instead it encouraged people born to be lawbreakers to dupe the immigration laws of the land, as evidenced by the current uncontrollable 30 million illegal aliens sucking 33 billion dollars yearly from the hard earned dollars of the citizens. the word amnesty should be labeled bad in immigration lingo, the word must be outlawed by political lawmakers to save, take back america from these blatant illegal aliens, who should be considered the biggest threats to society’s economic and social levels, changing your neighborhoods to hoods, too many out of work americans. jobs are currently scarce in the USA, and these commie socialists headed by BO want to legalize illegal aliens, when there are not even decent jobs available for the citizens. so what is next?, these illegal aliens will be given welfare by BO and his cohorts, like gutierrez. if americans do not see this like unstoppable fast moving runaway train to run them over, then all reasonable americans need to brace themselves for the fall of america.

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    Snarky Repulbican on

    I’m glad to see some of these pro-amnesty groups pissed off at Obama and his cronies. Maybe they can now see he DOESN”T care about them and only uses them for political gain.

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    Guterriez is one of 70 avowed communists in Congress. You’ll find his name listed as a member of the DSA. (democrat socialists of America)

    Wharever else he may be, he’s not a loyal AMERICAN as his actions are in support of ILLEGAL INVADER foreign nationals! That’s why he wants AMNESTY.

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    A horrid little man. We don’t need this phony in government. We need him doing forced service in the Border Patrol.

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    Gutierrez is the bantam rooster of the immigration movement. When the sun comes up, he can’t help but crow. For him the mention of the word immigration or illegal alien or some variation is the sun. When it appears, he instinctively must issue some comment to keep his name in the media as the champion of illegal aliens. 🙂

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      My question is how does Gutierrez remain in office?

      This man continuously violates his oath of office, is guilty of dereliction of duty, aiding and abetting, and has committed fraud by collecting a salary and benefits, paid by our tax dollars. Specifically, instead of representing the American citizens he is sworn to defend he has, in fact, been working exclusively on behalf of and advocating for illegal aliens v those who pay his salary.

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    The news left some of the president’s biggest supporters stunned at his inability to keep a promise. Furthermore, amnesty advocates could be rethinking their support of Obama and any 2014 political candidates who affiliate with a leader who cannot keep his word.
    ———-Gee. You mean they’ll have to learn what we’ve had to learn in the past 28 years since the 1986 amnesty, that politicians lie? S744 is being pushed by some of the same politicians who peddled the 1986 amnesty with the promise it would be the only one, guys such as Durbin and Schumer.

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      Reagan personally thanked Schumer for his work in the House at the signing ceremony. Which is another point. That was passed by Congress. Apparently one guy gets to decide this. Of course, the argument to that is “Congress won’t do the right thing” so the president “has to act”. That’s not the process set out by the founders and never was.

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        Leland………………..the founders are the founders….they are gone…now it is up to us…….in the future will be up to the people from the future…………….so 1 in 10 workers in California is an illegal soon will be all over the country because you support no change…….as a consequence a bigger problem…Reagan did the right thing The People screwed up….your head is thick as a brick…..i have told you this many times already…….So if The People would have backed up Reagan and Schumer this would not have never happened….and as time changes and people DO change……then more amendments…….move to future get unstuck…re-invent yourself…….have you heard of evolution?…..maintaining and improving things……basically not getting old?… a country?….

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          You missed the point as usual. The founders wrote a constitution that we still live under as the foundation of our government. It quite clearly says that it is up to the Congress to legislate, not the president. Is it your suggestion that we just ignore the constitution? Maybe so, because you already accept that illegals should be rewarded for breaking the law. And you are the one who supports “no change” because all you want to do is give an amnesty without any guaranteed enforcement upfront. We’ve been doing that already, not enforcing the laws as written. It only gets us more illegals.

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            arnlof sweigeir ft on

            Really…..?… were the founders Alive when the 14 rh was born or the Civil Rights enacted?………so for u change. Ever happened?…..may be your world….your changes that is stagnation??? progress…..?….. Well once u reached that point then u just get stuff k and. Complain…. Complain….complain….

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            Changes are made constitutionally. You mentioned the 14th amendment. Passed by both houses of Congress and ratified by the states. Not passed unilaterally by the president.

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            Leland I have news for you…..something has to happen….and it will happen by Congress………eventually….so all you said is just bluff and air!!

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          The congressman is a lefty loonie. He pushes this because he thinks in the near future his illegal alien voters will get him pushed to a higher office. He will constantly remind them of his support and they need to keep voting for him

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        George Williams on

        If you’ve read the COTUS you’d know that the only power that federal government has in the immigration process is to establish the rules for naturalization. That’s not the same thing as having the power to control immigration to our shores. Long after the COTUS was written the states were charged with the responsibility of governing immigration. Like it or not, and perhaps it should be codified by a COTUS amendment, that’s how it stands today. Actually, it makes more sense for states to control immigration as the federal government is irresponsible in its control of immigration. Immigration decisions are commonly made on the basis of politics than on what is good for the states. When leftist governments like the Obama administration have control, we wind up infesting our country with radical Somalian Muslims communities, with the states having no say in the matter. The idea that the federal government can inflict poverty, ignorance and radical politics on a community without an opportunity to comment or prevent it is outrageous. Democrats see these people as potential voters. The rest of us see this a total contempt for the American people.