Holder’s Legacy: Weakened Immigration Enforcement and a Dysfunctional System

Responding to the Department of Justice’s announcement that Attorney General Eric Holder will retire, Dan Stein, President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform issued the following short statement:

“Despite his responsibility as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, Attorney General Eric Holder performed as the chief dismantler of laws this administration found to be politically inconvenient, notably all those related to immigration enforcement and the law’s administration. Mr. Holder provided guidance to the Obama administration when it chose to use “prosecutorial discretion” to weaken enforcement and began laying the groundwork for amnesty by executive action. Once new policies were in place and the administration had consolidated the power to not enforce our immigration laws, Mr. Holder’s job was to make sure no one else could either.

Most evident was Mr. Holder’s aggressive stance against DoJ-state cooperation. While he was quick to sue or threaten states such as Arizona, South Carolina and Alabama with lawsuits when each tried to participate meaningfully in cooperative immigration enforcement, he adamantly refused to act against states and localities that had imposed sanctuary policies which protect illegal aliens and openly defy federal laws. In particular, Mr. Holder willfully ignored anti-detainer legislation — the most dangerous sanctuary policies — which actually prohibit local police from cooperating with federal immigration officials.

Holder’s opposition to state cooperative laws and agreements was in furtherance of his, and this administration’s, overall desire to torpedo the effective operations of our immigration system. The truth of the matter is that the attorney general of the United States did not like our immigration laws, and thus spent his term demolishing them.

The president needs to restore credibility by appointing someone new who will give the public confidence that a professional — not a political ideologue — is responsible for immigration adjudication and law enforcement.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Sadly, the appointment of Eric Holder as AG is part of a broader pattern of the Obama administration. Many of those appointed have held and implemented strong biases. This set of actions have been very polarizing, and in marked contrast to Obama’s pledges of seeking common ground while he was running for election in 2008.

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    One of the articles I read announcing Holder’s resignation said that it would be a difficult job to find a replacement for him. I completely disagree with that statement. Most anybody could do as much good as he did; but to find some one who can do as much bad as he did, now there is a difficult job. I do have confidence in Obama’s ability to do that as I believe Al Sharpton and others like him are already compiling a list of racists who will do as little good as he did and almost as much bad.

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      A Black immigrant who respects Americans and the Constitution on

      Barrack Obama and Eric Holder have done tremendous damage to the Black Community of American Heritage in the United States. Neither is from a family with long roots here. They are ideologically driven and believe immigrants are more likely to agree with their ideology. They are doubly insulting to both Blacks of American Heritage and immigrants.

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      Sharpton was acknowledged by the White House as their “go to guy” during the Ferguson protests. Here’s a guy who from the start continually misrepresents the facts in any case he’s been involved in, yet the media and this administration act like he’s credible. It’s just more of the continuing cycle of perpetual grievances that are catered to in this country. Fifty years ago, minorities had genuine grievances. Now almost all of it is their never ending chip on the shoulder attitude. Look at the OJ case. The black community dismissed a mountain of evidence with a claim that the entire LAPD was out to get him for racial reasons.

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    To put it mildly, lawless Eric & the DO(IN)J are nothing but a dung heap, and have only compounded all the problems that both BO, and his asinine and inept administration have perpetrated upon the citizens of this nation. By being so racist, divisive, non-transparent, overreaching, and utterly unconstitutional, they’ve set this country back decades regarding their utter contempt for the actual rule of law!

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      How about when he ordered an investigation into the incidents in Ferguson Missouri. We still don’t have a complete grand jury report but he’s already decided something’s wrong. You can believe a cop just decided to kill a black man or you can believe that same man had just committed a strong arm robbery and decided to resist arrest violently.

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        Snarky Repulbican on

        And if that incident in Pennsylvania would have involved KKK members harassing black voters-he would have been all over them.