Why Immigration Reform is the Perfect Example of an Environmental Issue

chesapeake_bay_sattelite Immigration is undoubtedly a hot topic in this year’s elections. For a handful of states that surround the Chesapeake Bay, it is closely related to the issue of conservation, which has been at the top of voters’ concerns for more than a decade…or at least it should be.

The Chesapeake is one of the country’s most remarkable natural resources. The 4,479-square mile bay serves as a channel between northern rivers and the Atlantic Ocean, and is essential to sustaining the region’s 17 million people.

However, sharp population increases since 2000 have contributed significantly to pollution of the water and land. The bay’s resources are being increasingly strained. Much of the region’s increased population is the result of loosened immigration laws. Immigration was responsible for 40 percent of the Chesapeake region’s population growth between 2000 and 2009.

Although groups like the Chesapeake Bay Foundation want to protect the bay’s fragile ecology, they have failed to link the symptoms – chemical contamination, habitat loss, air pollution, the rising cost of clean water, natural gas drilling and outdated sewage systems – to overpopulation.

The foundation has mailed local political candidates a list of nine actions that must be taken in order to redeem the bay’s filthy waters and restore the ecosystem to healthy levels. Some of those steps are being funded by the federal government, which announced last week it has allocated $10 million dollars to clean up the bay.

While politicians are eager to commit to the idea of saving the bay and organizations endlessly advocate for a resolution, the root of the problem remains buried beneath those murky waters. Until a leader or organization makes the connection between immigration and overpopulation, true change will not take place.

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    Isn’t it strange that these “sanctuary states” were crying “humanitarian” when these IA’s were flooding this country (they still are but the flood is at a bit lower level now) into the southern tier of states. Now that the southern tier has chased as many of them out of here as possible and they are going to the northern states who believe they deserve amnesty and asylum from their horrible treatment in their home countries, it has all of a sudden become an environmental issue. The Chesapeake Bay, one of this nation’s most “remarkable” natural resources, is now being polluted by these people who deserve amnesty and asylum!!!! What about all the other “remarkable” natural resources in this country? They are not exactly leaving them unscathed as they travel throughout this country!!! When the north is affected, it now becomes an issue. Well, well, look at that!!!! It didn’t happen between 2000 and 2009 either. If that was the case, they would have been screaming a lot louder and things would have been getting done faster to improve the situation in the very heavily liberal North!!!! The real serious overpopulation has happened between 2009 and today with the most serious of the illegal immigration happening in the last five years. It you are going to report on an issue, report the truth. Obama allows the bay to be all but destroyed and then throws $10M of OUR tax dollars to clean up the mess his actions caused. The government needs to be cleaned up as bad or more so than the Chesapeake Bay.

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    Excellent article. The bigger problem, softwarengineer, is LEGAL massive chain migration. Illegal immigration is merely a symptom of that problem.

    Unless and until “environmentalist” wake up to overpopulation being their biggest problem, I refuse to take them seriously.

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    The Northeast States are mostly Sanctuary States with lots of IAs

    Perhaps the bay may clear up a bit as legal citizens are getting the hades out of these high taxes for immigrant welfare costs. So much for the wild allegation assumption we all liked amnesty.


    BTW, read the real poll against amnesty too, almost all the blogs on this news story are against overpopulation amnesty.

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      The majority of you voted for Democrats that ALL support amnesty. I am sorry that you are as dismayed by tour region as I am in the rest of the country.

      Isolationism has such a bad time of it in today’s lexicon. I am looking more and more favorably on it as time goes on.

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    Most of these so called environmentalists are too cowardly when it comes to mentioning that immigration contributes to population growth, and population growth contributes to environmental degradation. That’s why the Sierra Club drove out the people who held that position.

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      These so called environmentalist who says climate change is real are a bunch of scammers and money hungry mongers. There is no such thing as climate change. Those true environmentalist are saying the weather pattern changes every one hundred years and therefore are no Climate Change. Justing trying to scam the American people our what little bit of money they still have. These idiots want to destroy our country and our people, so they have scammed up lot of ideas of how to scam up and bankrupt our country. If you Americans do not wake up and smell the roses our country is gone and so are we because they will have an American Holocaust if Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama, and a bunch of evil corrupt terrorist in the WH get back into office. If these terrorist kill us off are all of you ready to go and have asked theLord to come into your heart and confessed your sins, and if not when they kill us off there are going to many, many, many people who will go to eternal Hell and that means burning in Hell forever, so think about it and decide what is going to take place in your life.