Obama Orders Millions of Amnesty Cards. But Why Stop There?

President_Barack_Obama_speaks_during_a_Veterans_Day_ceremony_at_Arlington_National_Cemetery_in_Arlington,_Va.,_Nov._11,_2013_131111-D-BW835-1100Breitbart this week reported that the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) prepared a solicitation seeking bids from contractors capable of producing millions of Employment Authorization Document cards (EADs), which will be provided to newly- amnestied illegal aliens. The contract specifies the vender must make 4 million cards a year, with a special “surge scenario” of 9 million cards in 2016 and up to 34 million cards total.

It’s almost too fantastic to believe, yet keep in mind that Obama has affirmatively declared he will use his claimed executive authority to grant millions of illegal aliens amnesty shortly after the election.  Therefore, the administration must get its ducks in a row now and that includes even the minutia of printing ID cards.

But why stop there?  It would be more efficient for taxpayers to order the other bulk items now that each illegal alien will need, and their special interest groups demand:

  • 25 million Welfare Benefit Cards because the vast majority of those getting amnesty will be low-skilled, poor and heavily government- dependent.  After all, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda just sent a letter to the President demanding that he grant Obamacare, Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program to any illegal alien already given administrative amnesty and any future illegal alien granted amnesty.
  • 10 million documents guaranteeing that each illegal alien be granted in-state tuition.
  • 1 million “Get Out of Jail Free” cards because, of course, if any newly amnestied illegal alien is caught committing even a serious crime, the ACLU will allege profiling and discrimination.
  • 20 million “No Hablo Ingles –You’re Required to Speak to Me in Spanish Signs.”
  • Finally, 34 million Voter ID Cards because ultimately that’s what amnesty is all about;  one big fat Democrat voter drive.

And just to be fully prepared, USCIS might as well double the orders for everything because once amnesty is granted it will create the incentives for yet another massive flow of 34 million more.

Is it a great time to be a federal contractor or what?


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    Of course anyone getting amnesty, including those with DACA already, will NEVER leave the US (except for on vacation), and will eventually become citizens.

    Another fact: Regardless of the law as written, THEY WILL ALL RECEIVE WELFARE AND HEALTHCARE from Day 1. Get real.

    And in the meantime, massive LEGAL and illegal immigration will just continue…forever.

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    Well, supposedly, these people are not supposed to be getting any of these government benefits. Weren’t we told that when the Senate amnesty bill was being discussed? Weren’t all our amnesty Senators on all the talk shows saying in stern tones how none of that aid was going to be available? Weren’t McCain and Schumer saying that? But then, you know they’re lying because their lips are moving.

    Because there is one thing that is sure as the sun rising in the east. And that thing is that none of the promises made about enforcement, no welfare for illegals, paying any back taxes, will happen. It’s like when Rick Scott ran for governor of Florida in 2010. He and the Republican legislative leadership vowed to pass e-verify. And then, what do you know, they were suddenly informed by business interests after the election that it would be too difficult to implement even though it’s been up and running for years nationwide. So there went e-verify.

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      Or That Latest Republican Comprimise Bill

      Which emphasized enforcement and even E-verify, with a caveat; no E-verify implementation for three years…..that’s code for never. Delays mean never, just like the delays on employer enforcement after Reagan’s 3 Million amnesty in 86.

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    Amnesty does NOT mean citizenship and last I read you MUST be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years of age to legal vote, in the U.S.A.

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      that doesnt matter with no id required anybody can vote over and over, i have to say you are a disgrace cathy, to still back that trash in the white house after all the harm he has done . you are a feeble minded disgrace