You May Be Surprised to See What an Analysis of Congress’ Immigration Votes Revealed

capitolFAIR released its Congressional Voting Report for the 113th Congress tracked members’ votes on immigration-related legislation. A thorough analysis of the report revealed an unprecedented divide in opinion between parties. Democrats, uniformly, fell into line with President Obama’s amnesty and open borders agenda, while significant numbers of Republicans in both chambers also backed amnesty and the importation of more foreign workers. Among the report’s key findings:

House of Representatives

  • 37% of all members voted consistently for enforcement-oriented legislation
  • 70% of Republicans and 0% of Democrats voted consistently for enforcement-oriented legislation
  • 34% of the House had mixed voting records (pushed for both amnesty and enforcement), including 30% of Republicans and 37% of Democrats
  • 29% of total members opposed all enforcement-oriented legislation
  • 0% of Republicans voted against all of the bills but 63% of Democrats opposed all enforcement-oriented legislation 


  • 23% of all Senators voted consistently for enforcement-oriented legislation
  • 51% of Republicans and 0% of Democrats voted consistently for enforcement-oriented legislation
  • 34% of all Senators had mixed voting records (pushed for both amnesty and enforcement), including 49% of Republicans and 23% of Democrats
  • 43% of all Senators consistently opposed all enforced-oriented legislation
  • 0% of Republicans and 77% of Democrats voted consistently to oppose enforcement-oriented legislation

While there were certainly some members who stood out in their defense of the interests of the American people, the overall immigration policy record of the 113th Congress did little to speak on behalf of constituents. Hopefully, the 114th Congress will do a better job of serving and representing the public at it is supposed to.

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    E-9 verification, yes. If you let Haitan’s in, how is it right to deny the next group? Don’t let the church groups off, who bring in Somalis, Central Americans, etc.. Some even recruit church leaders who turn out to be molesters!

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      Since we have isolated Cuba for it’s internal affairs, locked down Haiti for it’s out of control AID’s epidemic,can anyone convince me that it makes sense that we can’t close off the gate around our homes and temporarily put a final note on immigration… legal, and legal, even if temporary.?

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    I have no problem with legal immigration. I think this is one of the many things that make the U.S. so great. I do have a problem with people sneaking in and then expecting special treatment.
    I believe they should be deported back to wherever they come from originally. We have laws in this country and they need to adhere to them.
    Please write to all of your elected officials in Washington D.C. and tell them of your opposition to illegal alien amnesty.
    I write my elected officials regularly and tell them of my disdain for any amnesty regulation.

    I also review the following websites and take action accordingly:

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    America is full. This is all about big business, driving down the cost of labor, and more votes for the Dems.

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      Kudo’s Timothy….
      Refreshing to read such a concise description in so few words, but don’t become embittered by things out of our control. That takes to much mental energy, and for can become a 24/7 preoccupation. It’s effective to join ranks in open protest, but your vote takes just a day…. I hope you’ll use it wisely. I hope we all wll!

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    It would be helpful if the individual members of Congress were printed. Especially for conservative, but lazy or apathetic, or ignorant voters. If voters are to be energized, remember, they do not exhibit much energy; EVERY ELECTION. Christian voters sit at home and then whine after the election.

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    MantraCoreBunny on

    Asia for the Asians

    Africa for the Africans

    White countries for everyone??


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    One of the reasons given for allowing 100,000 Haitians on waiting lists for visas to come all at once is that “the program is intended to prevent a mass exodus from Haiti.” So there hasn’t been a mass exodus from Haiti, there wouldn’t be one because those who come on boats are simply returned, but we have to prevent something that was never going to occur. End result is that we are permitting a mass exodus of 100,000 so we won’t have a mass exodus? The same thing we do with Cuba, we grant them thousands of visas per year to prevent a mass exodus that we could stop anyway by simply returning them.

    And most of those Haitians will becoming to South Florida where, according to a story in the South Florida Sun Sentinel on August 29, “renters here on average spend 44% of their income for a place to live, far more than the national average of 30%..” So not enough housing for American citizens, but let’s worry about foreign national’s interests.