Resources Are Not Unlimited

One of the main reasons for having an immigration system that limits immigration and a legal system that enforces those limits is that the resources of the United States are not limitless, which advocates of mass immigration fail to acknowledge. The population of the United States is growing rapidly because of immigration – directly through the arrival of immigrants themselves and indirectly through the children born in the United States to immigrants. The population of the United States has grown exponentially since immigration laws were changed in 1965: by more than 105 million (or by over 50 percent) since 1970. We would have likely already achieved population stability if not for increasing immigration levels.

Census Bureau data reveal that, nowadays, a new immigrant is added to the U.S. population every 40 seconds, and that immigrant women on average have higher fertility rates than do native-born women. This leads to a growth in the overall population by one person every 13 seconds. Should this rate be kept up, our population would amount to a billion residents in the first decade of the next century. Our current rate of population growth simply cannot be sustained and should be addressed by reducing immigration levels and enforcing immigration laws; not by rewarding those who have come here illegally (thus encouraging more illegal immigration), and tripling legal admissions.

U.S. overpopulation is not something that can be brushed aside as insignificant or irrelevant to the discussion of immigration policy. It is at the heart of it.

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    China, the world’s most populous country with over a Billion people, is suffering from massive water shortages as the country industrializes. A former President of China was asked not long ago what China’s greatest problem was. His answer, “Too many Chinese.” Although millions of Chinese have been lifted out of poverty, most people have been left behind because of the country’s huge population. Without the totalitarian government and its brutal police state enforced by the huge paramilitary People’s Armed Police, the entire country would descend into unrest and chaos. With such a huge population, the value of each human life is reduced. A friend of my family who is ethnic Chinese, from Hong Kong and educated in British schools there said that human life in China means nothing. And we want to replicate this kind of hell here? China’s leaders must think that we are mad.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    Somebody had better start looking at the fact that there are a number of states that are in the middle of droughts that have went on for several years. California for instance is so dry they can’t grow the crops and vegetables that they used to supply in the winter. The water problem will only get worse as the years go by as our snow fall is less and less in the winter. That is what supplies the water to the Colorado river which supplies water to several states. I wonder where the US government plans on getting the water to supply all of the millions of legal immigrants coming endlessly to the US? The aquifers in the Midwest is being pumped out at a high rate because of not enough rain falling in the spring and summer to raise crops this has been going on for years. This is one reason that food prices have steadily risen every year. The US imports a lot of its vegies from Mexico but what happens when that country experiences drought too which has happened. No one really knows what this climate is going to do no one ever experienced this before.

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      Governor Jerry Brown has the solution. He said all Mexicans are welcome in California, whether legal or illegal. But we know why he and all the people like Senators Feinstein, Boxer, Reid, McCain and Schumer are for it. They want votes and they don’t care about the long term damage to the country they are supporting. And actually, according to polls, most Americans have no idea about how many legal immigrants we allow per year. They can however name all of the Kardashians. Shows you where our priorities are.

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    I’ve Noticed

    Older politicians shrug about overpopulation, they’re dying soon anyway. Same with Social Security, if they don’t need it, they advocate robbing from it.

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    In 1970, the world’s population, including China and India, stood at about 4 billion. In less than one lifetime it has almost doubled to 8 billion with the growth in countries which could afford it least.

    There is a mass migration of uneducated, unskilled povertiy-stricken peasants underway to the food lardders of America, Europe and Austrialia. America is being invaded from Central America, the Phillipines and China. Europe from North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Austrialia from Afganistan, Pakistan and Indo-China.

    Population growth is not a good thing. Just look at the cities of Dehli, Mexico City and Bejing with wall to wall people flooding the streets and all with wants for food and shelter for which they have no money to pay for and demand others give it to them. When they cross the border, they become “your” problem and don’t expect a “thank you”. They will bury you in sheer numbers.

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    THIS is the real issue. Illegal immigration is merely a symptom, albeit a terrible and significant one, or an ill-conceived, poorly designed, disaster called the 1965 INA.

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      And Ted Kennedy supported that act and said “our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually.” Which is exactly what the critics of that legislation said, and which has come true. And those are just the legal numbers, which this present “reform” would at least double, probably triple.

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    Many know of the causes supported by Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward. She has been a long time member of Negative Population Growth, which wants strict limits on immigration for environmental and other reasons. The reason so few actually know this is because it doesn’t fit in with the typical portrayal by the media of immigration restrictionists as ignorant “nativists”.