Illegal immigrants send home $50 billion annually but cost taxpayers more than $113 billion

moneyIllegal immigrants residing in the U.S. send $50 billion in remittances to their home countries each year, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The World Bank estimates that number is even higher, closer to $120 billion.

To put that figure into context, $50 billion is the same amount as the U.S. government’s annual foreign aid budget, notes the New York Times. It’s the operating budget of a midsize country, or in America’s case, enough to fund North Carolina and Maine for an entire year.

Nearly a quarter of that money is sent to family members in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Those three countries collected $11.8 billion, adding 10 percent to each nation’s gross domestic product.

Approximately 126,000 illegal immigrants emigrated from these three nations to the U.S. since last October and federal officials estimate at least 95,500 more will enter next year.

The Central American governments have encouraged the high levels of emigration because it is earning their economy billions of dollars! For every illegal alien that sneaks into the U.S. and remits money back home, that grand total remittance number only grows. But what if the millions of U.S. jobs now filled by illegal aliens were done by American workers earning better wages, paying more in taxes and spending their money in their communities rather than sending it abroad?

Americans are the ones forced to pick up the $113 billion tab for taking care of the country’s 12 million illegal immigrants. Is it the responsibility of taxpaying citizens to cover the cost of illegal immigration and the government’s aid to these countries while illegal workers continue to send their money overseas to send $50 billion overseas?

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    According to the Hertiage Foundation, the average illegal receives about $14, 000 in government benfits more than they pay in taxes. The 12 million illegals within the US is a 2002 number. Since then, about a million illegals have skipped the fence each year which means more like 35 million. Costs are $9 Trillion in costs minus $3 Trillion in taxes leaves a deficit of $6 Trillion nationally.

    It is County and State property owners who get stuck with the bill for welfare, healthcare and education for Third World illegals while the Feds only pay for food stamps. The flood of Third World illegals are coming from former Cahtolic Spanish heritage countries who do not mix with white Anglo-Saxon Protestans in language, culture or customs.

    A race war is on the horizon. Hard to tell if it will be a revolt or revolution or where it will start or when. But it will happen and it will be ugly.

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    If it is costing us $113 billion dollars a year now,imagine the cost if this contemptible Muslin SOB signs documents to allow even more illegal immigrants to enter our country. Can 2016 come soon enough. Course then we might have Obama the second in the horrible shape of the wife of the sex offender still walking around the country,the pig Bill Clinton. Pays to be rich and a suck ***.

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      Some of that money sent south is used to pay the way for more to come. The more they send, the more that come, repeat billions of times…
      This will grow by leaps if it isnt stopped. Ridiculous.
      if illegals send home that much, I’d hate to see how much legal immigrants send home.
      We are also supporting many of them with health care, college tuition, there crowding many of our kids schools, cost billions just for esl (English second language) classes, free lunch, many refuse to carry car insurance, that costs me about $2000 in damages, high percentage are in prisons, American citizens have to take foreign language classes to deal with them, like police, interpreters, teachers, court systems, govt offices, etc.
      Many immigrants somehow own many businesses, most pay no taxes by constantly giving business to a relative, govt provides many business grants to help immigrants start businesses, they own gas stations, hotels, restaurants, trucking companies here in my small town.
      Plain and simple, there are too many immigrants, they cost us huge amounts of money and problems. We need more limits on ALL iimmigration and refugees….. Before its too lat.

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    This is a MASSIVE drain on our country! We cannot afford illegals sending billions out of our country! We are broke! The golden age of our economic domination in the years immediately following World War Two, when our major economic competitors in Europe and Asia were rebuilding from the bombed out ruins of the war, is OVER! We are TRILLIONS in debt! The only reason we are still able to maintain our delusions of grandeur is the Japanese, Chinese, and other foreigners have loaned us Trillions of dollars so we continue to buy their products, keeping their people employed and ours unemployed! None of our toughest economic competitors have millions of illegals sending billions of dollars out of their country, giving them a great competitive advantage, because that is money being reinvested in their economies. This is unsustainable!

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    Not only do we lose all those billions that could have gone to our local economies, the presidents of those Central American countries insist that the :”solution” is billions in foreign aid to them. How about they do something that would really help and tell their citizens to stop listening to the Catholic Church’s birth control policies.

    It is the very height of hypocrisy when the Catholic Church lectures first world countries on how they must help their poor brethren. But it’s the church causing misery and poverty with their policies. Change those and then maybe you can talk. Until then, keep your phony lectures to yourself.