America Has a Problem Keeping Out Deported Criminal Aliens

It’s been more than a week since a Sacramento County deputy and a Placer County homicide detective were fatally shot in the line of duty. Following the incident, police took Marcelo Marquez into custody but learned that name was an alias for the suspect’s true identity, Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamonte, a twice-deported illegal alien from Mexico.

Bracamonte was last deported in 2001 and it is unknown when exactly he returned to the U.S. The lack of information begs the question of how many other previously deported criminal illegal aliens have also reentered. Judging from last year’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement report, quite a few. In 2013, 10,358 previously deported aliens were removed. Of course, these 10,358 illegal aliens are just the ones who were caught by law enforcement and who ICE actually removed from the country.

Deported aliens appear to have little difficulty sneaking back into the country and even less fear of the law.  Although it’s a felony to reenter the U.S., punishable by up to two years in federal prison, only 20,000 are serving time for this offense, according to Fox. Deported aliens keep coming back to the U.S. because they know the odds are that they won’t do the time for their crime.

The Justice Department needs to enforce the law and urge U.S. attorneys to prosecute these repeat offenders. If we do not start enforcing our laws, we leave ourselves vulnerable to preventable tragedies, as the families of Michael Davis and Danny Oliver have unfortunately learned.

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    Lawrence Schreiber on

    Illegal aliens must be chemically tattooed in the facial area and the lower arms prior to deportation. This would make any illegal easily identifiable. Those who choose to obliterate the tattoo would be obvious and then subject to secondary identification, ie., fingerprints. Illegals with second offenses need to be handled very roughly to the point they do not want a third time. These people cannot be made to feel comfortable. I am not anti-immigrant by any means. I am anti-illegal immigrant or even anti-legal immigrant when we allow those types to immigrate and they first go to the welfare offices. Legals must have a job, sponsor, a skill set needed in the U.S. – otherwise don’t apply.

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    That’s why after voting for Democrats all my life, no democrat received my vote and never will again. You see….Blacks are still transitioning. My mother and father were uneducated and believed what they were being told and passed their beliefs down to me. Maybe I’m a late bloomer, but I can plainly see what the Dems are doing. They think that as blacks, we are obligated to vote for them. But Blacks are educated and can see the harm being done to them by the Dems. We are a vote, and only a vote. It’s not happening anymore. But it’s a hard row to mow. Because that’s what they have been taught. Don’t get me wrong because I believe that both parties do and say whatever is to their advantage. But I’m looking beyond the lies and deciphering what’s to my advantage. What do I believe in. And the Dems have a long way to go to make me believe that gun control, illegal immigration, and a poor national defense is in my best interest. But it’s hard to convince those who know nothing else.

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    Under the present policies of this administration, even being caught repeatedly, as many as a dozen times, brings no punishment. And many local law enforcement agencies will not even hold them.