Obama’s Toxic Economic Growth Formula

online jobsLast week the president touted the government’s addition of 10.3 million new jobs over the past 55 months. Sounds like reason to celebrate, but that may not be the case. What would appear to be “good news” for American workers is in fact a highly orchestrated messaging maneuver to fool the public into believing the standard of living has improved while in reality, hardworking taxpayers may be the losing party.

There are no data about the number of legal and illegal aliens included in that 10 million figure, but the majority of these jobs are low-wage ones that overwhelmingly attract immigrants.

Legal and illegal aliens are willing to work for lower wages than the average citizen. The primary winners are direct employers while the losers are displaced American workers. Consequently, socio-economic classes become further divided, making the rich corporate owners richer and the poor working class poorer.

The president promised to put Americans back to work. Instead, his subordination of our immigration laws has only benefited Wall Street but not so much for hardworking Americans.

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    Once again, many lack attention or believe Fox is fair and balanced. I am against our President’s immigration stances, but at least he is honest about them, as our the two GOP senators from Arizona , who favor “reform”. It is the Reaganites like Grover Norquist aqnd Larry Kudlow who have to be watched. It is “Americans for a Conservative Direction” that poured in millions of dollars to elect Republicans. They advertise on Sean Hannity’s and Rush Limbaugh claiming to back energy projects, while pushing for legalization across the board. Big money from donors like Mark Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley residents back a number of GOP candidates. These are basically fronts and they will expect quid pro quo. Meanwhile, right wingers will do little, and another Reagan type immigration bill will pass, and the cycle will repeat. Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney are also talking “reform”.

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    DANGER: Mine Field Dead Ahead

    Currently under the microsope is the Tans-Pac Trade Agreement for Pacific Rim to hit Congress this January.

    Under it, even more mid-level manufacturing jobs will be shipped overseas to low cost labor pools, end the “Buy American” program where government purchases with taxpayer money to American firms, foreign corporation investors able to sue the US for “profits” lost because their lower bid was rejected and sovereignty as a nation is destroyed. It is NAFTA on steriods. More of Pres Barry Obola’s plan to transform America into his idea of a Third World paradise along with a perverted idea that the way to raise wages with good jobs for Americans is to flood the labor pool with illegal labor who are easily exploitable on wages and working conditions.

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    Obama, when elected, set out to systematically destroy the American Dream for all but the very rich. He has been very good at it. I feel that he has committed crimes against the U.S.

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      Judy you should have a brain transplant….with people like you we have no future in the US….

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    Last I Read Recently in the NYT

    The average American wage with immigration overpopulation lowering it, is $10.92/hr and 28 hr weeks [probably no health benefits on a lion’s share of the jobs too].