Tell Congress Now: De-Fund Amnesty!

FAIR Action AlertHouse Republicans to Meet THURSDAY!
Call NOW and Demand Your Representatives De-Fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Thursday, House Republicans will meet in person for the first time since Election Day. Our sources tell us that immigration will be one of the top agenda items and that Republicans will debate how to address President Obama’s promise to unilaterally grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens living in the U.S. The President has vowed to fulfill this promise by the end of this year.

However, Congress has an opportunity before the end of the year stop the President. On December 12, funding for the federal government runs out and Congress must pass a new spending bill to keep the government running. This funding bill — whatever form it takes — MUST have a provision in there that prohibits the Executive Branch from using any money appropriated by Congress to carry out an executive amnesty program!

Therefore, we are urging all of our members, activists and supporters to immediately call their Representatives and demand they prohibit any government funding from being used to carry out President Obama’s impending executive amnesty.

Please call your Representatives in the House NOW and urge them to do two things:

  • Sign a letter authored by Congressman Matt Salmon (R-AZ) that urges the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Hal Rogers (R-KY) and the Ranking Democrat on the Committee, Nita Lowey (D-NY), to use any government spending bills for FY 2015 to strip funding from the President’s executive amnesty. Remember, if your Representative has already signed the Salmon letter, please thank him or her.
  • Demand your Representatives reject any government spending bill that does not strip funding from — or “defund” — the President’s executive amnesty.

There is no time to waste!!! House Leaders are already working behind the scenes to negotiate the December spending bill. To find the phone number of your Representative, click here.

If your Representative in the House supports the President’s executive amnesty, but you still want House Leadership to hear your voice, call these House leaders now and tell them you insist that they defund the President’s executive amnesty this December.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA)



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    C-SPAN 2 , “STATED” That they are signing up ALL Prisoners Before Release from Prisons and Jails, , AND, May I Quote , All Illegal Aliens, Thumbs down all you want , That is the Truth , and that make them Illegals eligible for all welfare aid, Case and Point , Just the facts ,

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    the time has come to put Americans first , end all entitlements to non citizens close the border no amnesty it again!!! We the ppl are fed up!!!!!

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    Our hospitals and schools are being crushed by the weight of illegals. They pay nothing to either institution, WE PAY. The New illegals from Central America are illiterate, unskilled and are a drain on the economy as they have come just to avail themselves of America’s money and resources. Their only goal seems to be to give birth so that American Welfare money starts flowing to them. NO AMNESTY. Those illegals who are not working and contributing need to be deported post haste.

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    Lola Vega Cuadra on

    I am begging you to help defund the legalization of illegals in this country. We are being manipulated and forced to legalize people who broke the law by entering illegally. They should not be rewarded. We have laws against this and they should be enforced.

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    Mikeaul Martin on

    NO amnesty fro any illegal! so many before were honest and forthright to do the right thing, these illgals don’t deserve anything and this administration is giving them handouts while our own folks go with out! get rid of amnesty as well as OBAMA

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    teresa swingle on

    Our delicate economy cannot withstand the burden of all these illegals. Our people cant find jobs. I as one. And millions more are going to strain the economy even more. Not to mention that most will be on tax payer funded programs. How much more can we bare the weight of this. Our president is selling us into poverty.

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    This needs to be handled on a case by case basis definitely not just amnesty for all illegal entry into the U.S./criminal elements need to be deported and the border sealed/absolutely no revolving door

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    The three solutions to the problem are build the fence, enforce the laws, e verify included, and shut off the incentives and nothing less or more. Self deportation is an absolute must. Hc

  9. avatar

    Doe’s this mean we Americans can ignore laws we disagree with? Of course not! Why then, is a SPECIFIC group of people exempt from following the law? That would be the illegals AND the politicians!

    • avatar

      Double Standard

      The sad part of this new backboneless judicial system to immigration laws, it’s understandably causing our youth and others to wonder if our whole judicial system is a complete joke now.

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    If obama gives amnesty what will happen to millions of Americans? millions of illegal’s will now come “so called Out of the Shadows” to compete with other Americans for jobs. Over abundance of workers in the work place creates lower wages. Protect Americans-E-verify

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    We, as the American voting public, and American born citizens are against any ‘cuts into the line” as a reward to law breakers. We also do not want amnesty given to them, as it will only draw millions more into our country. Seal the Border. Deny any funding that is intended to house, educate, medicate, or incarcerate an illegal alien. I will not call them “immigrants”, as immigrants desire to be Americans, and act within the laws already here. Illegals only want to milk the systems put into place to care for our less fortunate citizens. Defund anything having to do with social safety nets being utilized by illegals. That is my, and our, desire.