Another Instance Of Unneeded Protection Of Illegal Aliens: TPS For Liberians, Guineans, And Sierra Leoneans

Because of the Ebola breakout in Africa, the administration, on November 19, issued a new designation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for nationals of the three affected countries – Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone – who are in the United States and want to avoid returning home.

The TPS is for a period of 18 months and may be renewed. This new use of TPS, and its use in general, is misguided and the law that allows it should be withdrawn.

In practice, TPS really only benefits nationals of designated countries who are illegally in the United States. Those who are in the country legally with a visa can request an extension of the visa so as not to become an illegal resident. Illegal residents do not have legal temporary status that they can renew, so it is they who benefit. The TPS designation allows the illegal aliens to obtain a Social Security card and to receive a permit to work legally. This is, therefore, a form of amnesty, i.e., giving the alien what he or she was seeking by entering the country illegally or by overstaying a visa.

Barack Obama Should Have Listened to Barack Obama - ImmigrationReform.comThe reason for eliminating TPS from  statute is that successive administrations have demonstrated a lack of will to let the TPS designation lapse when foreign governments have asked for it to be extended. Thus, at the present time, there are thousands of Central Americans in the United States with TPS protection against deportation who first obtained that status in December 1998.

Giving temporary legal status to illegal residents makes no sense. They are not temporary residents who intend to return to their home country as soon as conditions allow it, which is the conceptual framework for the TPS policy.

As a result of the TPS policy that has given protection against deportation to thousands of Central Americans, the administration has just announced a policy of allowing the children of those aliens left behind in Central America to now come as refugees to join their parents. It would have been more proper under our immigration law for the administration to terminate the TPS status and send the parents back to their home countries to care for their children there.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    Sounds Like With This Executive Order Amnesty

    The USCIS has not enough to do if they can take on MASSIVE extra work adding unwanted overpopulation without new budget. Cut that government agency soundly with the Sequestration butcher axe, if that’s the case.

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    Since I, as a legal American taxpayer, am expected to foot the bill for this massive legalized invasion … the feelings I have for this country have changed. I served many years in the U.S Army … in many different situations. I always felt proud when the National Anthem was played, or saw the flag being raised … at the Olympics … everywhere. I no longer feel that way. My taxes keep going up … to support those who really don’t belong here. I see a government that looks the other way when an American loses his or her life at the hands of an illegal alien. This country was formed when the states agreed to join in this Union, to allow the Federal government to provide a uniform coinage, military … and most importantly to provide for secure and defensible borders. This has all become a sham. I work harder for less. This country is no longer respected in the eyes of the world. We are seen as weak and spineless due to the leadership at the top. We have explosions of little know illnesses because of the massive influx of those who have not been vaccinated … are carrying diseases and spreading them across the country. We see children afflicted with strange enteroviruses … paralysis … linked to this wave of immigrants. We bring in those from Somalia … Muslim … who in turn many times leave our shores to join the ISIS terrorist organizations of the world. We witness a woman in this country … beheaded at the hands of a “muslim” convert. A crazed major, muslim, slaughters dozens of innocent – defenseless soldiers at Ft. Hood … the governments response “work place violence”. We are seeing the fruits of this “man’s” radical transformation of America. He is turning us into the first open border … stateless land mass that he envisions will be the beginning of the “one” world order. Personally, I feel only disgust for that notion. I have been an American, was fortunate to have been born in this country, and will always feel that way. Regrettably, I feel shame for a corrupt, broken government that has abandoned the citizens of this nation in favor of the illegals that they are welcoming with open arms. I just wonder how long this despicable government could survive if the working people of this nation said “screw” it, stopped working and applied for benefits. After all, it is becoming more and more of a long shot if we will even have a recognizable nation … let alone a nation that will reward us for all of the long hard years we worked, paid our taxes, obeyed this country’s laws … and have the audacity to think that we will have a retirement program that will remotely be able to assist us in our retirement years. With tens of trillions of dollars of debt, with the government now securing billions more of our tax dollars to distribute to those who have never been a part of the fabric of this nation … I guess the only thing to do is to say no more … loudly and with force. The alternative is to become nothing more than a footnote … soon to be drowned out by the ever present cacophony of noise this government is exposing us to.

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    I guess you missed the point. None of this is “temporary”. The work permits always are renewed long after the original reasons are no longer valid. These people are never going home. Only fools would think so, given the record of how this system works. Like I said, only fools.

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        Power and responsibilities are parallel lines. Sorry but you are the citizen of the most powerful country in the world. You see, there is something called moral obligation. A good government has no boundaries when it comes to morality and humanity. When the government has boundaries, the country end up being N. Korea. Remember what happened to the world conqueror UK when it took the path of arrogance? Here is the universal law for anyone that has some sense of humanity.

        SELF comes first, then comes family, then friends and relatives, then the neighborhood, then the county, then the state, then the COUNTRY, then the continent, then the world, then the universe.

        Where do you belong? Why worry about you and your future when he has many others that comes before you? those poor people with TPS does not deserve a break? Are they being favored more than the citizens, and neighborhoods? YOU KNOW IT ISN’T ABOUT WATER BUT IMMEDIATE AND REAL LIFE THREATENING SITUATION RIGHT?

        Now the question of the century, WHY USA? Why not Japan, Korea (south), Germany or France. Simply because immigration is not the culture and tradition of those countries. They hardly have immigrants from those countries to begin with.

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          You realize you contradicted yourself? To quote you “self comes first”. It doesn’t mean we can’t help other countries, we already have many times over, but the self interest of the the citizens of this country comes before any of the dozens of countries who are unable to put together a functioning society. Mexico always points the finger at us, but it’s their own corruption and violence that hold them back.

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            It is ridiculous and unfair to say Government ignore citizens and support illegals. If that was the case, why would they be ready to die to be a citizen? They should be better off being an illegal. no? And it isn’t about just Mexicans. It is about people from all around the world, Tibetans, Bhutanese, Africans etc.