President’s Friday Trip to Vegas is an Early and False Victory Lap

President_Obama_Phones_Mars_Rover_TeamPresident Obama will announce his 10-point immigration plan Thursday night before immediately traveling to Las Vegas, Nev. What may appear to be a random trip to an even more arbitrary location is a highly orchestrated maneuver by the White House to knock out four birds with one stone.

Obama will flee for Sin City in order to promote the widely unpopular executive amnesty in a state that is not coincidentally home to the nation’s highest percentage of illegal aliens – 7.6 percent, according to an analysis by the Pew Research Center. There it will be easy for the president to rally the crowds since more than 10 percent of the state’s workforce are illegal aliens, details the Associated Press. Obama may even high-five a few grateful kindergarteners during his appearance – 17.7 percent of whom are the offspring of at least one parent who is an illegal alien.

It will have been two years since the president visited Vegas’ Del Sol High School. In 2012, he addressed the student body and laid out his principles for the White House calls “commonsense, comprehensive immigration reform.” Friday’s midday visit back to the school grounds will signal the completion of his long-anticipated amnesty (even though true immigration reform has yet to be introduced by Congress or the executive branch).

In addition to a large illegal alien population, Nevada is also home to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, an incumbent who barely slipped by in the 2010 election. In 2010, Reid ran for reelection against Republican Sharron Angle and won in one of the year’s closest races. The polls had jumped back and forth between the two but gave Angle the final edge by 4 percent in the final month of the race, but Reid stunned the nation with his solid 5-point win Nov. 2, 2010.

While Angle had picked up the majority of Nevada counties, Reid only won three, including Clark County, home to Las Vegas.  Thus, Obama’s trip to Reid’s home state will be the first unofficial 2016 campaign event and certainly a nod to the state’s Democratic voters.

But the Vegas stunt will also supply the president with a “get out of jail free card.” Obama will get to skip out of standard press briefings in Washington, D.C. that typically follow any major executive announcement. Instead of receiving pushback and detail requests from the media, he (or his spokesman Josh Earnest) will only have to answer to the 10 print and television reporters the White House Press Corps allow to follow the president, as is standard practice.

On Friday, Obama will feel a little more liberated from the press and may even consider the staff’s visit to Vegas a fitting celebration of their big announcement. But with two years left before he’s out of office and a Republican Congress prepping to take over January 6, the White House might not want to claim victory just yet. They may believe their dismantling of our nation’s immigration policies is irreversible, but for every open borders advocate celebrating, there many more voters and activists who will be demanding that Congress act to truly reform the mess Obama has made of our nation’s most important policies.


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    This may be a crazy idea, but isn’t a good, commonsense approach enforcing the laws we currently have on the books? Enforce the laws, clean up the mess, and then see where we stand. You can’t fix anything if the ground rules keep on changing.

    Maybe we could start selecting the laws with which we agree and to which we will adhere. Aren’t our elected officials citizens like the rest of us? Don’t they set the standard for what’s acceptable? If they’re not going to adhere to the law of the land, wouldn’t they expect us to follow their lead?

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    This is not a Democrat vs. Republican battle, it is a vested interest vs. the middle class. There are wealthy, powerful interests acting in what they perceive as self interest or benevolent from both parties. There are church groups, there is the Mark Zuckerburg alliance from silicone valley ( which has funded mostly Republicans), and George Soros. There is wealthy home builders and hotel owners, as well as a few unions, like the SEIU. I have met a number of non-union contractors who hire illegals, these contractors all favor Republicans and don’t want E-9 checks. Why are both Arizona Senators pushing for immigration reform? The good thing about President Obama and Jeb Bush is, at least there honest about there intent. They must not suceed in implementing their goals. The groups like Americans for a Conservative Direction MUST be outed!

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      Demo turned Redcoat on

      You hit the nail on the head! Back in June, while close to 100,000 from South of the Border were pouring across the border, the Republican platform was requesting massive new Visas for workers. Surrounded by home builders, among other Texas businesses, many of the Republican representatives were present and having their pictures taken. Some of these were the same Republicans, who back in D.C., yelled the loudest about the border security and the influx of people arriving at the border.
      The increase in Visas were voted down, only because members figured out how to out do the “platform presenters.” and much to the dismay of the Chamber of Commerces’ and the rest of the pro Visa groups, more Visas were voted down. I believe the person who organized the overthrow was a Ms or Mrs.Espanosa, who has organized the program for the Remembrance Quilt, which lists the name of victims who died at the hands of illegal immigrants.
      I believe I have the story correct but feel free to add to or make any corrections.
      What can you do, write your Representatives and let them know how you feel and also ask them to make certain to support a program that will allow no more benefits than is allowed at present. Keep the President to his word, all I am doing is keeping you or some family members from being deported!

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        1. Name the republicans who were having their pictures taken, for I would like to know so that I can write direct to them. You must name them if you want us to believe what you say.
        2. Proof that republican platform was requesting massive new Visas for “workers”–I want to see that in writing. Lets also see pictures or links to pictures taken with home builders, etc.
        3. I do not support this tyrant president who thinks he can write law and override Congress and the Constitution. I want immigration laws enforced and deportation to happen where necessary. I do not want illegal alien criminals in my country, they have cause enough harm and damage.

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      Nancy Cuddeback on

      Americans need to boycott Las Vegas. All of these multi-million dollar hotels are staffed by mostly cheap illegal immigrant labor. This is why he went there because he knew he would be facing a friendly audience.

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    Now you know why they call them anchor babies. Reconquista’s rejoice!

    Millions of migrants here illegally just became eligible for deferred deportation because they broke the law and had children here in the US.

    Hopefully the power of the purse will trump the power of the pen so that the President’s actions will be reversed. If not we face more immigration anarchy from a broken system with built in incentives.

    Hussein’s message to the world: If you can get here, you can stay here.

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      Rusty–the power of the purse has to be exercised and unfortunately the GOP appear to be afraid of the black man in the WH, even though he is tyrannical, disrespects the country and is eviscerating the Constitution without a blink of an eye. This of course is all part of transforming the country from free to control by progressive/communist/Marxist/fascist agendas. GOP does not get it and I doubt if they every will. If they for one minute new of Obamas upbringing and mentorship by Frank Marshall Davis (communist), Rev. Wrights mentorship for 20-yrs and his communist affiliations within his family, perhaps the GOP would know what they are dealing with. GOP needs to be educated, especially the established neostatists.

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    This president said this election his policies would “be on the ballot”. Well, they were and were overwhelmingly rejected down the line, Senate, House, governors, state legislatures. But our king does what he always does. Congress won’t pass the programs he wants? He will do it by executive order, after two years of saying he couldn’t. Voters reject his party at historic levels? He will go ahead anyway because, after all, he tried to persuade you but you were just too stupid to listen to him. So he will do “what’s right” in spite of what you think.

    A lot of people do not see the Republicans as any great alternative, that includes me, but if the Democrats have decided they want to be the party of open borders, which essentially they have become, then what choice to you have.

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      It was the correct decision and executive order. He is taking care of the families to 2010. Not it is up to Congress to fill in the gaps to before 2010…..people think the Republicans are now the majority……but the same thing…if the Democrats become the party of no then another 2 years of do-nothing.

      Leland, perhaps this is the best thing that could have happened to address and finally put the final nail to the coffin once Congress closes the loop and passes a Bill. At least of you, you will have a good retirement…….thes new flow of people will pay your SS.

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        Oh please. These people are almost all low income and they are going to cost far more in government services and programs than they will EVER pay in taxes. Every study done after the 1986 amnesty showed that those people were users of government welfare assistance programs at rates far higher than native born American citizens.

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          Joanne C. Burgess on

          Of course he has calculating reasons for what he does, he is a politician. Effective elected officials will calculate their time and actions for their objectives. It is important that Americans realize that he does not create a path to citizenship for illegals. The most that Americans will see from this is that more immigrants will probably step up, identify themselves and pay taxes. Why did Congress not present a plan years ago?
          If people want to complain about what Obama has done for immigrants, look first at a “do nothing” Congress.

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            Hello? Did you read what I said about most will be low income and will pay very little taxes? Are you not aware of the tax code? Hello? Did you read what I said about how many of those amnestied in 1986 are users of government assistance whether they became citizens or not, thereby negating whatever little taxes they might pay? And where in the constitution does it say Congress is required to pass something solely because the president asks, and if they don’t he gets to do it unilaterally?

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            BS Joanne, it does mean citizenship. Obama is slimy and he has plans to get his votes from the ones he is exploiting………..a permanent underclass…..

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      you have the option to be intelligent and educate yourself. The democratic party is the party of parasites, and you can continue to sell your soul for the few scraps they throw at you, or you can take pride in yourself and be Republican and promote America.

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      Demo turned Redcoat on

      You might be surprised! The President was not elected by “illegal aliens.” Once the pie of benefits for the “poorer”, grows smaller and smaller, you will see more voters sitting out or jumping party. It will be a huge opening for a candidate like Rand Paul. who looks better everyday. The young people want to have a change from the ancient candidates and will look for the younger, more energetic, How about that Corey Gardner, out of Colorado? There are a dozen candidates in the Republican Party who would make great candidates but none of them (except for Paul) has shown up on the Republican list, yet. More people are going independent, lots may sit out and many may pull a 2010 and 2014 during the Presidential. If the youth vote goes for someone like Paul,it may be a whole new ball game.

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    I have read that none of the broadcast networks are even going to cover tonight’s speech, supposedly because they don’t want to hurt their ratings on a night when some of the most popular shows play.
    Methinks it might be an intentional plan to “announce it without announcing it” to let the majority of Americans blissfully waste their brains watching The Big Bang Theory, while the country burns.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    This hyped moment in American politics, I predict, is going to recede into history as a final gasp of an ideology and administration that veered too far to the left of the American Republic. The GOP is no doubt getting baited to act in a way that Democrat strategists feel will give them an electoral advantage, and the Democrat Party hopes this will offset the voter and taxpayer blow-back it’s sure to get. It’s doing this against a tsunami wave election, after ramming an unpopular health care act into law, and frankly I can’t wait to see the fallout.

    The GOP needs to continue its momentum from the mid-terms with a much improved get out the vote model, strong candidates and an uplifting, pro-American people message. In two years, as Obama becomes an ex-president, the Democrat Party will have a tough time motivating its own base, and will have a horrific time bringing in the independents that decide elections. GOP voters will also no doubt be motivated.

    Between now and 2016, I think the GOP needs to focus on dry, boring and highly effective measures as opposed to lots of rhetoric. Rand Paul suggests the House pass a resolution to say this amnesty isn’t the will of Congress, then use it as evidence in a legal case. Senator Sessions is likely to have far more budget power in 2015. Ted Cruz is on the right side of this issue and he’s a leading candidate for 2016. He should be building his resume through actions. Congress can use procedural rules, block agencies from executing actions considered illegal by Congress. There are a number of ways that Congress, encouraged and pressured by the American people, can make this day another empty speech — a mirage for a fading administration and the illegal immigrant non-citizens it now represents.

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      Someone is patting Hussein on the back telling him he’s a “good boy & now go play golf” in Vegas. The rise to power of elitists has crippled congress. As a mayor in New Mexico told us, the border “detains” illegals with a medical checkup, food, utilities and then an airplane or bus ticket to the destination of choice. So the next step is this: Why bother with detention at all? It costs millions. Just send them to schools, hospitals, jails etc at the less obvious taxpayer expense. When will they pay taxes? Will they stop sending their income back to families or stop planning for those relatives to immigrate as well? Never until the US is as disgusting to live in as they are. Equality.

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          If you can’t even spell Boehner’s name maybe you shouldn’t criticize him. There isn’t any problem except that the president has blocked efforts to enforce the immigration laws. There may be some minor tweaks that might be necessary but over all there isn’t much wrong with our immigration laws. People who are illegal should be deported. If they have American born children then they can return when they are 18. The HHS has already admitted that it would be far cheaper to deport each and every illegal alien.

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          Dear Mr. Parrilla your name says it all you are a racist. You feel entitled because you are hispanic. Sorry sir the law should apply to all latinos included.

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          Senor Parilla, you said if we don’t like the President’s idea, we need to come up with one. I’ve had one for years and that is to (gasp) deport all illegals! There, done. Does the word “illegal” mean anything to you? Does the sovereignty of a nation mean anything? Does the fact that Americans must ante up the financing for those who feel entitled to break into our country mean anything? Does the fact that we are surely on the road to third world status mean anything? Do you think it’s STEM graduates breaking in? No, it’s poverty-stricken, poorly educated, USA-dependent people who will drain our financial and natural resources until we share the misery they bring. Do you think the magic wand Obama waved last night will weed out the criminals, the child abusers, the hit and run murderers, the gangs, the drug groups? They don’t all possess the “family values? that Bush used to attribute to them. We are likely to have, among the illegals, those who are terrorists, those who might harbor diseases, and barbaric religions that are incompatible with any other. But, when the king speaks, any and all are welcome – the millions here (you don’t really think anyone will be deported, do you?) and the millions to come will be welcomed and handed the keys to the country.

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            BRAVO mobilebay–I think you just expressed it beautifully and strongly for all of us conservatives. Thank you very much!

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          Frederick, first of all scrap the caps, we hear you loud and clear. Now, if you are a Hispanic, you are simply not paying attention to how the democrats have played with you and your fellow Hispanics. If you do not realize that you have been exploited, then you are not paying close attention. Illegal aliens are breaking law by entering my country illegally. If foreigners want to be here legally then it needs to be done legally. When you break law you jeopardize being deported. What about the immigration laws in Mexico, they are considerably much stronger and harsher than the US, and perhaps our immigration laws need to be upgraded to those of Mexico. No one is owed anything in this country. It was founded and developed by people who worked from scratch to make this country, no benefits given for anything or their hard work. They worked, loved, lived and died to make this country work so they could have the freedom they so cherished and the reason why they left England. My ancestors were some of those early settlers and their history was tough, they fought and died in the Civil War, they fought and died in the Revolutionary war. No illegal alien is owed anything!

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      I agree with you about Ted Cruz, but my concern is that the RNC will not allow him as a candidate…..the GOP establishment has spent more time vilifying and trying to crush the Tea Party GOP then they have tending to stopping Obama and his destruction of the country and Constitution; and his and Holders unlawful actions and inactions.