Action Alert: De-Fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty Now!

Obama Announces Sweeping Executive Amnesty; Congress Must De-Fund Now!

FAIR Action AlertLast night, President Obama announced an unprecedented rewriting of immigration laws by executive decree! And despite the President’s claim that his actions are not an amnesty, they will result in green cards and citizenship for many of the 5 million illegal aliens covered by his orders. Congress must act immediately to stop these lawless executive actions. Your voice is critical.

Tell Congress to defund Obama’s lawless executive actions!

The core of the President’s plan is to allow approximately 5 million illegal aliens to stay and work in the United States — and receive taxpayer funded benefits — despite federal statutes that require the government to deport them. First, the President has ordered an expansion for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program. Second, he has ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to create a new deferred action program for illegal alien parents of citizens and green card holders. Third, the President has ordered DHS to waive the three and ten-year bars to spouses and children of green card holders, meaning these illegal aliens can say in the U.S. and apply for green cards instead of going home.

But not only do the President’s orders allow illegal aliens to stay, they gut future enforcement of our immigration laws. Through policy memos issued last night, the President has unilaterally scrapped Secure Communities, the program that uses fingerprints to identify and remove criminal aliens from state and local jails. He has also — through the rescission of certain Morton Memos — further narrowed Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s enforcement “priorities.” And, his orders clarify that ICE agents will be strictly bound by these new rules.

Finally, like other changes he has made to our immigration system, President Obama has made all these changes to U.S. immigration law through policy memoranda, completely circumventing Congress and the American people. The President justifies his actions by saying he has given Congress time to pass “comprehensive” immigration reform and now it’s time to act. However, the Constitution gives CONGRESS the authority over immigration, not the President. Simply because Congress refuses to pass his agenda, does not mean he gets to unilaterally re-write the law. Even Obama has repeatedly said he does not have the power to act alone on immigration.

We need your help NOW! Congress plans to pass a new government spending bill by December 11th and it must include language that stops the President’s executive amnesty. Call your Members of Congress right now and tell them:


  • You oppose President Obama’s executive actions.
  • Congress must defund all of Obama’s executive actions now.

There is no time to waste!! Most members of Congress are already returning to their districts for Thanksgiving recess, and supporters of the President’s plan hope Americans will be too distracted by the holidays to get involved. That’s why we’re encouraging you to call your members in their home offices. That way, they know you are their constituents and that you care.

To find the contact information for your Member of Congress, click here.

To find the home office(s), check out your Member’s official webpage:

U.S. Senate: Click here
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    Its Not Just 5 Million

    They’ll bring in all their family and when their breeders pop out babies here, last I read, the newly arrived from the south border average five babies per overpopulation breeder. The same thing destroyed the Roman Empire, their slaves bred Rome out of existence. Read your history book if you don’t believe me.

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    Judy in Oregon on

    The State of Oregon made it very clear that we are against Illegal Immigration in this country. WE VOTED AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS GETTING DRIVERS LICENSES. People are not afraid to speak their minds at the polls it is too bad that we have spineless politicians that only worry about their next vote. I was a Democrat for over 40 years and I have had enough of the Democrats thinking and carrying about Illegal Immigrants and NOT us American Citizens!! I DON’T CARE WHO THE REPUBLICANS HAVE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016. I ONLY KNOW THAT I WILL CONTINUE TO VOTE REPUBLICAN TO GET AMERICA BACK THE WAY IT WAS BEFORE OBAMA THE MUSLIM DICTATOR. I email my Senators and Congresswoman at least twice a week and I am hammering on them about this everyday. CALL 1-202-224-3121 AND ASK THE WASHINGTON OPERATOR TO SPEAK WITH YOUR SENATOR/CONGRESSMAN. THEY WILL PATCH YOU THRU TO THEIR OFFICES. THEN RAISE SOME HELL!!!

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    Susan, finally what? You mean finally we reward people who ignore our laws and in essence penalize those who did it properly? Force republicans to come up with a bill? Have you not paid one ounce of attention to anything or are you for wide open borders? The reality is most LEGAL latinos are not pleased with this EO and ignoring of our laws. They came here the right way and are now wondering why they spent thousands of dollars and years on this process. For you to support a president ignoring our laws and acting like a petulant child because he does not get his way is disheartening. Getting votes should be about adhering to our law and constitution, not about caving into to what people want after BREAKING OUR LAWS.

  4. avatar

    I am beyond offended by his actions. He has no right to do what he has done. We as a population need to choose a different path to deal with this situation as voting has obviously not worked, de-funding will not worked as already pointed out and it seems congress does not have the desire to impeach. So what options do we have????

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    Elisha Burrell bonner on

    I’m behind stopping this rouge president that continues to run our country into ground! Stop HIM

  6. avatar

    He justifies all this by saying if only Congress would pass the Senate reform bill then he would not have to order these actions. His ego is apparently so great that he can’t accept the fact that he does not get what he wants just because he asks for it. It’s why we have elections that are in the middle of presidential terms so that voters may place limits on what any president can do if they are unhappy with his policies.

    This was a system carefully crafted by the founders to avoid giving too much power to any individual or legislative or judicial body. If it means that sometimes the system moves at the speed of a glacier, that’s how it was designed.

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    These are the wrong group of people to allow in our country. From their very first step and every day afterwards they choose to live here in violation of a number of laws. Legalizing this group diminishes the respect for the rule of law that our responsible for our country’s greatness. When there are millions of people around the world that are more law abiding than this group at a time when our immigration system is oversubscribed, this is the wrong bunch.

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    Rev. Anthony TK Miller, M-RAS on

    As an American Veteran I am offended by the President’s decision because this is not the Freedom I fought for. I fought for American people and their freedoms NOT for illegal immigrants to come here illegally and be rewarded for breaking the law.

  9. avatar

    Finally!!! This will bring people out of the shadows and force Republicans to come up with a bill. This will not be defunded….
    Remember…Republicans need Latinos if they ever plan to win the Presidency. There’s no way around it!