Happy Thanksgiving from FAIR

turkeyThis Thanksgiving, we have so much in which to be thankful. We have the love of our family, the blessings of freedom and a shared community. This year we forestalled attempts to push amnesty through Congress and Americans made their voices heard. FAIR would like to thank everyone who supported and promoted true immigration reform. You were pivotal in highlighting how important our collective position is on immigration. We hope that you enjoy yourselves this Thanksgiving with good food and especially value the time with all your families and friends.



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    Black Friday Sales Down 11% This Thanksgiving Weekend

    “…Consumers were unmoved by retailers’ aggressive discounts and longer Thanksgiving hours, raising concern that signs of recovery in recent months won’t endure. The NRF had predicted a 4.1 percent sales gain for November and December — the best performance since 2011. Still, the trade group cast the latest numbers in a positive light, saying it showed shoppers were confident enough to skip the initial rush for discounts.

    “The holiday season and the weekend are a marathon, not a sprint,” NRF Chief Executive Officer Matthew Shay said on a conference call. “This is going to continue to be a very competitive season.”…”


    Stop the Recent Legal/Illegal Immigration Overpopulation and Increase Wages

    I read that all the new jobs created were equal to the illegal/legal immigration rate into America….meaning scarce jobs and lower wages are here to stay.

    And Yahoo doesn’t report this demographic fact and wonders why sales decline? I think they know, but are controlled and funded by foreign corporates for lower wages and overpopulation.