Speaker Boehner Won’t Commit to Defunding Executive Amnesty — EVER

Boehner options2Despite vowing to fight President Obama’s executive amnesty “tooth and nail,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is now refusing to commit to defunding President Obama’s executive amnesty — now or ever! Boehner made the comments last week during a routine press briefing in the Capitol. When asked repeatedly about how Republicans will actually block the amnesty, the Speaker would say nothing more than he was “not going to get into hypotheticals into what we could or couldn’t do.” (The Weekly Standard, Dec. 4, 2014) He then added, “I do know this: Come January, we’ll have a Republican House and a Republican Senate — and we’ll be in the stronger position to take actions.” (Id.)

Speaker Boehner’s comments came just days after he announced he would not defund the executive amnesty in the appropriations (funding) bill currently being negotiated by Members of Congress. Under the Speaker’s plan, the House will vote on an appropriations bill that funds most of the government through September 2015, but only funds the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) until February or March. (FAIR Legislative Update, Dec. 2, 2014) So, while Congress will be able to once again address the Homeland Security budget in February or March, the bill will not contain a provision that strips funding from the President’s executive amnesty. Thus, under the Speaker’s plan, the government funding will go through, but nothing will be done to stop the President’s executive amnesty.

The Speaker, who many believe supports “comprehensive” immigration reform, is determined to push through his plan this week despite vast opposition from conservative members of his party. Indeed, Boehner is relying on pro-amnesty Democrats to pass the appropriations bill, telling reporters “I expect it will have bipartisan support to pass the omnibus appropriation bill.” (The Hill, Dec. 4, 2014)

Congress is expected to vote on the bill tomorrow. The current government funding bill expires on Thursday, which is also the last scheduled day of the 113th Congress.

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    Boehner is a liar there is an old saying we vote for the same people and expect a different result but we get the same B S it is time to vote them out after 2 terms since they will never pass anything with term limits it is time we do it at the voting booth lets take our country back

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      you have the power in the voting booth stop putting these a–holes back in office if your reason for voting for someone because they are the lesser of 2 evils you are still for voting for evil 2 terms and out

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    Cathy McMorris Rogers also supports “comprehensive immigration reform” otherwise known as amnesty. Anybody in Washington state needs to start calling her offices. Talk to Andrew in the DC office.

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    “WEEPY”Boehner has clearly establish over the past year that he is Ovomit’s No. 1 A**Kissing RINO and must be
    immediately removed from the Speaker’s job and then thrown out of Congress completely!! Ditto for his half-witted
    duplicate in the Senate, McMidget!!

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    Bonehead John, is an utter disgrace to law abiding Americans. Like the rest of the spineless ilk that pervade OUR government today, they do a grave disservice to U.S. citizens, and violate their oath of office, period!

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    If our Founding Fathers had the character, principles and intelligence of Boehner, the United States of America never would have been established.

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    Do what you were elected to do Boehner. Fail and you will hit the street in the next election. Just screw this up and see if you keep your job. Stop Obummer.

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      Michael Howell on

      Why hasn’t anyone thought of the Obvious for all of these dick heads.. Charge them with Perjury for when they took their Oath to “Uphold and Defend the Constitution from all forces Foreign and domestic” The majority of them are guilty of perjury and then most of them can be classified as being guilty of Treason by not deporting the Illegal Aliens. This includes Boehner, Reid, Pelosi, and all the rest not forgetting Obozo.

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    Boehner is a coward and needs to grow some balls and stand up forwhat is right. He was elected to fight the Commie cronies of Obummer. Keep running scared and we will put Boehner on the street like we did all this commies we ousted.

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      Boehner is a commie! We the people have to have term limits to CLEAN out the white of old career political leaches who are old and ready to die or should be dead, who are so old they don’t give a damn about America. They are old communist!!! 3 TERMS is more than enough and no one past 70 years old! Old Pigsolli is senile. dirty harry and she should be euthanized for the sake of America!

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    The Republicans [and Democrats too] Had One HUGE Problem This Year on Masking Their Amnesty Support

    FAIRUS.ORG and Numbersusa CLEARLY exposed their organized crime plans.