Republican Leadership Is Already Dropping the Ball On Immigration

circle-312343_640The president is all-in with his amnesty memos. He claims resources don’t permit him to enforce immigration law, so he’s bypassing Congress and the constitutional limits of his office by giving over 4 million illegal aliens work documents with the intention of making it politically impossible to ever return them home. No doubt this is not the end – there is more to come over the next two years.

Can’t get what you want through Congress? Just change the law by yourself.

Aside from the obvious adverse economic impacts of adding over 4 million new people to the work-authorized labor force, let’s look at the basic politics of the situation. What happens when one side is united and focused, while the other is jumbled and incoherent?

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Bring all our troops home.
    Station them in the USA, provide resources to the communities of the service regions, seal the borders. No papers no progress.
    Stop the passage of any and all into our nation stop the mutations of the common virus, from other regions.
    Stop the illegal activities make sure our borders are secure then identification for every one or by by.
    Be the same caring nation that we have always been, But the old adage Charity starts at home has meaning.
    spend time on developing our resources and academia to excel.
    Then when the nation is secure we face south and start asking each one if they would like to join the program of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, all men created equal if not you become a military district and given a make over to civilization.

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    The economy is still above the water line because the feds have been printing money. When this fake fiat monetary system fails, millions will have empty stomachs. the populace will turn into blood thirsty animals and there is not enough enforcement to even come close to combating this dilemma. When wrol kicks in, all the illegals laughing at ignorant Americans who allow them to circulate freely, will be dealt with accordingly. The tension is building beyond control as Americans have to sit back while a treasonist and corrupt government fails to enforce the laws our dead and dying servicemen/women gave up their lives for! What about our soldiers lying lifeless in the ground while these parasites walk over them demanding a better life. illegals lack the cajones to revolt against their own crooked masters and take the path of least resistence with their tails between their legs! They cannot afford toilet paper yet they crap out children with reckless abandon while dumbass Americans keep paying the taxes these parasites survive on. The last real president America had was Dwight D Eisenhower. After that administration, America dropped the ball on border and immigration enforcement. Way to many people in America and not enough to go around. Technolgy is replacing human bodies in the work force and with millions of AMERICANS out of work or making chump change, this administration turns its back on the people while the parasites keep comin in! Hey America, if we are not strong enough to protect your country from enemies both foreign and domestic, then we deserve to lose this once great republic.

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      Your right about the attack on the middle class and is coming in three different prongs:

      1. Ship jobs overseas to reimport duty free under NAFTA, the WTO and the upcoming Trans-Pac which is NAFTA on steriods . If approved, jobs will be shipped to VietNam and Bangladesh with are even cheaper labor than China.
      2. Flood the US labor market with easily exploitable illegal labor on wages and working conditions to drive down US wages and bankrupts the local welfare department paid for by local County property owners.
      3. Automation is funded and paid for with investment tax credits for international corporations to replace human workers with robots who have no sick leave, no vacation and operate 24/7 for about $3 per hour.

      This system is not working for 99% of the population.

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    Jim in Virginia on

    This is why we all need to let the GOP leadership know that they have crossed the line in the sand. They can get all the money they want from the CC, but when we conservatives stay home, they will still lose. I am finished with all of them. Walking away and never looking back. Why should I stand in line to vote for their stupid butts?

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      The employers must be challenged. Bright lights should shine upon the Chamber of Commerce. Unions that support employee verification should be supported. Politicians, especially on thr right are looking for dollars. Don’t shop Wal-Mart or buy homes from the Perry bros. .

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    Actually the number of thirty million is a little shy. Most are NOT working but are living much better than they were in their natural country thanks to our out of control social programs. The IRS gives them money, schools are forced to neglect legal student needs to pay for their education, our medical facilities are forced to give them free care, they populate our prisons time after time and do not fear deportation. They have caused a recurrence of Hepatitis C, the deadliest kind, they have brought measles back. There is virtually not control, and no one knows who they are! Not all, though most are, of Hispanic speaking nations and somehow it seems that Hispanics are unable to learn any other language! These are not and will not ever under Liberal oversight, productive members of our society! Most immigrants come to America to work and make themselves productive citizens. These have come to consume and not have to WORK!

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    We need a speaker of the house who doesn’t have his nose up obummer’s but!! We need a real man, not a crybaby drunk with no brains and no spine!!

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    I am disgusted with Obama and the so-called Republicans who think it is ok for Obama to illegally bring millions of illegals over here and not ship those illegals who are here back home. Our budget and unemployment is already in disarray and Obama and Boehner and his cohorts don’t seem to care. The immigration issue is against the majority of American people, and that should be the rule, not those lovers of immigration. There are thieves, torturers, disease riddled persons and Terrorists in that group. America doesn’t need any more problems. We have too many already! I pray that God will punish those people severely who are trying to tear up America’s freedom, especially freedom of religion and speech. God will cause severe punishment to those who continue to try to tear down Americans’ freedom, the whole country, and trying to make us Muslims. God is the only ruler of the world and Obama does not possess the authority to try to make America otherwise. God will reveal His punishment to them very soon because His returning to earth is just around the corner. Wake up, Obama, Pelosi and Boehner. God is Ruler and Provider of all things and He can just as easily take it away. God bless America! John 3:16

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      That is why groups like FAIR and others need to start a strategy of getting measures on the ballot. About half of states, including California, have some sort of petition process to put initiatives on the ballot and if passed by voters the legislature cannot change them, only a repeal by the voters themselves. One would assume it would be a tough sell in liberal states, but look at Oregon, a solid blue state. Their citizens voted last month to ban drivers licenses to illegals by a 2 to 1 margin.

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        Illegal aliens are not immigrants. They are THIEVES. They have stolen the privilege of being able to live in the USA. Allowing them to be referred to as immigrants, even if the term “illegal” is attached is to give them a status they do not deserve. We cannot continue to allow them to be referred to as immigrants. They are not immigrants. They are thieves trying to pass as “immigrants.” The question should be “do we allow thieves to keep what they have stolen” not whether we should allow illegal immigrants to become legal!

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        I finally had enough when our city council decided that we need to be a “welcoming” city and prohibited our police and government workers from asking about immigration status. The head of the city council says it is NOT a “sanctuary city” it’s simply a “non-biased” ordinance. I have started a petition to remove the language from the city ordinances about “non-biased” policing. Of course our police and other government workers should be allowed to inquire about immigration status. As much as I love FAIR and NumbersUSA I have asked for ideas and/or help in this endeavor and have gotten crickets. I will be using the information gathered by FAIR and other organizations to inform others about what is happening and for THAT I’m grateful.

        I need money for printing the petitions, I need volunteer signature gatherers, it would be nice to have membership lists from my area etc. It’s not easy getting petitions done and circulated when you are not a political hack. I WILL get this done even without the help of the big organizations. I encourage everybody to do what Leland says or we are doomed to being a Spanish speaking country with Americans in the minority.

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        You are only half right. Unfortunately our decisions can be overturned by the courts. We voted against gay marriage and you see how well that turned out.

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          Yes, JMNKT, Arizona passed a law allowing questioning of suspected law violators nationality and our present attorney general has taken us to court attempting to void it.

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          The Supreme Court has already ruled that states can pass anti-illegal immigration control laws like e-verify. So that is already settled.