Separated Families: Naivety or Duplicity?

We were assailed again today with an article in the Washington Post bemoaning the plight of the illegal aliens who will not be able to freely visit their separated families abroad even though they may be gaining protection against deportation and work permits thanks to President Obama’s constitutional overreach of executive authority. This is a theme that is constantly sounded by the defenders of illegal aliens in one form or another.

  • We must not deport illegal aliens if they have U.S.-born children because that would separate families.
  • The supposedly unaccompanied minors coming illegally into the country must be placed with their parents already here to preserve family unity.
  • Illegal aliens should have the freedom to travel back to the home country for the illegal aliens to visit family members left behind.

Seemingly beyond the grasp of the illegal alien defenders is the fact that the separation of the family is what the illegal alien has chosen voluntarily. Many are not just leaving family and friends, but also leaving children behind when they choose to come to the U.S.

The defenders of illegal aliens would like us to think that the illegal aliens are refugees, but the fact is that they generally have no claim to refugee status. They are economic migrants seeking greater opportunity – not fleeing persecution. The advocates for the aliens would like the United States to recognize economic migrants as refugees, but that would mean accepting unlimited immigration, which would be an economic and environmental disaster for the nation.

It is possible for some on the ideological left to exist in enough of a bubble-wrapped intellectual environment that the thought has never occurred to them that the family separation is the result of the action of the illegal alien. But it strains credulity that a journalist for the Washington Post would not be somewhat more worldly. 

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    The two main arguments for so-called “immigration reform” are 1) this will allow those who came here illegally to “come out of the shadows” and 2) will permit family re-unification. Those who use these arguments need to be made aware that we’re not talking about refugees, nor the slaves who were brought in in chains several centuries ago, but rather those who made these decisions when they came here voluntarily and illegally, instead of applying to come here through legal channels.

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    there is only one way seal the borders get them all identification using military troops and government resources.But seal the damn borders first then tell them all about how your pandering to the Hispanics for their votes that is all it is, I sure hope the surprise is that they are hard working people that love their families and will adhere to the American guiding principles for behavior and rules to achieve that honor.

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    The ONLY way that we will stem the flow of illegal immigrants to the US is to implement a mandatory E-Verify with strong penalties with teeth that cannot be ignored or bypassed by politicians. Economic migrants are attracted here for the jobs that they can get once here. If we take that away, less will come, and the ones that do will most likely have legitimate refugee issues.

    The E-Verify provisions in the so called “bi-partisan” legislation that passed the Senate, and is awaiting a vote in the house, effectively guts E-Verify. First, a 5 year phase in. Secondly, and the worst , is that employers who have less than 500 employees are EXEMPT from E-Verify. Well, I don’t have exact figures, but I could hazard an educated guess, and that is 95% of all employers who currently hire illegals have far fewer than 500 employees in their business.

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    But what is anyone really doing about the pending economic and taxing nightmare from all the illegals?

    Since doesn’t look like the GOP really has the guts to do anything to block all this nightmare of uncontrolled swarming over our borders, we need a LARGE public demonstration in Washington DC to show our elected reps. just how angry most Americans are over having to bankrupt our country to comply with Obama’s political agenda of making the Dems a permanent majority party.

    Wake up America!

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    They’re “separated” because 1 family member sneaks illegally into the U.S., then complains he’s “separted” from rest of his family! Only in America are people naive or inattentive enough to think this is good reason to let in their 12-14 family members, all of whom we will have to support financially!

    There are hundreds of millions of mostly poor people around the world. That’s why every other country except the U.S. actually has borders and border controls–it’s impossible to pay for all the stuff they need, including here.

    Amazing how the Left, the Illegals and their lobbies, distort the narrative to garner sympathy from typically good-hearted Americans. No one mentions that NO OTHER country in the world has open borders and unlimited immigration–it’s a formula for economic disaster!

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    There’s an additional point worth noting regarding the Post’s article; a line in story suggests that the writer is actually clueless. The statement in the story is, “So far, no one is predicting that Obama’s latest action will prompt a new wave of border arrivals…” Not only have we at FAIR and our supporters throughout the country and in Congress been saying this repeatedly, public opinion polls establish that likelihood as a major public concern.

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        You’re the one that’s blind. The Post writer said no one is predicting a new wave of border arrivals because of this executive amnesty. Actually a lot of people are predicting exactly that. Because it’s based on human behavior. Tell people they can get away with breaking the law and more will break it. Anyone with half a brain knows that. But apparently you can’t grasp the concept.

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    “It is possible for some on the ideological left to exist in enough of a bubble-wrapped intellectual environment that the thought has never occurred to them that the family separation is the result of the action of the illegal alien.”

    Absolutely. Because they never ever believe in individual responsibility.

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      Ditto for Me Leland

      The organized crime transfer of the MASS “DACA Magnet Kids” from Central America puts American responsibility for these minors instead of the foreign parents abandoning their kids to drug lord baby sitters.