Sheriffs from Around U.S. Say President Does Not Have Their Support

Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 1.26.11 PMSheriffs from across the nation traveled to Washington, D.C. this week to refute Obama’s remarks that his amnesty plan had the support of law enforcement. Instead, the group of officers hammered down on the Department of Homeland Security’s 10-point plan and added that the executive plot would further threaten public safety in their communities.

The sheriffs stood alongside three members of Congress, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.); Sen. David Vitter (R-La.); and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Texas). Many sheriffs unable to be present at the press conference were represented through the attending sheriffs. At one point, Sheriff Sam Page of Rockingham County, N.C., presented Sessions and Vitter with a list of 30 other sheriffs just in North Carolina, also furious over how the president has tied their hands in terms of enforcing immigration laws.

Among the event’s key remarks:

“We’ve had 20-something-odd meetings in the White House this summer it’s reported, by stakeholders, primarily business and special interests groups. Not once has the [National] Sheriffs’ Association been invited,” said Sen. Sessions.

“What we’re facing in Texas and in this nation is a large ‘Welcome’ sign and a saloon-door mentality on our border,’” said Jackson County Sheriff Andy Louderback, president of the Texas Sheriffs’ Association.

“For you and I as American citizens, when it comes to law enforcement, the law applies to you and I, yet when it comes to immigration, there is no law, because there are no consequences,” said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, president of the Arizona Sheriffs’ Association and board member of the National Sheriffs Association.

“The president talks about wanting to do the right thing; the right thing to do is to go by the rule of the law. You never go wrong when you’re following the rule of law and you’re abiding by the Constitution… The president talks a lot about fairness. Let me tell you what is not fair. It is not fair for out-of-work Tennesseans to have to compete for jobs with those that have chosen to illegally come into this country,” said Rep. Blackburn.

“We must stop and roll back this illegal executive order, it’s exactly the wrong policy because it’s rewarding illegal crossers and when you reward something you’re going to get more of it not less of it,” said Sen. Vitter.

“When we can’t secure our borders, something interesting happens in our country, every state becomes a border state and every town becomes a border town,” said Rep. Blackburn.

“Two years ago, Border Patrol said there were 123,000 illegals apprehended right there, just in one year. That does not include those who got away. Two years ago, we had the largest drug bust in the history of our state, one of the largest narco busts in the country at the time, in Pinal County led by our sheriff’s office. Two to 3 billion dollars and this isn’t just marijuana, it’s black tar heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine. That doesn’t stay in Arizona; it goes all across the country and affects all Americans,” said Sheriff Babeu.

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    Why should County Sheriffs Departments enforce immigration laws only to be back-stabbed by the Feds?

    Those who wish to pay for illegal aliens can do so through charities. Those with better use of their own money should be free to NOT contribute. Problem with adding it to property tax is that if you don’t pay, the government will confiscate your property for a tax lien and is why advocates are pushing so hard for it. Obola just wants to be a hero with other people’s money.

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    Does anyone else see that what Obama has done and is still doing now, and will continue doing all the way up to January 20, 2017 at 11:45AM. At that date, day, and hour he will sign a new Executive so-called law to LEGALIZE the 35,000,000 with a permanent amnesty and pathway to citizenship that nobody among the other 300,000,000 millions of us want. What will be our remedy then?

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    Obama has converted Mexico a nation of Kartel Killers into America’s new Mother Country. Long ago we fought our first was to escape from the clutches of our first Mother Country. Now our own Presidente forces us to fight a 2nd time to escape once again from the clutches of a crime ridden new Mother Country. Why is that?

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    I am in courts weekly , and have for many many years, I have seen the crimes committed by Illegals , The murders , rapes, thief’s , drugs ,and
    seen the Damage done to the Victims ,The costs,Interpreters ,Public Defenders
    , Transportation, Medical , 24 hour security for jails and prisons are 150.00 per day, The lost time to the public that have to pay ‘Taxpayers’
    are victimized a second time to pay for their incarceration ,and still their families draw welfare and send it to , a foreign country , Most Politician’s have not spent a day in the courts or seen
    the almost 30% of the population of all prisons and jails that are Illegals, and look at their victims faces and say they are sorry for allowing this to happen, And these very Politicians are paid by these Victims .

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    at this rate of illegal immigration, the US will soon lose any historical identity it has.

    disgraceful behavior from a, what i consider, offensive president.

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    Sheriff Babeau was just on Neil Cavuto’s program this afternoon and said that there are 20 million illegals in this country. I’ve always known there were many more than the 11 million figure that the government has touted for years. He also said Jeh Johnson has declared anyone who came in before the first of January 2014 would be granted the DACA key to the country. It’s sickning that we’ve fought mighty enemies since our inception, and now we must surrender to the unwashed hoards of third world invaders. Obama is destroying this nation.

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    We’ll Pay for the Overpopulation

    By i.e., watering down Medicaid to the point where it isn’t Medicaid anymore, its morphing into “no insurance” for all practical purposes. God help our citizen disabled and special needs that now have no heath insurance safety net for all practical purposes and with their medical needs, this severe Medicaid mitigation is a national embarrassment and totally horrifying.

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      i agree i have md and can`t hardly get around i`ve been a citizen since 1951 yet our goverment is giving the illegals more help than i can get my foodstamps keeps being lower i guess they need to give it to the illegals they have over swamp our safetynet we need to live on ..our president is throwing us to the side in favor for the illegals and muslims..

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      Why do we let obama do this to our country? They bring in TB, HIV, incurable viruses, bedbugs, Overcrowd our schools, overcrowd our freeways and roads. Break our food stamp program to the point of bankruptcy. Don’t respect our laws and our country. Why does obama do this to us???? Why do we let him?

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    Hold on to your wallet. A story by Paul Richter of the Tribune Washington Bureau:

    “The U.S. government intends to dramatically accelerate efforts to resettle refugees from the Syrian civil war and is preparing for a “surge” of thousands in each of the next few years, State Dept. officials announced this week.”

    This is because of “criticism” from “aid groups” that we are moving too slowly to take in refugees. This is in spite of the fact that:

    “The United States is the world leader in refugee resettlement, accepting 70,000 displaced persons a year. It has poured $3 billion into supporting the Syrian refugees who have spilled into camps and cities in Jordan, Lebanon, and other neighboring countries….The State Dept. will resettle only the small minority who are in the most dire need, including the very young, ailing and elderly, and people who have been persecuted by their government.”

    So here we go again with another never ending refugee program, which will be courtesy of the American taxpayer. The Boston bombers were “refugees” and living on welfare.

    I know that some of the homeless don’t want to work. But I also see a lot of them that are just physically unable to do it. So our own people, many of whom are veterans, get no help from our government while we take in and support citizens of countries who are too dysfunctional to get their act together.

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    How could anyone seriously depend on Speaker Boehner to fight ‘tooth and nail’ against President Obama’s unlawful executive amnesty decree when he himself so strongly supports granting amnesty, legal status, and U.S. citizenship to illegal immigrants?

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    US population year 2000 = 280 million. 2014 = 320 million. 40 million people in 14 years, and every credible source says that most of that is due to the effects of immigration. How could that big of an increase be good for this country. It can’t. But the majority of the public has no idea what our population is or how fast it is increasing. But ask who won Survivor and they know that.

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        As usual, you have nothing to say about the actual point. Which is our present rate of population growth is bad for the country.

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    We have a bunch of gutless wonders who talk big but squirm when it comes to facing the problem. Take Speaker Boehner, he said ” you get your fingers burn when you play with fire” directed at Obama in regards to the illegal alien executive order. Now we find that it was just a memo. Wait a minute, Obama can just write a memo and create any law or change any law? Welcome the third world or banana republic where dictators rule. Boehner and McConnell need to go, no more games. Illegal immigration has to cease now. Secure our borders and we want our country back and Constitution respected.