Obama Sets Record for Most Executive Action Since 1945

penandphoneThe public has debated whether Obama’s recent executive amnesty ought to be classified as an executive order, but on Tuesday, a USA Today report confirmed executive orders, memoranda and policy directives all fall under the same tree.
The paper proved the president has used these alternative means – memoranda and policy directives – for the same items and actions previous presidents utilized executive orders.
Obama claims to have issued fewer executive orders (195 through Tuesday) than any other two-term president over the past century. New findings from USA Today indicate Obama’s assertion to be nothing short of a well-maneuvered talking point that was crafted to misrepresent the level of overreach his administration has had on Americans.
In reality, this White House has issued 198 memos since January 2009, including the immigration-related ones last month. That number by itself is greater than any other president’s record since 1945. When combined with his executive orders, the grand total places him ahead of any other president over the past 70 years.
According to the report, Obama has signed 33 percent more presidential memoranda in less than six years than his predecessor George W. Bush did in eight. Furthermore, Obama has issued 45 percent more than the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton.
The White House staff likely used memoranda because unlike executive orders, memos are not numbered or indexed, making them hard to track, until the archiving process changed recently. Additionally, an “executive order immediately evokes potentially damaging questions of ‘imperial overreach,’” according to the Presidential Studies Quarterly. By issuing a more pleasant-sounding type of action, the public is left more at ease.
Even the president’s advisers in The Office of Legal Counsel told USA Today there is no difference between a memorandum and executive order.
Therefore, the Obama administration’s claims to have issued the fewest number of executive orders are not only inaccurate but an intentional effort to mislead the public. He has not exercised restraint, but undermined the system to restructure how executive business is carried out.
When it comes to true immigration policy, Obama’s recent amnesty via memoranda ought to be taken just as seriously as an executive order. He is the only president to use a memorandum more often than an executive order. America must react to his overreaching of the overruling process, especially in light of the effect it is having on U.S. immigration policy.

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    He already admitted “..the statistics are actually a little deceptive..”. Oh wait, that was what he said in Sept. 2011 about his “record” deportation numbers of 2 million, which were constantly cited by his supporters as proof of how tough he was on illegal immigration. They simply changed the definition to include those turned around at the border. in his words, “That is counted as a deportation, even though they may have only been held for a day or 48 hrs.” Those were never counted before in that way as deportations.

    So this present scam is just another example of trying to obscure the truth and give his supporters at sites like Huffpo bogus talking points. I know of no other “memorandum” that has had this wide of an impact. It’s more of his government by fiat.

    There has been discussions of whether he has actually fueled racial tensions. I think in some cases, particularly Ferguson, he chose one side before the facts came out. He and his wife were on one of the morning shows last week and she was complaining about a trip to Target a couple years ago where a white woman asked her to get something off a high shelf and she was trying to portray that as the women didn’t care she was first lady. But the whole thing was her going to Target incognito. As a fairly tall man, I have been asked many times if I could reach something on a high shelf. Nothing to do with racism, except for those who look to be a victim.