An Excellent Explanation of Why So-Called “Immigration Reform” is Doomed to Failure

Simon Hankinson is an American diplomat who is currently working on his Master’s degree at the prestigious National Defense University (NDU). The NDU is funded by the Department of Defense to train emerging leaders to address important national and international security challenges.

In an op-ed, published by The Fiscal Times, Hankinson effectively exposes the futility of current efforts to reform our nation’s immigration policies. Hankinson notes that, “Burgeoning populations, limited economic opportunities, wars, poor governance, and other ‘push’ factors abroad are going to get worse before they get better,” and argues that granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens will only exacerbate the immigration problems that current efforts at “immigration reform” claim they will remedy.

Hankinson is no stranger to the nexus between immigration policy and national security matters. In a 2010 article published in the State Department’s Foreign Service Journal, Hankinson urged greater use of DNA testing to eliminate fraud in family-based immigration.

Hankinson’s complete Fiscal Times op-ed can be read here.

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    Whenever America Excels in Anything, Like Engineering

    We must MASS butcher axe the American engineers and defame them [even though they make much lower pay than Japanese and European engineers]….and lie there is an engineering shortage too. The rest of the world hates American technology competition and innovation that’s putting their slave labor factories out of business making old inventions with nothing really new anymore.

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    I think that it is interesting that at this point in our history, what looks like an outstanding movie is being released Christmas day titled “Unbroken”, about Olympian and great American hero Louis Zamperini who survived being a POW of the Japanese. As we remember our past glories while watching this movie (and members of my family fought the Japanese both in ground combat and in the Navy), in the end the Japanese are getting the last laugh. Yes, we nuked their country twice and won the war, but in the long run if our open borders policies continue unabated, they will have won the peace and we will have destroyed ourselves from within. Japan carefully controls their minimal legal immigration, and is very harsh with anyone who violates their immigration laws, to an extent that will never be possible in the US.

    For example, from the US State Department website:

    In Japan, you may be taken in for questioning if you don’t have your passport or Japanese residence card to show your identity and visa status. You must carry your U.S. passport or Japanese Residence Card (Zairyu Kado) with you at all times so that if questioned by local officials, you can prove your identity, citizenship, and immigration status. Under Japanese law, the police may stop any person on the street at any time and demand to see identification. If you do not have with you either a passport or valid Japanese Residence Card, you are subject to arrest.

    It is illegal for you to work in Japan while in tourist or visa-waiver status. Overstaying your visa or working illegally may lead to fines of several thousands of dollars, and in some cases, re-entry bans can be as long as ten years, or indefinitely for drug offenders. Japanese work visas are not transferable and are issued outside of Japan for a specific job with a specific employer at a specific place of employment. Japanese authorities do not allow foreigners to change their immigration status from visa-waiver status to work status while in Japan. If you violate your visa status in Japan, you may be subject to arrest, which can involve several weeks or months of incarceration, followed by conviction and imprisonment or deportation. If you are deported, you will have to pay, in most cases, the cost of deportation, including legal expenses and airfare.

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      I’ve been to the Bahamas and Jamaica and they do not fool around either. Overstay your visit and they catch you and you are on the first plane back to the US. But we have too many people here who are afraid of their own shadows and won’t support enforcing the law.

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        Elizabeth Jackson on

        Example….from another Caribbean country: Antigua. Heard a first hand story of a man who went as a tourist but without a return ticket. Police picked him up from the airport. He booked a return flight as soon as possible.While he was housed in the jail policemen did give him a tour of the island, put him back on a plane two days later…….A tourist visit in Antigua meant a round trip ticket and official place of residence while there with a contact address.

        If small Caribbean countries can do this, why not the US ?

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      Sec_border you are a funny guy……Japan had its recession before we did…….and they are in trouble….as well………….what an irony…..

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    It is not just the numbers but the sheer number of anti-American “immigrants” that we are letting in. I suggest that you talk with some of these “immigrants” to get a read on their values. I can assure you they don’t mesh well with western Judeo-Christian values. The Chinese that we bring in do not believe in god, or the human soul this was taught to them by the communist regime. Indians have hated us for decades review their alliances with communist Russia during the cold war.
    I knew a Scottish man and wife who tried to emigrate to U.S. and he and his wife were turned down. They were white Christians who both worked. He had a two year degree and was employed as a semiconductor technician, his wife ran a tourism business. They both would have assimilated very easily into America. I’ve also talked to many Germans in their twenties who wanted to come to America but their only hope was the Visa lottery(which is a sham) since the United States does not bring Europeans(in any numbers). In their place we allow in millions of anti-Americans who find running water, plumbing and toilet paper amazing along with their anti Judeo-Christian “values”.
    Ted Kennedy must be proud of his handiwork, may his rot in hell be eternal.

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      “Our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually”. That was Ted’s answer to the critics of the 1065 Immigration Act who said that the long term effects would be exactly that, and it has turned out to be ….. exactly that.

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        The difference is the people a hundred years ago who came here had no expectation that the government would support their families. Now it’s come here, legally or illegally, and have US born children and then claim you can’t support them and the government pays. Learn some history instead of just spouting slogans.

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    Jeb Bush doesn’t see a problem, but a panacea. He is a true cornucopian/immigrationist and it is rather scary.

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    It takes 1790 to 1915 to reach 100 million population.
    1968 = 200 million
    2007 = 300 million

    And this year, we end with 320 million. How is this sustainable? And most of it is the direct and
    indirect effects of immigration. And population in the southwestern states will double by 2060. How can
    anyone defend this as a reasonable goal?

    Other than the brain dead voters of states like California who keep voting for the pro immigration politicians
    who are promoting this. Yes, it has rained in the last couple weeks but it’s a drop in the bucket
    of what is needed long term. I’ve seen some people contend that a country needs a massive population
    to “stay strong”. What utter nonsense. China’s biggest problem is it’s huge population that has brought
    catastrophic environmental damage.