Administration Arbitrarily Increases Immigration

CaribbeanIslandsIgnoring statutory limits on immigration, the administration decreed this month a new program to let people on the waiting list to come early and take a job even though an immigrant visa is not available for them. This not only will further increase the level of immigration, it will make these people who jump the queue eligible earlier for welfare benefits, citizenship and the ability to sponsor other family members for immigrant visas.

The law limits immigration, but a provision for immediate relatives (spouses and minor children) is exempt from the limit. This has led to a steady increase in overall immigration. Immigrant admissions averaged fewer than 425,000 per year in the 1970s. From 2000 to 2009 they averaged more than one million per year.

On December 18, a Federal Register notice by the Department of Homeland Security advised that residents of Haiti and Cuba who have had a petition for an immigrant visa filed for them by a relative who is resident in the United States will be able to travel to the United States ahead of all others similarly on the waiting list for a visa. These Cubans and Haitians will be paroled into the country and given a work permit up to two years before they would be eligible for an immigrant visa.

Not only is this action by the administration undermining the limits on immigration established by the law, it has the potential to allow an enormous expansion in immigration. If the administration can legally promulgate this program, there is no barrier that prevents it from expanding the program to all countries. Similarly, if it can legally admit family members up to two years early, what is to stop the expansion of the parole provision to persons eligible for a visa in three years, or four years, or more?

This action is simply one more example of the administration’s end run of the country’s immigration law. It follows the announcement in November that it would begin using the parole provision to allow minor children of Central American illegal residents who sign up for the amnesty against deportation to come to join their parents.

Perhaps President Obama believes that if he sufficiently dismantles the immigration law with his unprecedented use of the parole power – that has in the past been used only in exceptional cases – he can force the Republic majority in Congress to adopt the amnesty and massive immigration increase legislation that it refused to do up until now.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    Automation Was Supposed to Get Americans a 2-3 Day Work Week With the Same Pay By Now

    We’re out of jobs in America and even “make work” ones are scarce too.

    The work week shrinkage was according to the 1962 World’s fair in Seattle. Then we imported the world’s overpopulation through illegal/legal immigration and that put an end to that dream.

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    Jim in Virginia on

    The Republicans must stop Obama’s amnesty in it’s tracks now. If they don’t, then they have no credibility at all and will lose the votes of their base. Obama’s actions are impeachable offenses. I don’t understand the GOP’s reluctance to file articles of impeachment. The people out there who support Obama would never support a Republican anyway.

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    pamala mockosher on

    Why should cuba and haiti be allowed privileges denied to other countries immigrants! My husband is Algerian and he has to go through the “normal” procedure of immigration. Are only spanish speaking countries to be allowed these privileges?

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      The American101 on

      Pamala…for years the Somalis….African Country have had a free card to be here……they do not integrate to the System, they are lazy, and a burden to our system…..on top of it they throw out any American that is in their stores..and they smuggle people and steal………u want more?

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        The American101 on

        And they are still being brought here for free…………………..every year…….so Africans get the free cards….

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    If the Republicans are going to show they are more than smoke and mirrors they need to overturn these decisions by legislation in the new Congress. Of course that will get senators like Lindsey Graham talking about how the GOP needs to pander to immigrants, because he claims the Republicans will not win any more elections in the future if they don’t have those votes,

    Actually he’s ensuring that the Republican party as constituted will not get votes if we continue with this massive third world immigration. Hello, Lindsey? Those people won’t vote for you. But another interesting thing has happened. Millennials, the very youngest voters, 18 to 34, are defying the expectations and expressing a fairly larger affinity for the Republicans than was thought. Maybe they are tired of the political correctness that has been stuffed down their throats more than previous generations.

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      The American101 on

      Leland keep on dreaming……you are in a perfect storm denial…….No Republican has done anything so far u expect them now to do something?…….really…:)…..what a way of life you have to spend your energy on hopeless people…….