This State’s DMV Lines Just Became 1.4 Million People Longer

6884374604_23f257dae2More than 46,000 illegal aliens applied for California driver’s licenses during first three business days that the provisions of Assembly Bill 60 became effective. Under the bill, approved by the California Legislature and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, individuals without legal status became eligible to apply for these state-issued ID documents at the start of the year.

Officials estimate that 1.4 million driving-age illegal aliens are eligible to receive licenses, according to a press release from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV has hired 900 additional employees to accommodate the increase demand for services it expects over the next three years.

Despite the high inaugural weekend turnout rates, only one-third of those taking the tests in Spanish actually passed the exam. According to statistics regarding tests given on January 2, those who took the test in Spanish were 18 percent more likely to fail than their English-speaking counterparts.

Fifty-four percent of those who took the exam in English passed, comparable to passing rate among U.S. citizens and legal residents. The low Spanish success rate – 36 percent – is not due to a lack of resources for Spanish-speaking applicants though. DMV Spokesman Jaime Garza told the Press-Enterprise it is unclear why there is such a gap in numbers when exams are offered in 30 languages.

California joined nine other states issuing driver’s licenses to illegal alien by passing A.B. 60. Illegal aliens who apply for a driver’s license are required to prove identity, state residence and meet all other DMV requirements, including the written and driving tests.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    All California is going to get in return is more and more businesses moving to other states because of the high taxes. If the home owners had any common sense they would leave as well. From what I am seeing is a lot of the businesses are moving to TX because of the lower taxes and cheaper rent and housing. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the tax payers left California and all the crooked government had to work with was trying to wring tax dollars out of the illegals. The politicians might have to hit DC for a loan or start printing their own money or hit Mexico for a loan. It looks like the gov finely finished off the state. I’m glad i don’t live their anymore.

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    In the 1980’s when California overwhelming passed an initiative to cut off welfare for illegals, the State wasy paying out about $2 billion in welfare benefits to illegals, mostly from Mexico. After a couple of judges on the California Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional according to California state law, the bill has increased to over $12 billion per year – all billed to local County property owners. With a drivers license, it is now much easier for illegals to collect their free money for a free ride and sponge off the backs of California property owners. Other santruary States like Washington, Illinois and New York have the same problem.

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    The3 entire State of California is destined to be a giant ghetto soon and I would not return for all the ‘Tea in China’! I will now also refrain from visiting relatives who do have sense enough to leave !

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    Heck, and gee whiz, why not open a California DMV Advanced Training Center in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, China, Yemen and other such countries? Then these folks can jump our borders with the comfort of knowing they can readily obtain a state identification document in any name and date of birth of their choice.

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    to funny they fight for this so called right and cant pass the test . so they ll continue to drive illegally and without insurance most likely

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    It’s interesting to point out that Pete Wilson in 1994 received more votes for Governor of California than Jerry Brown did in Nov 2014–despite the fact that California’s population has grown 10% in the past 20 years.

    Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown*, DEM 4,388,368 60%
    Neel Kashkari, REP 2,929,213 40%

    Pete Wilson (incumbent) 4,781,766 55.18%
    Kathleen Brown 3,519,799 40.62%

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    CA’s government & Warped Brain Jerry, have their heads up that dark recess on their posterior!