Update on Repeal Executive Action Act of 2015

House Of Representatives Allows Media Rare View Of House ChamberWith a House vote on an Appropriations bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security through the end of the current fiscal year scheduled for next week, the leadership has opted to limit their response to the president’s abuse of executive action to defunding the unlegislated amnesty plan he announced on Nov. 20.

Cutting off funding is a critical to preventing President Obama from carrying out his unconstitutional amnesty plan and a good first step in responding to his ongoing assault on immigration enforcement, FAIR continues to support all the key provisions of the Repeal Executive Action Act of 2015. In the coming months we will continue to fight for legislation that would restore the integrity of U.S. immigration enforcement.

FAIR expects that the DHS Appropriations bill that reaches the president’s desk will include specific language defunding executive amnesty and, in the event that he vetoes the bill, FAIR will support efforts to override that veto.

Read FAIR’s Press Release on the Repeal Executive Action Act of 2015.

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    Yea well we shall see if Boehner caves to Obama again. He can’t be trusted. I will keep my fingers crossed though for it. Now if they can somehow cut that Trillion $ budget back by at least half that would also be very well received.

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    Veto Override

    In this case we may have the bi-partisan votes required, since the Executive Order for amnesty was so unpopular by the American voters, most of who are now switched to Independents I read recently.

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      That’s extremely doubtful. you didn’t post the source of where you read this, but i highly suspect it was Breitbart, Fox, or some other right wing rag that is a propaganda source, not true news. i want this to happen, but there is no way a veto override will occur, especially in the Senate.

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        So you have the only credible resource, huh? Maybe it is just the person’s opinion, which he is entitle to and you are allowed to disagree with.

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