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imagesThe President’s Amnesty:  It’s Not about Policy, It’s about  Power and the Future of the Constitution

The Republicans in Congress started quickly out of the gate and seem to be losing steam fast. The boiler is hot, but cooling off quickly as Harry Reid seems to still run the Senate. Will the Republicans “defund” the Obama illegal amnesty memos? Or will they let it ride while protesting in a loud and futile manner? Listening to the comments coming out of the Hershey retreat suggests that many Republican Senators would rather let the President’s actions go unchallenged with a Hershey’s kiss until later ratified by legislative acquiescence. Not only is this not leadership, it is a tragic denial of basic reality: the nation has entered a long-term immigration-related crisis and few in Congress are willing to admit the reality.

The Republican Caucus seems to think this is a policy dispute, and the current discussion is being conducted on the President’s terms. Many Republicans act like what the president did with his amnesty was simply a policy dispute when in fact it’s about innovating an unchecked power. This innovation, left to stand, would permanently diminish Congress’ role in ensuring the nation’s capacity for self-determination.

The president has asserted a dark and dangerous power that operates beyond the scrutiny of the Congress and the Judiciary. He has claimed a right to ignore U.S. immigration laws and either admit millions or allow millions to stay without any basis in law. Obama has claimed a power to bring in millions and place them on a path to all our jobs and our expensive social welfare, medical and retirement programs. He has arrogated unto himself a limitless power to cost taxpayers hundreds of billions – or more – over future decades and change everything about what it means to live in America.

Shamelessly, the Administration has forged a coalition with allies who simply want to destroy U.S. immigration limits and controls. These allies shamelessly work to divide the public along racial lines, and applaud the collapse of enforcement, the release of criminal aliens, the profligate issuance of work authorization and the accumulating incentives that reward illegal immigration. The implications for the future are profound, and yet the Republicans think the solution is to “pass a border bill” of questionable efficacy and then get to work inflating guest-worker programs for favored donors. The people are catching on, and the entire exercise may soon make Congress appear either irrelevant or foolish – and permanently out of touch with the public.

It is hard to believe either political party would so willingly go along with the total marginalization of Congress in the nation’s affairs. It’s hard to believe the Congress itself would let that happen. Yet that is what is happening. The next 15 months will tell us what we need to know.

To live in a country that cannot manage immigration is to live in a social, political, economic and environmental storm. It will be upon us sooner than you think.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    The only solution left is an Armed rebellion, hopefully with the Military taking the side of “We the people”.
    There is only one party, the party of corruption and greed. It doesn’t matter who we elect. Nothing will change.
    A Military type Tribunal that has the power to route out the Communist/Progressives/Liberals from all levels of Government is needed. How can we have more than 88 Communist in Congress when they have to swear to
    uphold the constitution? They are there to destroy the Constitution and create another Socialist Country. Every member of Congress is responsible for removing these bums, yet nothing happens.

    One way or another it is coming. Weather it is due to the coming currency collapse, Al Sharpton & Communist uprisings of the Black Community or Everyday Americans sick of what the Washington Pollution has done to our beloved Country.

    God Save America (Please?)

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    Despite all the tough talk from the GOP prior to the mid-term elections, these cowards are still afraid to confront Obama. Like the Democrats, Republicans have no intention of standing up for American workers and our national sovereignty. Our best hope for any meaningful “reform” is in the hands of Jeff Sessions, who is a true champion of both.

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    Retreat is what Congress seems to do best. In fact, not one member of Congress has ever challenged Ovomit on a single matter despite them all knowing that he is guilty of treason many times over. By law that makes every member of Congress guilty of misprision of treason.

    Until Congress charges Ovomit with treason, they are no different than he is, and not worthy of our respect.

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    Great post Dan. Reality has an ugly way of catching up with people who choose to ignore it. Whether it is terrorist attacks, the unsustainable use of water in the Southwest, the trillions we continue to add to our national debt, or high unemployment and underemployment, our country is on an unsustainable trajectory and ignoring our open borders immigration crisis will not prevent the final reckoning.

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    I concur entirely, to follow this insane administrations current path, and very possibly the inept Congress attempt at redress, could very well be the end of this supposed constitutional republic as it was intended. The United States of America dies, regarding the initial principles it was founded upon, the bastion of freedom & liberity.

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    Donna Allensworth on

    We must not vote for what the president wants! If he has it his way he will have hand we need you to fix this mess! This country is in trouble!
    Another example which bothers me and others is some of you are or seem to be afraid owing down to him. The people of this country are getting impacted by everything he has done so far. President Obama has ruined the free of the people of the US.
    His lack of concern, disrespect to the U.S. and other countries. Do you republican’s of the GOP want to be part of the lying, the fraud, the budget, taking away rights of the constitution want to be held responsible?
    You have been voted in favor a reason, and I believe the U.S. people have spoken.and this needs to be fixed. Why are so many afraid to stand up to him?
    We have had enough and can’t wait for 2016 so he can be out and I hope he moves to Yemen!
    Do you want violence, a celebre her? Seal the borders, protect the constitution, keep us safe. Put our military back together, stop funding him and our enemies.
    Please just do your jobs!
    One more thing, why has he not been arrested? And do you really know that he is not an American citizen?

    We are sick of a sneaky problem that is sitting in the oval office! Help the “We The People”.

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    It was obvious from the beginning that the Republicans were going to get rolled. And today we learn that the judge in Texas hearing the amnesty case is more than likely going to throw the case out. This amnesty fight is over. Obama has rolled the Republicans. Also alarming is the fact that conservatives will be so disillusioned that they will stay home in 2016 insuring that the Senate and White House return to liberal control.

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    Republicans are actually worse than Democrats when it comes to guest worker programs. They might have a secret agreement with Obama to give him the nod and wink for his amnesty in return for signing into law Republican legislation that expands guest worker programs.

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    We can manage immigration. We have chosen not to. Plainly and simply, we should have no problem in identifying those in this country illegally. Computer checks are all but instantaneous now. Strengthening the border certainly helps but it does not address the almost half of illegals who enter the country on visas and don’t leave.

    Until we introduce measures that encourage self deportation, instead of providing incentives to remain, this problem will only grow worse. Those who are the first to loudly proclaim that “the system is broken” are the ones who aim to see that it stays that way. In their 1984 speak, amnesty is enforcement.

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        Since I said we should be identifying those that are in the country illegally and encourage them to go home, how is that I don’t want to manage immigration.