The Obama Engineered Immigration Meltdown

border_fence-3(and Why Securing the Border is a Red Herring)

No discussion of immigration reform in Washington gets very far without some politician boldly declaring, “The first thing we must do is secure the border,” as if that were a novel idea and panacea for illegal immigration.

Once and for all: The border is a red herring. It’s not our border that’s out of control; it’s the Obama administration that’s out of control and the border is just one of many casualties in the president’s assault on immigration enforcement.

What we have on our hands is an immigration meltdown engineered by the president and his political appointees. Our immigration courts have ceased to function, and virtually every illegal alien has been exempted from removal, even if they were operating.  Work permits are being handed out to illegal aliens like lollipops on Halloween – about 5.5 million since Obama came to office in 2009.

Of course our borders out of control!

In recent days, the Department of Justice announced that because immigration courts are so overwhelmed, most people with cases pending will not have them heard until 2019 at the earliest. These courts are not overwhelmed because they’re busy deporting so many people who shouldn’t be here. Rather, they are overwhelmed by the number of people who have no business here seeking legalization and the tens of thousands of Central Americans who surged across the border last summer.

In reporting the story, AP cited as a “victim” of the delay the story of Maximiano Vazquez-Guevarra, an illegal alien from Mexico who recently won his appeal to become a legal permanent resident, but needs to make one more court appearance to make it final. Vasquez managed to tie up the courts for three years successfully fighting deportation (and gaining legal status) after coming to the attention of authorities when he was charged with his second DUI.

While the courts have ceased to function because, under the Obama administration, illegal aliens can spend years petitioning for legal residency because they get caught driving while intoxicated (and win), millions more are being given work permits because…well, because the administration just feels like it.

According to a new report by the Center for Immigration Studies, the Obama administration has been ignoring statutorily mandated limits on immigration (big shocker) and handing out Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) at will. Since 2009, 1.2 million people who were admitted on temporary visas that explicitly bar them from working got – you guessed it – EADs. Almost a million illegal aliens also received work authorization, despite the inconvenient law that bars them from being employed in the U.S. Another 1.7 million EADs were parceled out to folks whose status in this country was unclear. But, what the heck, the administration has no interest in finding out and no intention of doing anything about it anyway.

And all this is before they have even begun carrying out the president’s massive executive amnesty, which could grant give legal status and EADs to an additional 5 million illegal aliens, which is likely to trigger an even greater surge of illegal immigration.

First let’s secure the border? No, first we have to stop the president from rendering our entire immigration law meaningless.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Until the useless scum are removed from OUR government, or “We the People” alter or abolish it, we’ll continue to pay for the consequences of this pervasive disregard to the rule of law and our own safety, period!

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    Heart warming, isn’t it? An illegal with two DUI and he gets to stay here because this administration has done everything they can to make sure people like him can stay here.

    Federal law also prohibits federal funds for lawyers for illegals, but in the case of the Central American “minors”, this White House did their usual end run around the law and gave the money to groups who then hired the lawyers with the money. Your taxpayer money. We’ve become a banana republic. That’s not a stretch when the chief executive does what he wants and the other two branches just go along.

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      You know, I use to be proud to be an American,and now I am embarrassed to even say I am. This is due to the man who is not from America and who is our President of the United States Mr.Barack Obama. I can not believe that one person can come into office and create and take away so much of America like he has done. The worst thing about it is Not hardly anyone is stopping him…. He has done so much damage, my god he has taken me completely away from trusting anything from the government or his Administration.. I can see and I know everyone can see our BS President is out to destroy America and he is doing a good job. I feel every single working person here needs to stop and I mean have their employers completely stop taking out taxes from there checks.. We should not have to pay taxes to help him destroy us or to help pay for this immigration BS. I am sorry but unless the public does something this is not going to stop…Maybe that will wake him up and stop this from happening.. I don”t know but someone needs to please do something about all this BS he has changed. He is not god and he can not change our constitution,he isn’t even from here .He’s taken away the things that has always been our symbol of being an American and having our own certain rights as a citizen of the United States.. This is not right and I for one feel he needs to be stopped NOW.. I am only one person but I am fighting for my Country is anyone else??
      He shouldn’t be our President he’s not from here and more importantly he is not for the American people, wake up and look at it my god…..